This blog is meant to give you a walkthrough of the quests, not explicit instructions on how to play the game.

I will be posting as ‘days’ which if all the quests are done that can be done at a time, will be the approximate minimum amount of time to catch up to the current updates without using Star Coins to sleep overnight (sometimes when new quests are added they are not tacked onto the end of the quest order, so some quest arcs may be out of order). I will post multiple quests per post, but I will tag each post with the title of the quest, so you can find a specific quest that way. Also, you can use the Ctrl + F shortcut to open the search function on your browser and search for key words.

I will say it right now, I will be going past the basic player status quests into Star Rider quests. I have been playing online games for many years now, and I always hear the same complaint about how it’s not fair that a person has to pay to get perks and special features on a game. Welcome to life. The game creators have to make money somehow to be able to continue to provide for this wonderful game, so I would really appreciate if there were no comments about not being able to upgrade will feed you to my rabid starving artists, and then promptly block you from the website.  All kidding aside, this topic is important to me and I do not take it lightly. Please see this post for more information on my reasoning.

Please do not ask about game glitches and how to use them (namely the ‘wild horse’ glitch that removes the rider). I will answer all questions about using game glitches the same way: Exploiting game glitches can and will eventually cause your game to crash. It is disrespectful to the game creators to tamper with the game files. And it is a punishable offense, as stated by the game ToS.

I don’t want anyone to get in trouble with the game staff, and I want you all to be able to enjoy the game. Thus, I will never advise how to use game glitches, and I will remove any comments from others advising how to use game glitches.

This issue will be treated much the same as complaints about having to pay; i.e. not lightly.

Also, I will not tolerate any rude or unhelpful comments. I am also not a moderator or have any staff position with the game, so I will not be able to help you with a bothersome player in the game. I will advise that you just ignore the person, and don’t reply to them, as doing so will only stoop to their level. If you continue to have a problem with a player please contact the game staff and they will deal with the situation.

Lastly, as I’ve been asked about this before in the past, I WILL NOT give out the exact locations of the secret areas (this includes stars as well). I have found all of them in the game so far, and I’ve done this on my own. I have taken some hints from other players, but they weren’t too hard to find. I am willing to help give hints or subtle directions but I will never point out the exact location. So please don’t ask. They’re supposed to be secret, it makes it more fun that way. 😉

I’m very friendly and easygoing, and I will help you out with just about anything (except the instances listed above). Feel free to contact me in the game or comment here if you ever need help.

The character I play for the walkthrough is Rita Turtlefoot.

My main character I play is Maggie Oldcamp.

97 thoughts on “About”


    Something really odd happened yesterday …a girl called Abby asked for friendship ..I said okay ..but then she wanted my password and got nasty when i said no ..


    thank you 🙂

  3. Alice Perkins said:

    which day are you on now? i think im on day 36/37 and mr kembell has told me to check out the riding arena and then it says on the quest log that i should look at the stables and im really unsure of what to do! Please help!!

  4. annawhalewood said:

    Oh thank you for your help!

  5. Laura Ponyheart said:

    You know when you go onto the Get Help Here page here and you have the different days.
    Well how did you get the links so when you press on a quest is comes up with the page that it is on???
    Laura Ponyheart

  6. Stefanie Winterpaw said:

    Well, I am currently a level 14 near the beginning, I am liked with the sun circle, and I have done the shadow seeker quest, and after that finished I didn’t have any quests. Do I have to be popular to get more quests? Or will they come soon?

    • If after completing a quest a box pops up ‘to be continued’ that means you are caught up to the game. If not, then yes you have to finish your druid training.

  7. Nikolett Moonstone said:

    I have a question. I am trying do quest for the sun circle. Is the druid instructor always at the riding ring in the hollow woods or other places in the game? Because I tried today to continue the game and it said that the druid instructor was in moorland stables and silverglade manor. I was not sure if that is correct.

    • Tiffany Goldpaw said:

      That is a little bug. When you select a character’s quest then the Instructor it shows the area that the character is in you clicked before him. He is always at the training ring near Valedale at Hollow Woods. He will never move anywhere else.

