“NO! She is MY daughter!”

The Rossi household was a mess, with Sharon screaming at Isaac, and vice-versa. The cry of a baby was heard faintly from down the hall.”She is going to come with ME!” Isaac threw a punch at Sharon. The cry got louder. “Get away from here you little-” Sharon was interrupted by a blood-curling scream. “BOOM!” A wave of fire tore through the entire house, leaving the feuding couple running away from the house, each in their own direction. But luck was not on either of their sides. They both perished in the flames.

At her house, Allison ate alone. She watched some TV and shopped online. A normal day for her. As she reached for some popcorn, she got a sudden call. “Hello, is this Allison O’Riley?” She let out her breath, it was just the doctor.


“It’s time for another ultra sound, can you come on by right now?”

“Yes, I will be right there.”

Allison got in her old 1997 Mazda Minivan and prayed for the engine to turn over. Thankfully, it did, and she clunked along toward the medical clinic. “Oh my Lord!” She screamed out as she saw a fire in the direction of her sister’s house. She turned the wheel and pressed the pedal to the metal. Allison jumped out of the car and ran toward the house. And there she saw Sharon’s body burning, with her good-for-nothing husband, too. As she stood sobbing for a minute she realized something. “Oh no! The baby!” Allison  sprinted to the house and managed to get the small baby out.

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