Hey all!

I have been getting a lot of questions asking about the game not loading, corrupted files, failed payments, etc. and I just want to reiterate: This site is only a walkthrough of the quests. I cannot help with technical issues with the game. I feel bad having to constantly repeat myself with the same response to these comments. Please understand that there are so many variables to technology not working. I am in no way knowledgeable about the workings of computers. I cannot, and will not help with tech issues because, one, I most often do not know the answer, and two, even if I did, I am not a tech blog and will not be liable to any further issues that may be caused by a reader following my advice. This is also a main reason why I will not advise on the use of glitches, namely the wild horse glitch. It is a glitch that is caused by tampering with the game files on your computer and can cause the game to crash. I’m sure all of you are good people but in the off chance someone wants to be a dick and blame me for their game crashing, I do not want to be involved with that, so all I can do is cover my own ass and make sure none of that could come back on me.

I understand that the official game support can be very slow in responding to emails, but unfortunately it is what it is. I apologize that I cannot be more helpful in this regard. Please understand that there are limits to the amount of assistance I can provide.

Hope you all are having wonderful springtime, and happy riding!

-Maggie ❤