  8. the general chatter was about the bridge the other side going to be open tomorrow, can you put the children out of their misery to when its going to be open

    • I don’t know anything more than anyone else does. If you read this page, I have stated I am not a game staff member. I am only a fellow player. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me when it opens, and I don’t understand the excitement over it. Yes, it is a new area, but once that new area gets thoroughly explored, everyone is going to be excited for the next new area. I am sure that it is not going to open immediately. There will probably be quests leading up to gaining access to the new area, as they did with Goldenhills. I joined when the game first opened, and Goldenhills was not completed. When it was officially ‘released,’ players still had to do the leading quests to be able to enter it. I have seen interviews and official announcements stating that it will be open before the end of the year. Judging by the fact that they posted preview pictures as well as the colored in map, it will probably be soon, but I cannot say definitively how soon.

  9. I rely want to do the circus quest and i would like to know when I’m aloud to do they because I’m on level 12 and some on on level 11 has done them so I was wondering if I have to do something to get the quest x

    • Keep doing your regular story quests. You’ll get to them eventually. New quests are sometimes added in the middle of the story progression, so while someone may have done it a while ago at level 11, new quests may have bumped it up to 12 or 13. I cannot say for sure. Sorry.

  10. This a fun game but there is lot of drama in it.. But I still like it And just ingore them… My player is called Isabella goldblanket 🙂 add me, I delted friends offen if they don’t talk to me just saying

  11. I want to skip to the next day, but I don’t have enough money to buy starcoins. Is there anywhere else I can sleep?

  12. I had no idea that the wild horse thing was a glitch. It is so cool I thought the creeaters must have thought of it. It should be added to the game since it is so cool and every one would use it

  13. HorseLover555 said:

    Asking out of curiosity, how long does the update take on Wednesday approx.?

  14. isabella shortbrooke said:

    do you guys know what the best breed of horse is for racing in champs?

  15. Bridget James said:

    What’s your favorite horse breed?

  16. dawn jones said:

    I am level 14 i played for a while then quit but am back to playing it seems like other people on or near my level are doing different quest have i missed something i just finished doin james treasure hunt and do u smell smoke witch should put me on day 33 just wondered if i was doing this right thakns ps i am 45 yrs young and love love this game great job

    • When new quests are added, they are sometimes put in the middle of the quest lines, so some quests may come in a different order than on the blog. Especially if you had been gone for a while, the game continually changes and grows. To my knowledge, no quests have been removed, so wherever you are in the quest line, you will be able to play all of them eventually. The day numbers only pertain to the blog.
      Hope that answers you question 🙂

  17. orphée/ Matilda Friendhall said:

    Hey! I have a… well three questions. First: when you sell somthing, can you have sc and not just jorvik shillings? Second: is Olivia Catdawn à creator? Last: can there be a quest that gives you sc or a horse free??? Thx

    • No, when you sell items you only get shillings back, even if you spent Star Coins on it, and no there are no quests that give Star Coins or horses. The only way to get Star Coins is to purchase them or be an upgraded member or once in a great while (i.e. VERY infrequently) the game staff give free Star Coins to everyone. In the past it has been 100 or 200 for loss of play time during a big game glitch or a special event. But otherwise it doesn’t happen on a regular basis.

  18. orphée/ Matilda Friendhall said:

    Ok thx

  19. orphée/ Matilda Friendhall said:

    Hey, im like admired whit sun circle And i even dont have the quest, why. Am at the more high level we can be.

  20. Oh yea And wen is the next double star coins… Just to know

  21. Hey wen does halloween update coming? Halloween really soon… Thx! 🙂

  22. Celine Whalestar said:

    does someone knows how long the wednesday update takes ?

  23. ??? What is that update? Halloween one?

  24. where do i get the ombre blue and blonde hair? please answer!

  25. Like a pony tail hair style?

  26. Dakota Seabell said:

    Has anyone else played that hot air balloon quest that the game says we need in order to enter dino valley? because I dont remember playing it at all, and Im nervouse that I wont meet that requirement.

