Hi everyone, it’s Alice & I’m finally back. Yes, it’s been 6 months and I’m finally back from the long pause. I hope you enjoy this chapter 🙂



“Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce the opening of the 1st annual Jorvik Games! In this years Games, the Dark Riders and Soul Riders that have been picked are going to fight against each other in a game of light and dark!”


The voice of President Springson booms loud across the dim, purple lit arena. I try to ignore every inch of fear inside of me, and instead distract myself by figuring out where we all are and what I need to do when the klaxon goes off. Inside, I’m shaking with fear, and every fibre of my being wants to be back home, safe and with my family. All throughout training, I’d tried to ‘forget’ about my family back in New Jorvik, but one part of me knew that would never happen. I can feel the tension in every single Soul Rider near me, and even the Dark Riders were scared. After what seems like a lifetime, the klaxon goes off, and, as if in slow motion, all the tributes jump off their platforms and make a run for the pyramid shaped pile of supplies. I stay behind, taking in what’s happening. The Career Dark Riders, the top Dark Riders who had been training to murder us Soul Riders even since President Springson made that announcement all those years ago. I see them throwing dark magic at the  younger Soul Riders, as they frantically try to create a bubble around themselves for protection. Damon’s advice booms through my head like an alarm, waking me from a haze. “Get out of there and grab a power pack. Once you’ve got magic you don’t need much. Don’t go near. The. Careers..” So I follow it and, once the Careers are distracted with choking a young Soul Rider with dark magic, I run as fast as I can towards all the power supplies. I grab one, a fluorescent pink bag with an electrical bar inside. I take it and I’m just about to run to the darkest, dimmest area in the arena when a sharp and harsh voice fills my ears. “Where do you think you’re going, Catnip?!” It isn’t soft and joking like when Matt says it- it’s cruel and teasing. I don’t reply and instead get up and run. “Ah, ah, ah! Not so fast.” She says and I’m suddenly in the air, and I can’t breathe. Dark magical ropes entangle me and tighten around my throat. I choke and try to preserve any breath I can manage. Everything spins around and I’m just about to pass out when a voice yells out something. “Clem! Look what I found!” ‘Clem’ groans loudly. “Not now, Jacamar! I’m in the middle of killing a Soul Rider!” But she drops me and I fall onto the metal floor with a deafening thump. I clutch my throat and my breaths come out ragged. Clem places a sharp boot on my chest and presses down so I really can’t breathe. Then walks off to find Jacamar. I hear the whoosh of magic, a weak last breath and then cruel laughter.

I eventually get up and run as quick as I can to the furthest away part of the arena. I lean against the metal wall and cough. When I open my eyes my surroundings have changed. Suddenly I’m in a bright field, filled with sunflowers. It’s bright and sunny and almost like home- then I realize it is. I take a step forwards and breath in the spring air. Birds tweet and I lie in the sunflower fields. Someone leans over me, their breath smelling of strawberries and sunshine. “Rose..” I say softly, then pause. “Wait- what- what are you doing here?” Rose shrugs and then smiles, a soft, beautiful smile. “I’m always here Kat. Always..” Then suddenly the sunshine and fields turn disappear and everything goes grey and cold. Flames lick at buildings, engulfing everything in fire. Rose steps towards the fire. “No, Rose, stop- come back here!” I scream. She’s engulfed in flames and I hear a voice in my head. “Kat.. Kat.. Kat!” Then everything disappears and the voice is suddenly different. It isn’t my sisters. “Kat! Wake up!” It’s Connor and when I open my eyes he’s shaking me awake. “Rose!” I whisper when I come to focus. “Huh? Kat, you’re in the Games, Rose isn’t here I promise.” He tells me. “But she- she went into the fire and..” I choke. “Hey look, stop talking. Rest your voice, Clem got you really bad.” I start to fall back down to reality. I think about thanking him and embracing him, but then I realise I’m in the Games. I get up abruptly as if I’ve been stung and push my fringe out of my face. I’m nearly out of his view when I remember that he has my powerpack. “Get off, you can’t..” I am yelling, all ready to attack like a wild animal. Connor doesn’t even speak, just gives me this look, almost pitying. Something in my brain clicks & I slowly calm down and close my eyes. “Connor?” I say softly, but he’s gone, disappeared into the shadows. I stare into the darkness, wanting to be anywhere, anywhere but here.


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