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The chef Jamie Olivetree in New Hillcrest could use your help.

The following quests are all reputation quests. Once you finish a short story set, you will have to continue with Jamie’s daily quests and reach the next reputation to be able to continue with the next set of story quests.

Milk the Old School Way

Welcome to New Hillcrest’s most delicious cafe and bakery! What would you say to a delicious blueberry pie? They’re in the oven right now and will be ready in a moment. 

I recognize you. Your name is Rita, right?

Haha, exactly! Your name is easy for me to remember! you have the same name as my mom’s uncle’s cousin’s niece. 

But hey! Can I invite you to have a cup of tea and a piece of blueberry pie?

Oh, how lovely! I’ll just go into the kitchen and prepare everything then.

But hey! How clumsy of me. Haha. Sorry, but can we have that snack a little bit later? I just realized that I haven’t done the milk delivery yet!

You see, besides taking care of the cafe here, I’m also responsible for the collection and delivery of milk here in town. We like to do it the old school way here in New Hillcrest. Getting fresh milk delivered in a glass bottle, there’s something really special about that. 

But how sweet of you my friend, of course you can help if you want to!

Then perhaps we can have that snack after all!

If you’d like to help me, you’re welcome to ride around and pick up the empty glass bottles that residents leave outside their houses. We have to do that before the new milk bottles can be delivered. 

Objectives: Collect the empty milk bottles from outside the houses in New Hillcrest.

Rewards: 35 Jorvik Shillings, 25 XP

Reputation: 25 with Jamie Olivetree

Collect the empty bottles from the front of each of the houses in the new part of New Hillcrest, then return to Jamie.

Wow, you are really fast! Thanks a lot for all your help, my friend.

Quest completed


Of Course You Can Try

You wonder what I’m doing now?

Right now, I’m filling these empty glass bottles with new, fresh milk. Once I’ve collected them, the old ones are washed before they can be filled with new milk, which I then deliver to the residents of the town. 

Do you want to try filling the milk bottles?

Haha. Work is so much more fun today with you as an apprentice!

Here are the empty milk bottles so you can fill them carefully. I’m here if there are any problems. 

Objectives: Pour the milk into the empty bottles.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 15 with Jamie Olivetree

Dismount and use the bottles from your inventory on the large containers nearby. Fill all the bottles, then speak to Jamie.

How clever you are my friend. Perhaps I should keep you on as my apprentice here at the cafe.

Quest completed


You Can Probably Guess What Happens Now

You can probably guess what I am going to do with these filled milk bottles, right?

Exactly, now I’ll deliver them to the households. Do you want to wait here while I run off and do that? It might take a little while.

Oh wow, my friend, that’s really kind of you. You are most welcome to ride around and deliver them.

See you in a bit!

Objectives: Deliver the milk to the houses in New Hillcrest.

Rewards: 40 Jorvik Shillings, 30 XP

Reputation: 25 with Jamie Olivetree

Place the bottles from your inventory on the front step of each of the houses, then return to Jamie.

Have you delivered the milk yet?

Jeez, how efficient are you? Thanks a lot, my friend!

Quest completed


Welcome Inside

Now it’s only right that I invite you for a little coffee break after everything you’ve helped me with. It’s really good, huh? We can have some blueberry pie and I can make us tea, or maybe you would rather have a little juice?

Haha, now I’m babbling. Please come in, Rita! Welcome to my home!

Objectives: Follow Jamie into her kitchen.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 10 with Jamie Olivetree

Dismount your horse and go inside to find the oven on fire. Oh dear.

Here is my wonderful and fantastic kitchen…


It’s burning!!


Quest completed


The Pie is Burning!

Rita!! MY PIE!! It’s burning!!!

What are we going to do? What am I going to do? What will my pie do? The pie is burning, Rita! My kitchen is burning! Everything is burning!!

(You realize there is no point in talking to Jamie. Best to try and extinguish the fire instead. Is there anything nearby that you can put the fire out with?)

