The voice wavers in and out of my hearing.

‘Keri sweetie, wake up’

There it comes again. The voice is kind and sweet, a light in the darkness.

‘Keri, open your eyes honey’

I become aware of my body, lying on hard, cold, tiles. I open my eyes and see a concerned Sandra hovering over me.

‘What happened?’ I croak.

‘You fainted’ Sandra says, concerned. ‘How come?’

I close my eyes and wonder back into the murkiness of my memories. The last thing I remember was standing in front of a mirror.

I remembered something

A jolt of excitement rushes through my body.

I remembered something important

I struggle harder, determined to save the memory before I lose it again.

It was a name of someone…..

With a final effort I think harder then I ever had before.

‘Justin’ I say, sitting up.

‘What was that honey?’ Sandra asks, completely missing the importance of the word.

‘I was trying to remember something before I fainted’ I say, full of hope. If I can remember one thing, then I can remember another.

‘What did you remember?’  Sandra asks, blue eyes twinkling.

‘A name. Justin’

‘Justin’ Sandra says, thinking. ‘I think Thomas Moorland had a son called Justin. Justin Moorland’

I feel my heart beating faster.

‘Justin Moorland. Now why does that name sound familiar? Oh, I remember now, he disappeared a week or two ago. It was all over the news….’

My head starts pounding and I know that this is no coincidence. I remember one name and it has to be a guy who disappeared a week ago.

‘Okay honey, I’ve my shift is over now but you press the buzzer whenever you need someone’ Sandra says.

I smile at her and nod, my hair falling across my face.

Sandra flashes me a grin before walking out of the room leaving the faint scent of perfume behind.

With a loud sigh, I lean back against the pillows, my head buzzing full of unwanted thoughts. I look at the curtains which are billowing in the breeze. A warm ray of sunshine falls directly on the window seat and I decide to relax and bathe in the warm sun. I sit and the warm leather squeaks. I smile and close my eyes and let myself relax in the warm sunshine.

‘Knock, knock’

The bright, cheerful voice wakes me up. I look up and see a girl with blonde hair.

‘Umm, hello?’ I say, confused as why she’s here.

‘How are you Keri? Are you feeling better?’

Her loud voice is familiar but I can’t remember who she is.

‘Uh, do I know you? I’m not sure if anyone told you but I have amnesia’ I say to the girl.

‘I’m Maggie. I’m your best friend? Remember? Amnesia can’t hold back your memories of me! I mean, we’re the best of friends!’ Maggie’s hazel eyes glow as she speaks.

‘I’m sorry Maggie but I don’t know you’

Her face falls visibly at this but she still tries.

‘Do you remember anything? Like when you first arrived here and you met me. You fell off your leased horse…….Firegazer I think?…..and landed in front of me. I burst into laughter and then we became best friends. Do you remember your beautiful horse Mystery? He was a Morgan, the best you ever had. We were all jealous of you as he could outrun all of our horses’ she pauses desperately.

Her words run through my head. I had a horse, a Morgan.

‘Did I have any parents?’ I ask, curious.

Maggie’s face pales.

‘No…..no you didn’t. I remember you crying one night and you told me that they had decided to keep you here’

My heart sinks. Parents that didn’t want me?

‘Tell me everything about me. Please’ I beg.

Maggie takes a seat on my bed, more than happy to oblige.

‘Well I first met you, like I said, when you fell off your Jorvik Warmblood, Firegazer. He was a dun gelding, a perfect beginners horse. Justin had picked him out especially for you. You became a great horse rider and eventually you outgrew Firegazer. Me, you and some of the other riders from our club all went over to Firgrove and you picked out a Morgan. He was a beautiful golden colour with a gorgeous white mane and tail. You called him Mystery. You and that horse were soul mates I reckon. You went everywhere with him and spent so much time training him. All that training finally paid off when you won the Moorland Championship with him. All of our club was so jealous of that gorgeous, gold ribbon.  You and Mystery especially loved the Riding Hall because they held weekly competitions. I can’t remember if you ever won something but you certainly tried your best. Then a week or so ago, you were out doing something, I don’t know what, when you just disappeared. I go out looking for you and the next thing I know, your in Epona and in a hospital. Crazy’

Maggie’s words stir up memories. I remember a golden horse who I loved, who I adored. I remember friends, all the drama and fights we had. I remember the thrill of winning the Moorland Championships, me in the newspaper the next day. I remember so much yet I can’t seem to remember anymore about Justin or how I ended up in this hospital.

‘Well when you get let out of hospital, I’ve set up a riding club here. You’ll find me at New Hillcrest stables, okay?’ Maggie says. She smiles at me before opening the door and leaving my room.

‘Okay’ I say to an empty room.


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