Hey all!

I haven’t abandoned you. Summer is great where I live, mostly because the rest of the year it is cold and snowy, and I don’t much care for it. So I’ve been enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. I have also gotten back in to my textile crafts and lots of reading and motorcycle riding. As far as my hobbies go, the computer based ones have taken lower priority for the moment.

I am happy to see you all are still visiting the blog. I try to remember to check comments frequently and continue to help even though I haven’t been posting much. As much as I wanted to make this an entirely happy post, there is one negative that needs to be brought up.

I have received some rather rude and impatient comments regarding the lack of updates on the horse page. To that I say, take a chill pill and get a life. There are more important things than hoarding pixel ponies. The horse page is just meant to be a general reference anyway. When new horses are released, their location is announced on the news. You don’t have to wait for me to add them. I have a life outside of the computer and sometimes I really have no interest in sitting inside working on the blog, when there are other things I would rather do. And if that bothers you, I don’t need you here.

For the most part, you all have been great, constantly supportive, and for that, I cannot send you enough love.

At the moment I write this, I have added pictures of all the new horses. I know that many older horses’ locations have been changed. I will be updating that soon as well. I still have not decided if I will update the pictures for the new body model of the original Jorvik Warmblood. I probably will not, if just for nostalgia’s sake. But if you have an opinion on the subject, feel free to give me your input!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer, and happy riding!

❤ Maggie