Objectives: Find something to put the fire out with.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 15 with Jamie Olivetree

Time to save the day again. Pick up the fire extinguisher on the floor near the table and use it on the flaming oven.

Rita… You saved me, my kitchen and my pie!

Quest completed


I Don’t Think Anyone Will Notice Anything

I was totally panicking there. Haha. Good thing that you were able to think clearly anyway. 

Do you think the blueberry pie looks a little burnt and wet? Haha, that’s not so weird? After all, it was on fire and you put it out. 

But it’s no problem, after all, it was baked with love!We can just dry it a little, and because it is so damp it means it’s not burnt. So nobody will notice that it is a little burnt and soggy. 

(A little burnt and soggy? You look at the pie and think that it looks more like a wet and black dishcloth than a pie.)

But hey, could I ask you for a tiny little favor, my friend?

I need to clean up the kitchen here, so I was thinking of asking if you could deliver a piece of this pie to a customer?


Who ordered the pie? Oh! It was a girl, I think? Haha, now I’m a little forgetful again. Yes! But I remember she has orange hair and lives in one of the townhouses. 

You probably know who I’m talking about, haha. You young ones usually keep an eye on one another!

Objectives: Take the pie to the girl Jamie described.

Rewards: 45 Jorvik Shillings, 30 XP

Reputation: 35 with Jamie Olivetree

The girl is in the backyard of the central townhouses, all the way to the end.

Sorry… But what is this supposed to be?

And who are you?

Quest completed


It’s Not Dry Enough

Oh? Blueberry pie from Jamie Olivetree…


It looks… Erm… Quite… Wet and burnt, at the same time. 

Yes? Did Jamie say that it was extra moist with a crispy outside?

Erm. Well, it’s not dry anyway… Ehm. Sorry, thanks for the pie, say hi to Jamie from me. 

This will probably be… Ehm… Good… Or… Well, say think you from me.

Objectives: Ride back to Jamie Olivetree.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 15 with Jamie Olivetree

Nothing but disappointment.

How did it go?

There, you see Rita, if you bake with love, it’ll all be fine, no matter the results!

Quest completed


A Well-Earned Break

What Rita? Shall we take a well-earned little break now?

I’ve already prepared the tea and everything! Sit down, let’s take a break. 

Objectives: Take a coffee break with Jamie Olivetree.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 15 XP, 3 bread

Reputation: 15 with Jamie Olivetree

Dismount and seat yourself a table in the cafe area. Though you endure her snoozefest of a story, she thoroughly enjoys herself.

Haha! It’s been ages since I laughed so much! Thanks for the break Rita, you have to come back so we can have more breaks!

And before I forget! I would like to give you something as a thank you for everything you’ve helped me with today!

There you go!

Quest completed

Return to Jamie Olivetree when you are Friendly with her.

My Fantastic Chocolate Muffins!

Hello there, my friend. Have you come back to have a coffee break with me?

How lovely! I’d love to have a coffee break with you, but unfortunately I still have one small job to do before I can take a break. 

Hey, you know what? Why don’t you hang out with me in the kitchen so I can teach you how to make my fantastic chocolate muffins?

Objectives: Hang out with Jamie in her kitchen.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 10 with Jamie Olivetree

Dismount your horse and go into the kitchen.

I promise you’ll love these chocolate muffins, they are one of my best recipes.

Quest completed


A New Master Baker is Born

A few years ago, I created this chocolate muffin recipe with one of my best friends. 

I really think you’ll like them! But enough talk, let’s get started. Make sure you are prepared, there are a lot of steps to get through, I think you’ll manage just fine though!

Just listen to my instructions and then we can get started.

Objectives: Follow Jamie’s instructions on how to make chocolate muffins.

Rewards: 25 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

Reputation: 15 with Jamie Olivetree

Follow her instructions to make the muffins before time runs out.

I think a new master baker is born! You have a hidden talent, Rita! Wow, is all I can say!

