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Fort Pinta Administrator

Rita! Rita! I’m so happy to see you! I need help! It’s all a disaster! Complete misery!

Somebody has falsely accused me, but I didn’t do it!

Apparently being innocent doesn’t matter because the Fort Pinta administrator is on his way to give me an official warning!

It’s a conspiracy, you have to tell them that I’m an honest and generous soul who would never hurt anybody!

Don’t look so skeptical, Rita! I told you I’m innocent!

If you could just tell him Rita, I’m sure he’d understand! And that would be much better and cheaper for me than hiring a lawyer.

Watch out! Here comes the Administrator! Think of something nice to saw about me!

Objectives: Talk to the administrator.

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 10 with Fort Pinta

Not sure what James is innocent of, but let’s tell the Administrator so.

Hrrrum hrrrrmmm.

Quest completed


James is in Trouble

What’s going on here?

Hrrrum hrrrrrmmm.

You’ll have to excuse me, I have important things to discuss with young James.

You’re wondering what he’s done? Did you say you’re a friend of James?

You’re welcome to listen while I explain.

Objectives: Listen to what the administrator has to tell James.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 15 XP

Reputation: 10 with Fort Pinta


Hrrrrrum hrrrrrm. 

It’s a problematic situation, young James.

Recently I have been inundated with letters about your bad management of this little business of yours. 

Saying that you sell bad quality goods. That you charge insane prices. That you offer no value for money.

…But that’s not what this is about.

The more serious concern is that I’ve heard that all the tourists you bring here, and the horses that you hire to them have damaged the roads around Fort Pinta. 


Mr Administrator, this is all a mistake!

There’s always lots of people coming here and I’m not responsible for maintaining the roads!

What does this have to do with me?


You’ve worked harder than anybody else to get tourists here and it means that the fort and the roads around it are being used more.

Young James, I’ve inspected the roads myself and they are truly in a terrible state.

It’s just a matter of time before a car goes into the ditch or a horse breaks its leg. 

As it is, we may need to cancel all the buses to Jorvik City and stop all races before an accident happens!

If it turns out that your business is ruining our roads and damaging our countryside, I’ll have to revoke your business license and close down your entire business.

Then you won’t be able to sell as much as a pin in Fort Pinta ever again.




I’m sorry young James, but rules are rules. 

And we all have to follow the rules.




Quest completed


The Investigation Starts


Phew… Okay, I’m calm now. But what should we do???

I can’t believe that the few tourists I manage to get here could cause that much damage. I may be a business man, but I would never do anything to hurt anybody or to hurt the countryside around here.

That would be terrible for business!

You think there’s something else behind this, Rita? You’re saying that you’ll investigate it for me? Thank you, Rita, thank you!

But where should we start? I have to look after the stables and I also need to read all those letters of complaint that were sent to the administrator.

You think you should start by examining the road outside the fort?

That sounds good! You can do the easy manual work out there and I’ll handle the heavy paper work here in the fort!

Objectives: Follow the track of damaged areas on the road and investigate how bad they are.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 25 XP

Reputation: 10 with Fort Pinta

The trail starts just outside the fort across the bridge. Follow it up the road towards Silverglade. You find the end of the damage, strangely near a GED set up off the side of the road.

The damage to the road seems to start here. The road looks normal and undamaged further along.

Quest completed


GED Turns Up Again

There’s something odd about the damage to the road.

Even if James were to hire out five hundred horses, they couldn’t have caused this much damage.

And the damage seems to stop right here, exactly where GED seems to have reappeared with a new work site.

Objectives: Talk to the worker at the GED work site.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 20 with Fort Pinta

What could they possibly be doing now?

What are you doing here?

Get out of my sight!

Quest completed


It’s Never GED’s fault!

What I’m doing here?

I’m doing important stuff for GED! And it’s none of your business!

Objectives: Ask Barney if he knows anything about what’s going on.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 15 XP

Reputation: 10 with Silverglade Village


As I said, I’m doing something very important here and I don’t have time to talk!

