This blog is meant to give you a walkthrough of the quests, not explicit instructions on how to play the game.

I will be posting as ‘days’ which if all the quests are done that can be done at a time, will be the approximate minimum amount of time to catch up to the current updates without using Star Coins to sleep overnight (sometimes when new quests are added they are not tacked onto the end of the quest order, so some quest arcs may be out of order). I will post multiple quests per post, but I will tag each post with the title of the quest, so you can find a specific quest that way. Also, you can use the Ctrl + F shortcut to open the search function on your browser and search for key words.

I will say it right now, I will be going past the basic player status quests into Star Rider quests. I have been playing online games for many years now, and I always hear the same complaint about how it’s not fair that a person has to pay to get perks and special features on a game. Welcome to life. The game creators have to make money somehow to be able to continue to provide for this wonderful game, so I would really appreciate if there were no comments about not being able to upgrade will feed you to my rabid starving artists, and then promptly block you from the website.Ā Ā All kidding aside, this topic is important to me and I do not take it lightly. Please see this post for more information on my reasoning.

Please do not ask about game glitches and how to use them (namely the ‘wild horse’ glitch that removes the rider). I will answer all questions about using game glitches the same way: Exploiting game glitches can and will eventually cause your game to crash. It is disrespectful to the game creators to tamper with the game files. And it is a punishable offense, as stated by the game ToS.

I don’t want anyone to get in trouble with the game staff, and I want you all to be able to enjoy the game. Thus, I will never advise how to use game glitches, and I will remove any comments from others advising how to use game glitches.

This issue will be treated much the same as complaints about having to pay; i.e. not lightly.

Also, I will not tolerate any rude or unhelpful comments. I am also not a moderator or have any staff position with the game, so I will not be able to help you with a bothersome player in the game. I will advise that you just ignore the person, and don’t reply to them, as doing so will only stoop to their level. If you continue to have a problem with a player please contact the game staff and they will deal with the situation.

Lastly, as I’ve been asked about this before in the past, I WILL NOT give out the exact locations of the secret areas (this includes stars as well). I have found all of them in the game so far, and I’ve done this on my own. I have taken some hints from other players, but they weren’t too hard to find. I am willing to help give hints or subtle directions but I will never point out the exact location. So please don’t ask. They’re supposed to be secret, it makes it more fun that way. šŸ˜‰

I’m very friendly and easygoing, and I will help you out with just about anything (except the instances listed above). Feel free to contact me in the game or comment here if you ever need help.

The character I play for the walkthrough is Rita Turtlefoot.

My main character I play is Maggie Oldcamp.


97 thoughts on “About”

  1. It depends. Can take as little as 2 hours or as long as around 6 hours!

  2. Hey all i really like your page i am new to the game and i have a question how long is 24 hours in game i have done everything i can do right so was wondering how many in real life hours it takes for them to be acctive again i dont mind the waiting time but more to find out so i know if there is time for a trip to the cinema. an in game clock would be a good ide so you can folow the time. šŸ™‚

    • The game is on real life time. Daily quests reset at midnight on the server time (which you would have to ask around as i dont know what time zones all the servers are on). Story quests reset after a real 24 hours. So if you did a quest at 2 pm on monday, it would reset at 2pm on tuesday.

  3. Hi
    My daughter just got this game on her ipad, but we cannot figure out how one rides the horses in the game? There is no “ride” button or anything like that to be seen, she can only have the horse in the paddock or in the stable, groom/feed it and nothing more… how does she get to ride and do quests? The horse is lvl 9 now… Does the riding only come later or what are we to do?
    Best regards,

  4. Judith Swordfield said:

    Hey, I have a question: You need a boat to get on Cape Sorrow (South Hoof Peninsula), but I don’t have a boat. I’ve allready been on that island but when I wanted to do that again, my boat was gone. What can I do?

  5. Savannah! said:

    I’m not asking for help, I’m just telling you to keep up the good work :O
    If I did this I’d get so stressed out LMAO
    Good job ā¤

  6. Matilda said:

    Please help I am level 15 halfway through and I’m admired with sliverglade mannor yet I still haven’t got the golden hills valley quest please answer I really want to know

  7. Does anybody know what time SSO has the rollover at? Or the time updates on Wednesday happen? Please provide a timezone.

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