Quest completed


The Five Second Rule

You did great Rita! The batter looks perfect! Now, I just pour the batter into the tins, put them in the oven, and then they’re ready. Thanks a lot for all your help!

Now let’s see, try and pour it carefully…

Oh no! Batter all over the floor!

This wasn’t how it was meant to go…

Sigh. But there’s no need to get upset, as long as the five second rule applies. As long as something hasn’t been on the floor for more than five seconds, it’s like it didn’t happen. 

Can you help me, dear? We can quickly ladle the batter back into the bowl and then it’s all fixed.

Objectives: Ladle the batter into the bowl again.

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 10 with Jamie Olivetree

I’m sure this violates quite a number of health codes, but oh well!


Quest completed


Enough Dust

Haha, I think that might have been more than five seconds. But you don’t need to worry if we happened to pick up a bit of dust, “a little dirt cleanses the stomach,” as my sweet old Mom used to say.

Time to try pouring the batter again. Haha.

Sorry? Did you say you can do it? Haha. Perhaps it’s best, as I think there’s enough dust in the batter for now. 

Pour it so that there’s just enough batter in each tin, I think you’ll do splendidly!

Objectives: Divide the batter into the muffin tins.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 15 XP

Reputation: 20 with Jamie Olivetree

Mmm, time to pour out some dusty muffin mix.

It seems as if you’ve been baking muffins your whole life, Rita.

Quest completed


Crispy on the Outside but Squidgy on the Inside

There! Now we just need to put the muffins in the oven.

Hmm… According to the recipe they should be in for fifteen minutes at 225 degrees…

You know what! I have a great idea! What do you think about turning up the heat and reducing the time the muffins are in the oven for? That way we’ll get a crispier surface while the inside is still squidgy. I think it would be really good for these chocolate muffins!

So, should we  go half with the time? What would that be then?

Oh, this is hard… Haha, it’s been a long time since I studied math.

Perhaps you can help me with this? Can you set the temperature on the oven?

The temperature we want is double 225. So 225 + 225… Hmm, what would that be?

Objectives: Set the right temperature on the oven, the temperature is the sum of 225 + 225.

Rewards: 30 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

Reputation: 25 with Jamie Olivetree

Set the oven to 450, but seriously kids.


At best, you ruin dinner. At worst, you risk food poisoning from not allowing your food to cook long enough at the proper temperature. Geez, Star Stable needs to get their act together if they want to be a semi-educational game…

All set! The muffins are in and now it’s just a matter of waiting until they’re done!

Quest completed


Looks Like a Bomb Site

Oh! These will be so yummy, I can just feel it!

I should start cleaning up the kitchen while we are waiting. It looks like a bomb site. Haha, perhaps I should be a little less excited when I bake. If you want, you can sit outside and wait while I clean up in here?

You want to help me?

Oh, my friend, you are so kind!

Hmm, could you help me with these dishes?

Thanks, my friend!

Objectives: Washing the dishes, while waiting for the muffins.

Rewards: 30 Jorvik Shillings, 25 XP

Reputation: 20 with Jamie Olivetree

Help Jamie was the dishes, then speak to her when you are finished.

Phew! That was quite a lot of washing up you had to do.

Thanks for your help with it!

Now the kitchen looks all pretty again!

Quest completed


A Couple of Potholders on the Run

The muffins!!

I almost forgot they were in the oven, lucky the timer reminded us. We better take them out quickly.

Oh! Good thinking, Rita! Taking them out without potholders would have been a disaster, I would have burnt myself badly. Thank you for warning me.

Luckily I have a couple of potholders that I can use.

Hmm… Where are my potholders? They can’t have grown legs and run away, can they?

Rita, can you help me look for the potholders or something else we can use to take the muffins out?

Objectives: Find the potholders and take the muffins out of the oven.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 15 XP

Reputation: 20 with Jamie Olivetree

The potholders are on the floor under the chair. Pick them up and use them to take the muffins out of the oven.

Phew! That was close! I have to say, you have great technique. I really think you could become a master baker!