Is the road really bad? Sad to hear that, hee hee… I’m sure it would be really bad for Fort Pinta if tourists stopped coming here because the roads were so bad, and they have to let GED drill for oil next to that ugly fort instead…

But that’s got nothing to do with me! I’m just here to build… Ehm, important things for GED!

There is nothing suspicious here at all, so you can go away now.

No, there is nothing I need help with and there is no work here for somebody like you either!


It seems as though the man from GED is very anxious to get you away from here. Maybe someone living close by has seen something suspicious? Maybe you should talk to Barney to see if he’s seen anything?


Hey there Rita, what can I do for you?

There’s pot holes and other damage on the Fort Pinta road? That’s not good!

Quest completed


What is GED Doing Here?

You say there’s big pot holes and all kinds of trash on the road and that some administrator in Fort Pinta claims it’s because of all the tourists?

That sounds weird. 

Objectives: Listen to what Barney has to say.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 10 with Silverglade Village


I walk to Fort Pinta on that road quite often and I can’t remember seeing anything that would indicate that much damage. 

It sounds weird that the damage you describe would be caused by tourist buses and hired horses.

As far as I know, buses don’t tend to dig holes in the ground… And if they did, the holes would be much larger than the ones you’re talked about.

You say that GED has a site there? Yes, I’ve seen that, unfortunately. That guy turned up a few days ago with his containers, but there’s something weird going on there. 

Last time I walked past he seemed to just be hanging around waiting for something. I asked him what GED was doing here, but he just shouted that he was on his coffee break. 

I didn’t think you actually got any coffee breaks if you worked for GED!

I haven’t heard the sound of any machinery from there either, so what is it he’s actually working on?

I think it would be worthwhile keeping an eye on him. 

GED wouldn’t come here without a reason and I think they have a few skeletons in the cupboard, as Will would say.

If only we had a clue, we might be able to figure out if he had anything to do with the damage on the road…


Wait, I know where you can find a clue!

Quest completed


Clues in a Photo Album

I know where we can find something to help us!

Steve and I often go for short walks around here to give the cows a bit of exercise, and sometimes we take photos with Steve’s camera while we’re out walking. 

I’m sure we were there just a day or so ago, just when the GED guy had arrived.

If you examine that photo, it might give us a clue.

…Where the photo is? In my photo album of course! I’ve got it safely tucked away here on the farm.

Where the photo album is? I don’t actually remember. Maybe you can help me find it?

Objectives: Find Barney’s photo album.

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 15 with Silverglade Village

Find the photo album in the bushes behind the silo, and bring it to Barney.

There’s my photo album! I knew I’d put it in a safe place.

Quest completed


Photographic Evidence

Now let’s see, here’s the photo Steve and I  took using Steve’s new camera the day before yesterday.

I don’t see anything weird, but you’d better check it yourself.

Objective: Examine Barney’s photo.

Rewards: 30 Jorvik Shillings, 35 XP

Reputation: 15 with Silverglade Village

There are two clues to find in the image.

First clue, is the GED guy in the background, behind Barney and Steve.

There’s the GED guy! I didn’t think of him when we took the photo!

But what is he doing? It looks like he’s locking something into the container.

Second clue, is the head of lettuce on the road.

Why should I look on the road? There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong there?

Aha! You’re right, Rita, that is weird!

We took this photo only a couple of days ago and it can’t possibly be wear and tear that has caused the kind of damage you’re describing in so short a time.


If GED has some super scary hole digging machine in the container that can dig fast without making any noise, maybe he’s behind it!

Quest completed


The Hunt Goes On

But why would GED be digging holes? They usually build things.

But now when I think about it, there is of course another explanation.

The only things I know around here that can cause a lot of damage in a short time are chipmunks. They can dig holes in not time if they think they can find food.

But I don’t understand why they would dig holes in the middle of the road? There can’t be anything there for them to eat?

Steve usually has some chipmunks around on the farm, so it’s probably worth talking to him about it.

