“Hi Sweetie!” I looked up. It was my Mom… “Well, as its your 15th birthday next week, I decided to get you something really special.” She said, not noticing I had rolled my eyes  when she wasn’t looking. Oh, so that’s it. Every 5 years she gets me something really special that she thinks I’ll ‘really like’- when I was 5 and got me a fairy dress (I really hated it) and when I was 10 she took me for a 5 day trip to Australia. In SUMMER! Gosh, it was SO  hot and there were disgusting bugs literally EVERYWHERE! “So, this year I got us tickets to……” my Mom dramatically whispered while doing a drum roll,” TAYLOR SWIFT’S WASHINGTON CONCERT!!!! And as a plus, we’ll stay there an extra week to go sightseeing!” What?!! Was she serious??!!! I jumped up and down screaming. I had loved Taylor Swift since I was 10 years old. But suddenly, something bad occurred to me. “But Mom, who will care for Cashmere? And don’t I have Horse Riding State Championships in a week?” Cashmere was my 5 year old Icelandic mare. “Don’t worry! Dad’s staying behind to look after the farm and one of the judges from the Championship had to pull out due to a bad case of Chickenpox. The doctors are sure she’ll be ready to judge in a month though, so the championship will be held next month.” I gave a big smile. “So when are we leaving? And what should I pack?” My Mom thought for a moment before saying, ” We’re leaving tomorrow. And you should pack enough clothes for a week and a half.” Straight away I started packing my suitcase and finished in record time. I called my friend, Zoë, on my iPhone 6s. “ZOË ZOË ZOË GUESS WHATTTTT???? ME AND MY MOM ARE GOING TO NEW YORK FOR A WEEK TO WATCH TAYLOR SWIFT’S CONCERT!!! WE’RE LEAVING TOMORROW AND ITS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME!!” I cried into my phone. “Wow, you’re really gonna have an epic week! Anyway, I have to go, my parents are forcing me to clean my bedroom. See you next week!” I ended the call and walked downstairs. “How many concerts is Taylor Swift performing?” I asked my Mom. “She’s performing 4 concerts, and with the one we’re going to, Selena Gomez and Lorde are going to be the special guests. Oh, and I forgot to mention, we’ll be staying in the same hotel as Taylor! We’ll even be 3 rooms away from her room!” She exclaimed. Omg! How could this trip get better? I went upstairs to sleep, dreaming about actually meeting my biggest idol, Taylor Alison Swift!


Haha, sorry for my extremely long break xD You may notice there are not many horse mentions in this chapter. Rest assured, there will be a lot of horse/ Star Stable mentions in future chapters 🙂

Willow xox


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