SSO Horses is a mobile app companion to the full SSO game. It is free to download and play on any Android or Apple device.

In SSO Horses you can create a foal and raise into a full grown horse. Choose the color you would like and start the game! Foals take ten real ten real life days to fully mature. Each day you will receive new quests to care for and train your horse, starting with only one training activity, and get up to five activities each day, to level up your horse.

At the end of the ten days you can choose to pay Star Coins (using your SSO login and password) to transfer the horse to your online game and get that horse in game already trained to level ten. You can also continue to play with your horse in the app for free, or choose a new foal to raise.

There is currently only the Mustang available, in three different colors. Cost to transfer is 969 Star Coins (same price as regular Mustangs).

More breeds and colors will be made available in future updates.