Most farmers put out traps to stop the chipmunks from eating the lettuce, but Steve is too goodhearted for that, so he feeds them instead.

I have to stay here and watch the potatoes grow, so it’s probably best if you ride over to Steve and ask him about it. 

Objectives: Talk to Steve about the chipmunks.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 5 with Silverglade Village

Ride over to Steve’s farm and ask him about chipmunks.

Hey, Rita!

It’s always a good day on the farm when you come for a visit.

Quest completed


Waiting to Feed a Chipmunk

Holes in the road? The chipmunks could dig holes like that in no time if they had to, but you know what Rita? I don’t think my chipmunks here on the farm would do anything like that – they like it here and they get fed.

Of course, they may have moved to another farm for a change of scenery, or maybe they’re renovating their holes ahead of the winter – and sometimes they take on a bit of extra work as mailmen, I’ve heard.

You know what, I’ll give you some lettuce that you can feed them with, and I’m sure they’ll come up and say hi if you just wait a little bit!

They’re very nice and don’t bite at all, so try feeding them to see if they’re there.

Objectives: Feed the chipmunks with Steve’s lettuce.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

Reputation: 10 with Silverglade Village

After you place the lettuce down, you wait for a long time, but no chipmunks appear. This is strange…

You didn’t see a single chipmunk? Are you sure you waited long enough?

That’s sad. Where could they have gone?

Quest completed


A Trail of Lettuce

It’s a shame that the chipmunks have gone. They were a nice addition to the farm.

You say you want to find them, Rita?

If you find that kind of thing fun, by all means, see if you can find them, but you don’t have to force them to come back here if they’ve found somewhere nice to live.

If you start looking by the holes where they live, maybe you and Summerblaze can find a trail together!

Objectives: Follow the trail and find out where the chipmunks have gone.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

Reputation: 10 with Silverglade Village

You find a piece of lettuce on the ground near the chipmunk holes. You notice another piece farther on, leading a trail all the way back towards the damaged road.

Chipmunks all over the road!

Quest completed


Two Coincidences is a Conclusion

The chipmunks have dug holes all over the road, and somebody brought them here on purpose. Maybe it’s time to confront the GED work site again.

Objectives: Talk to the GED worker again.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 10 with Silverglade Village

We’re on to him….

You’re back again?

Chipmunks? Don’t be silly, there are no chipmunks here!

Quest completed


Sneak in to Investigate

There are no chipmunks on the road, and if there were it wouldn’t be anything to do with me.

And by the way, I hate chipmunks! They’re so ugly!

Now I have to… Ehm… Work! With non-chipmunk related jobs! If I see you here again, I’ll kick you out!

Objectives: Find something you can lure the GED worker away with.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 10 with Silverglade Village

Your plan of distraction involves getting past the worker to be behind the metal containers. Go past the stone wall nearby, and jump over it. Going any closer gets you thrown out by the worker.

You could maybe use this trash to distract the GED worker.

Quest completed


A Breaking Distraction

If I throw one of these bottles as far as I can, he might go to investigate the noise. That will give me some time to look around the site, but I have to be quick!

Objectives: Use a bottle from the pile of trash to lure the GED worker away and then peek into the container.

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, 25 XP

Reputation: 10 with Silverglade Village

Your plan works. He takes off running to investigate the noise and you get a chance to peek inside the containers. One if filled with chipmunks. The other is full of heads of lettuce. Coincidence? I think not!

W-what? You’re still here? I hope you haven’t looked in any of the containers? Which are obviously both empty!

Quest completed


Car Chase in Silverglade

Those containers just contain work stuff. There’s nothing weird about that.

You’ve seen that there are chipmunks locked away here? I-I see, that’s odd. It obviously can’t be anything to do with… Ehm… Me.

I will of course… Ehm… Let them out immediately. I’ll just get the keys to the container which is… Ehm… Over here in the car.

Objectives: Catch the GED worker before he has time to run away.