Quest completed


We Deserve a Coffee Break

Now, I think you and I deserve a little coffee break! Come on, let’s sit down and have a break!

Objectives: Go out and have a coffee break with Jamie.

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP, Sweet Cupcake T-shirt

Reputation: 10 with Jamie Olivetree

Go outside and sit by Jamie. Try to survive one of her long winded stories.

The muffins were great, weren’t they? If I had to guess, I’d say they’ll be sold out before tomorrow night. Haha, they are so popular. 

Now I have to carry on working! But thanks for all your help and thanks for the coffee break!

Here’s a little thank you for the help. Have a great day and see you soon!

Quest completed

Return when you are Liked with Jamie Olivetree.

An Overworked Jamie

Great that you’ve come by Rita! I was just thinking about you actually.

I might need some help, and who better to help me than my own fantastic Rita?

Right now, there is so much work here in the cafe. I need to focus on baking, but my phone’s been ringing all day. So I was thinking of asking if you would be able to take orders on the phone and then help me ride around with the deliveries when they’re ready. 

Thanks a lot!

Come into the kitchen so I can show you how the phone works.

Objectives: Hang out with Jamie in the kitchen.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 10 with Jamie Olivetree

Dismount your horse and enter the kitchen.

Thanks again for wanting to help me with all this, Rita.

Quest completed


Hello! Hi, What Can I Do for You?


My phone is laying on the bench over there. I need you to answer it when it rings.

There may be several calls, so you’ll need to be totally focused.

Remember to take their name and what they want to order. You won’t believe how many people ring and neither say their name nor what they want. Haha, it gets hard to guess what to do then.

Do you think you can manage it?

Great. Then I’ll get on with my tasks then. Good luck!

Objectives: Take orders over the phone.

Rewards: 40 Jorvik Shillings, 25 XP

Reputation: 20 with Jamie Olivetree

Put on your best customer service voice and answer the phone politely. Make sure to ask for the customer’s name.

After you have answered all the calls, Jamie will return and ask you who called and what they ordered. Tell her that the orders are pecan and caramel pie, princess cake, and chocolate muffins. They were ordered by Nathalie, Ginny, and Lenny.

Thanks a lot Rita! This is great. I’ll get started with my orders.

Quest completed


I Don’t Eat Disgusting Things

Could I ask you to ride around with some deliveries too?

Unfortunately, I have no idea who ordered this. I was so rushed when I took the orders.

I’m usually really bad at remembering the names of the people ordering from me, so I normally use an app on my cellphone that tells me how far away I am from the person who has ordered.

Here. I’ll install it on your cellphone so that you have it too. Now you’ll see how close or far away you are from the person who ordered the delivery.

I can also give you a little clue about the person who ordered this delivery. I don’t remember much but I do remember that it was a man.

I think he wanted cakes, so I made cakes. But at the same time, he said that he didn’t like cakes, but that cakes were good for insects. So I didn’t understand if he wanted cakes or not. He sounded pretty bitter.

Hmm… I know that I recognized the voice… Why can’t I remember who it is?

Objectives: Give the delivery to the person Jamie described.

Rewards: 45 Jorvik Shillings, 30 XP

Reputation: 25 with Jamie Olivetree

Who do we know that likes bugs but hates everything else?

Ride to Prof Hayden at his camp in the swamp.


Yeah, yeah. You’re bringing me cakes, are you deliberately trying to make me starve? I don’t eat those disgusting things. 

Hmph… An order from Jamie Olivetree, you say? Yes… I ordered it…

…What are you waiting for? Don’t you have more deliveries to do?

Quest completed


Ride Back… Or Something!


What are you waiting for? Don’t just hang around here all day. Just ride back to Jamie and… Say… Thanks… Or I mean… Say something.

Objectives: Return to Jamie.

Rewards: 35 Jorvik Shillings, 30 XP

Reputation: 25 with Jamie Olive

-Happily pets Alberta before leaving-

That’s it! Of course it was Professor Hayden who ordered that delivery. Haha. Why did I not think of that.