  27. Hey wen wil winter come? Like the snow and all… Cause in 2 days dino valley open so… That it thx.

  28. Ok wel thx alot! 😀

  29. Hey Maggie am i ur “Friend” in star stable?

  30. Maggie Diamondborn said:

    Hi do you know how to get xp fast without having to do quests? im trying to get to level 15 but I keep running out of quests and cant get very much XP do you have any suggestions?

  31. alicesita said:

    hi does anyone know what level you get the quests for the valley of the hidden dinosaur?

  32. maggie can you anwser all my comments on get help here

  33. Are there anymore quests involving the Ice Witch?

  34. On star stable I contacted the game people and it said they would try to reply in 48 hours innless you send your email late on a Friday or on a bank holiday which I did not. It has been 2 weeks now and they have not replied and I have no idea what to do!

  35. How long does the Wednesday update take

  36. Ok so I have got 5000 star coins and I am not sure what horses to get. I al getting the grey Arabian for sure and I want to get 2 more horses. These are the horses and ponies I have:
    Black Friesian, light gold/yellow Arabian, Brown north Swedish horse, Brown starter horse, Spotty Friesian sport horse, Brown fort pinta pony, Gold fort pinta pony, white fort pinta pony and spotty brown and white harvest counties pony.
    I think I want 2of the following list:
    ruddy brown Arabian
    gold and white tinker
    black Arabian
    light brown and silver north Swedish horse


  37. how to you get to the next day? and do you have to get to the next day for more quests? I have no more quests (exept for one that I have to buy a pony for and I have no star coins) but I’m only on level 5!!! I don’t know how to get more quests please help!!!

  38. cera321 said:

    I am new to this website and I think this is a helpful place. I was sent here by Starstable Online because I was asking about the secret location: not everything that’s hidden is bones… she said that this site would give me hints/clues to where this place is. I don’t know where to look though.

    • I won’t be posting any secret locations (read above) with an exception to that one. Unfortunately I haven’t found it yet myself, so I have no hints to give. Sorry :/

  39. Just wanted to say much thanks and appreciation for this website, it has helped my daughter and I figure out tricky spots ( and yes, we’re both players!) Usually she can figure it out, but if not, then SSOridethrough! Have fun riders!

  40. Mariezia said:

    I need some help with basic things like : how to get to the next day?

  41. Megan Silva said:

    I just have one Question. At what Level do I have to be in order to get into Valley of the hidden Dinosaur?

  42. I have one question: where do you get the ombré brown and blonde haircut? I’ve asked two people that I saw and neither of them have answered me.. Thanks!

  43. This may be answered somewhere but… When you get more or less quests, does it matter what day it is? Because right now, I have seemed to hit a slump. I’m up to a bit where Techno is about to get his dog house (have to wait until tomorrow, sadly a school day..) and I’m assuming I’m about to get access to Golden Valley soon?

  44. Sofia Waterstar said:

    How long do the Wednesday updates take??? And also does anyone know what level you have to be to go to Golden Hills Valley

  45. Sofia, read these lines again, Maggie SAID it MAY take one or two hours! depending on what the week is or what the updates for 😀

  46. is anyone with me about leading your horse update? (NOT THE GLITCH!!)
    IF so 😀 😀 😀 ❤

  47. Hi guys how can I sign up to this site? Luv this site❤️ btw I ❤️ the hunger games too I think haymitch n katniss r my faves😊 I would luv to join ur Morgan drill but I’m on cupcake valley👎 and at the moment I’m non sr cuz it ended. I’m getting lifetime in two weeks tho and I’m getting the white Morgan. I’ll try moving to night star cuz I’d luv to join, I had main role in school production (Robin Hood) so I’m great at remembering routines songs dances and words . Plz let me join if I move to night star!😃😃

  48. btw my actual name in sso is Olivia Appleyard😊

  49. Would anyone know when the main story is going to be updated??

  50. Ivy Starsmith said:

    Hey, do you know how long Wednesdays update takes?

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