Rewards: 25 Jorvik Shillings, 70 XP, 250 Horse XP

Reputation: 35 with Silverglade Village

The worker jumps in his car and speeds off, hoping to escape. Complete the race to chase him down. Beware of barrels he jettisons out from behind the car. He gets close to the fort and the car wipes out on a puddle of oil and crashes into a stone wall, leaving him dazed outside the car.

Ugh… I hate chipmunks and their hole digging!

Quest completed


Set the Chipmunks Free

This was a stupid plan from the start… Catch chipmunks from all over Jorvik to sabotage the road so that nobody could blame GED… I’d better run before I’m arrested!

Grrr… I assume I won’t get out of here without giving you the key. Bah! Take it! As long as I don’t have to see you or a chipmunk ever again! It landed over here somewhere when the car crashed.

Objectives: Find the key for the container and release the chipmunks.

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

Reputation: 10 with Fort Pinta

Pick up the key and return to the container. Release the chipmunks and take one with you for evidence.

The released chipmunks happily jump onto the grass. 

Quest completed


Good News, At Last

This chipmunk seems calm and friendly. If it goes with you to Fort Pinta you can use it to prove James is innocent.

Objectives: Return to James and show him the chipmunk.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 15 XP

Reputation: 10 with Fort Pinta

James will be relieved to see you.

Rita! Have you found anything? Hurry up and tell the administrator!

We can’t lose even a second!

Quest completed


Conclusive Evidence

Hrrrrum hrrrrrrmm.

Do you have any new information for us?

Objectives: Prove to the administrator that James is innocent.

Rewards: 35 Jorvik Shillings, 30 XP

Reputation: 10 with Fort Pinta


Hrrrrrrm…. What have you got to say?

About the damage to the road…

What are the damages?

They’re not caused by horses or buses.

Then what is behind it?


Chipmunks? Do you have any proof?

(Show the chipmunk.)

A chipmunk! And GED was involved? It’s obvious now that young James didn’t have anything to do with this.

That’s right.


Hrrrrm, so it was the man from GED who was behind it all, and I blamed young James like an old fool. 

Quest completed


Apologies to Young James

Hrrrm. So GED wanted to destroy the road and blame everything on James? Now I’m starting to understand. A while back, I got a letter from GED saying they wanted to drill resources around Fort Pinta. Obviously I said no, it would ruin the environment and scare away the tourists. 

Now when I thought we would have to prohibit tourists I was thinking of saying yes to GED instead!

I’m sure that’s what they planned all along. Hrrrm.

I have to start preparations for the road repairs and bringing all those chipmunks home again immediately.

Rita, you have saved Fort Pinta and prevented me from committing a big mistake. Would you give James my sincere apologies?

Objectives: Tell James that the administrator apologizes.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 10 with Fort Pinta

Give James the good news.

Were you able to prove that I was innocent?

Quest completed


A Thank You From James

So GED is trying to sabotage things for me?

They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into! If they want to try to get me, I’ll sue them for everything they have!

But that will have to be some other time, right now I have to make sure I take care of all the tourists that have been frightened by all the talk of damaged roads. 

But I’m sure it will be alright… I can arrange for guided tours where you can see actual live chipmunks instead, I’m sure the tourists will love it! I can sell loads of t-shirts with chipmunks printed on them, and the chipmunk cuddly toys – then I’m sure I can make loads of money from this disaster!

Rita, I am eternally grateful!

Objectives: Talk to James about a reward.

Rewards: 50 Jorvik Shillings, 70 XP, Chipmunk T-shirt

Reputation: 45 with Fort Pinta

Now that is resolved…

A reward? We have defeated GED’s evil plans once again, is that not reward enough?

You know what, Rita, I’ve heard that these pretty t-shirts with chipmunks printed on them will be very popular in Fort Pinta, and as you’ve helped me so much, I’ll give you your first chipmunk t-shirt for half price!

Of course I’m joking, you know that don’t you, Rita? Obviously I’ll give you the t-shirt for free as you helped me resolve this disaster. 

You don’t need to thank me, you’ve already done so much for me and Fort Pinta!

Quest completed