Quest completed


Buzzing Bees in the Background

Let’s see, one of the other deliveries should go to a woman, if I remember right.

It sounded like there were a lot of bees buzzing in the background so I couldn’t hear very well, but this is her delivery. 

I think she said that she lives in Crescent Moon Village?

Objectives: Give the delivery to the person Jamie described.

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 10 with Jamie Olivetree

Ride to Crescent Moon Village and give the delivery to Pamela Moonriver.

Hey, Rita!

Great! Thanks a lot for coming with my delivery from Jamie Olivetree.

Quest completed


You’re So Quick!

Are you heading back to Jamie now, by the way?

Oh! That’s great. Could you take this jar of honey back to Jamie?

Great! That’s fantastic, then I don’t have to go over there. I guess you’ll get over there very quickly too, with Summerblaze.

See you later Rita!

Objectives: Return to Jamie.

Rewards: 35 Jorvik Shillings, 30 XP

Reputation: 25 with Jamie Olivetree

Give Jamie the honey when you return.


That’s right! I had ordered honey from Pamela. Thank you so much for bringing it back for me!

If there’s one ingredient I love to bake with, it’s honey!

Quest completed


A Rumbling Stomach

Then we have a delivery for a girl who I think was calling from here in New Hillcrest.

It sounded like there was a lot of neighing in the background. I think she was in a stable. She wanted a sandwich, so I hope you find her soon before her stomach starts to rumble too loudly.

Objectives: Give the delivery to the person Jamie described.

Rewards: 25 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

Reputation: 20 with Jamie Olivetree

Take the delivery down to the New Hillcrest stable and give it to Nathalie.

Hey, Rita!

Oh! How great that you’re here! I was actually starting to get really hungry.

Thanks again. And say hi to Jamie from me.

Quest completed


Jamie’s Sandwiches!

Yum! I really love Jamie’s sandwiches! If you haven’t eaten them before, you really should try them.

I have to keep working in the stable now Rita, but say hello to Jamie from me.


Objectives: Return to Jamie.

Rewards: 35 Jorvik Shillings, 30 XP

Reputation: 25 with Jamie Olivetree

Ride back up to the cafe.

Haha. Of course it was Nathalie who ordered that sandwich. Why didn’t I think of that when I heard the horses in the background.

Quest completed


A Coffee Break for You and Me

I’m impressed by you Rita!

You managed to find and deliver the goods to all my customers. I’d love it if you could keep helping me with that from now on. It looks like I will have quite a few orders.

But that’s enough of work for today! I think both of us deserve a bit of a coffee break now, don’t you agree?

Have a seat and I’ll bring the coffee!

Objectives: Coffee break with Jamie Olivetree.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 15 XP, Checkered Baker’s Pants

Reputation: 20 with Jamie Olivetree

Dismount your horse and seat yourself at the table in front of the cafe. Jamie launches in a long winded story. You find yourself nodding off and when you awake, she is just finishing her story. She notices and offers to retell it. You stand up and politely decline. Time to be on our way.

Thanks for the chat! Always lovely to see you!

Oh, I almost forgot! I’ve got a little gift for you. Here you go.

Quest completed

Return when you are Popular with Jamie Olivetree.

How Can I Ever Thank You?

Rita, I don’t know how I can ever thank you. You’ve really helped me so much recently. I don’t think I would ever had time to do all my work if it wasn’t for you.

Come on, I’ll give you a snack as thanks for all your help.

Objectives: Take a coffee break with Jamie Olivetree.

Rewards: 55 Jorvik Shillings, 50 XP, Head and Tail Ribbon for Horse

Reputation: 25 with Jamie Olivetree

Sit down in the cafe table with Jamie and endure a literal day of her talking. You sleep through most of it. But she’s happy for the company regardless.

That was one of the nicest coffee breaks I’ve ever had! The time really flew by.

That’s right! Before I forget, I have another little present for you that I wanted to give you as thanks. Here you go!

You’re always welcome back, Rita!

Quest completed