A black figure stood silently in the shadow of a large tree, her back pressed up against the icy wall. The darkness of the night mixed in with the shadows hide her nicely. She kept both her ears open, one for any by-passers, and the other for any voices from inside the locked gate beside her. The dark figure had overheard gossip that a new girl was coming to Moorland Stables late at night, and therefore she had to investigate by order.

A sudden sound of hooves clopping on the cold ground caught the figure’s attention. She knew it was likely she wouldn’t get seen, since the moon was hidden behind the clouds and the stars couldn’t produce enough light, but the figure pulled the hood of her crimson-shaded cloak over her pale face and slid closer to the ground.The by-passer cantered quietly by the oak tree without any knowledge of what was in its shadow. The figure knew she to get the information and get out of the area as soon as possible, so she cupped her left ear on the wall.

Abrupt banging coming from her far right made the figure jump. She must have not heard the van dropping off someone at the front gate. It was much to far to hear any voices, but the figure knew it had to be the new girl arriving at the stables.

“Justin, I think she’s here,” a female voice called out. She recognized it as Emilie, one of the many stable girls. The figure let out an unintentional gasp, she had forgotten how close Emilie stayed by the gates. Apparently Emilie had heard her since she peaked her head outside the gates.

“Hello?” Emilie shouted. The figure covered her mouth and sank back down the wall all while silently scolding herself. Just when I had the chance… she thought in a defeated manner. Miraculously, Emilie went back to her position and the figure didn’t end up getting caught. She wiped sweat off her brow, never had she been so thankful the gate was shut. If she failed this mission, Dark Core would have her head for sure.

With her ear back on the wall, she listened the best she could. By now she was certain the new girl was in there speaking to Justin. It took some time but after hearing vague mumbling the figure caught what she needed to hear.

“Welcome to Jorvik, I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time here,” Justin’s voice projected through the wall.

“I doubt it.”

Her voice… The figure had to take a step back to comprehend what she just heard. The girl’s voice was smooth and flowing like a waterfall, crisp like a summer breeze, and pure like the Soulrider’s themselves. It was her! Pure excitement ran through her veins. It had to be her, it just had to be!

“Thanks anyway,” the girl said. There it was again, her voice. That was all the figure needed to know that she’s the fifth one. The figure then paused, a wicked smile highlighting her features.

“Darko’s going to be very pleased…” She whispered. With a feeling of triumph still lingering, she raced off into the night, her dainty lips still holding that cruel smile.


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