So… I was dumb and didn’t save the clues from last year, so I will be updating this post every day as I get each new clue. Sorry ’bout that y’all.

Speak to Felix to begin the daily treasure hunt. There is a general area to search and the treasure will be found in a different exact location for each player. Once you have found the treasure, return to Felix and he will give you a prize from a lottery of prizes. Just like with the Christmas treasure, it is possible to get the same prize more than once.


“Felix can be a big prize-giver
Just find the treasure to deliver
You’ll hear the sound with an excited shiver
Of a song so silver from the river.”

-Silversong river, east side, between the mill and Valedale.



“By the coast and beach and gentle waves
The road towards Fort Pinta paves
A path to the treasure Felix craves
At the ruined church with its peaceful graves.”

-Doyle’s chapel, in and around the graveyard.



“A hunt for treasure with thrills and scrapes
With fun and laughs and close escapes
Go search for the box of golden shapes
Among the stables, terraces, and grapes.”

-Winery vineyards



“Through tree trunks and rocks, the path you wove
Could lead you to the treasure trove
Search between an apple grove
and the southern tunnel where bulldozers drove.”

-Applegrove, south of Firgrove, directly across the water from Fort Pinta



“The treasure hunt is under way
So find the loot without delay!
The clue I have for you today:
The giant building with stone so grey.”

-Silverglade castle



“To gain your prize for treasure found
You need to hear the whooshing sound
Of a mill in the wind going round and round
So ride on up to a hillside mound!”

-Mill Hill of Will



“The blowing of an eternal breeze
A gentle wind that doesn’t freeze
And rustles sweetly in the trees
Where balloons fly high with the birds and the bees.”

-Everwind Field, under the hot air balloons