Whispers filled my head, I felt a strange sensation as if I was being lifted up and thrown around.

‘Natasha wake up!’ a sharp voice cut through my dreams and I woke up with a start.

‘Huh?’ I wiped my eyes groggily as I tried to get my bearings on where I was.

‘Get up! You’ll be late for your riding lessons!!!’ the sharp voice screeched from my bedroom door. I sighed, my step-sister Jasmine King, she didn’t ride but she was determined to make a fool of me so that she could show off how much more stylish she was than me.

‘Yeah, Yeah, coming , don’t get your tail in a twist’ I grumbled hauling myself out of bed and stumbled around the room trying to gind my riding clothes in my messy room.

‘Tasha!’  A pebble tapped my window and I turned to find my best friend Millie Starr, already in her riding clothes her chestnut hair in a sleek French Braid waving at me frantically.

‘Hey Lil!’ I opened my window welcoming the fresh Jorvik air.

‘Isolde is cross again, can I come in?’

‘Let me guess, issues with Loke again?’ I rolled my eyes and stepped back, letting my immaculate friend climb gracefully over the windowsill.

‘You’re not dressed yet?’ Millie eye my room with caution as she stepped over my muddy Jodhpurs and stained polo shirts.

‘Errr, yeah, Jas just woke me up’ I grinned sheepishly and found my new pair of beige jodhpurs, throwing them on I paired them with a navy blue polo shirt with JSA on it and corralled my hair into a messy high ponytail. I looked like a slug compared to immaculate Millie.

‘Let’s go!’ I cheered charging through the house into the kitchen where I grabbed an apple and a piece of bread without stopping and raced outside.

‘Echo!’ I waved my apple at a sleek Friesian stallion who was romping in the paddock with Millie’s Lippizaner.

‘Ever, quit it’ Millie giggled as Evermist lipped at her hair, her smoky gray hide shining with the morning dew. A sudden pain filled my head as I staggered backwards. My mind flew and I was suddenly standing in a strange stone circle with a strange lady, a dark-skinned girl with a brown pony tail, a fairs-skinned girl with her hair squashed down with a beanie, a weird hooded figure, and some strange squirrel with weird markings on it’s fur.

‘Ummm, hello?’ they didn’t seem to hear me and kept talking in hushed voices, gesturing here and there.

‘Tasha!’ a rough hand jostled my shoulder and my mind jolted back to the paddock. I saw a concerned Milliw with worry written on her face.

‘Tasha? Tasha, what is going on’ Millie asked gently.

‘I… I don’t know, c’mon, it’s over now, let’s just go get ready, Uncle Bob would never forgive us if we were late for a riding lesson. Millie looked at me sideways as we lead out horses over to the hitching rail where several girls where already tacking up.

‘You better tell me what’s wrong soon’ Millie hissed at me before turning away to adjust Ever’s bridle. I saw her pretty brown eyes were shiny with tears and hurt had replaced concern. This was the first time either of us had not told each other something. Echo nickered at me and nuzzled my hair, turning to him I concentrated on wrapping Echo’s legs with blue leg wraps. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Millie mount and canter away, we never left without each other.

‘Friend issues? I knew it would happen, you’re such a weirdo’ I turned to see Melissa smirking at me, her expensive Morgan, Opal, tugging on the reins anxiously as Melissa looked down at me from her high perch.

‘Get lost I growled swiping a towel across Echo’s rump, cleaning off any sticky grass. This was going to be a terribly long year…..


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