21 thoughts on “Photo Album”

  1. danielle snowstone said:

    can i help coz i am almost on level 14

    • hey

      • hey what do u need help on

        • i need help to find a quest. I’m on level four (you might not remember way back then) and i cant find my next quest. My last quest was

          • Why not look on the quest page? It has every quest listed that Maggie has done so far! If it isn’t on there then you can contact Maggie via email to notify her of the missing quest. Please be aware that sometimes the game glitches so that quests don’t show up. Try and remember your last quest and think about who was involved in it then go to those people. It might just be that they aren’t showing up on your map! If all else fails and you can’t find it on this website then contact Star Stable by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ link at the very bottom of their website. They are very helpful and always (in my experience) reply within 48 hours! Good Luck!

          • Celine Longfall said:

            well if you are not a star rider, your quests might have ended. Level four is where non star rider quests end. hope this helped πŸ™‚

        • Can anyone help me on the ‘someone to play with’ quest? It’s not the pole bending guy, the grandma or james

          • Please see the Gondola Building Quests quicklink on the sidebar. And also in the future, please post questions to the Get Help Page or any blog post only if it pertains to your question.

  2. I love star stable even when its a rainy day

  3. Comment redacted by Admin.

    • It is against the blog rules to ask about how to use glitches. Also, there are no ‘cheats’ in the game. Be aware that using glitches could get you banned from the game and it will also cause your game to crash. If that does happen, there is nothing the game staff will be able to do to help you, because you violated the game terms of service to begin with.

      Lastly, when asking questions, please post on the appropriate page that relates to your question. Questions about the game do not belong on the Photo Album page.

  4. abbie skyhill said:

    ok ill be sure not to do that thanks maggie!

  5. no matter looks its just personality I would be happy to help

  6. i love the pics! You’re awesome!!!!

  7. hi guys

  8. Is it because I’m on mobileare there new pictures

  9. Hi this is not about the photo album I just hav question. I’ve subscribed to this channel how do I get a profile picture etc? 😊 ❀️horses❀️

  10. Arisha Wolfyard said:

    Um, I hope this doesn’t count as asking about glitches becoase I’m not asking how, but I accerdentaly fell into the side of a building in Valedale and sank throgh it, could that get me banned? Like accerdentaly glitching? It wasn’t on purpose but people don’t know that! Should I forget about it or could something happen after sinking into a building?

    • It’s totally fine. πŸ™‚

      I get glitches like that all the time. It’s no fault of yours. My rule about glitches is more aimed at asking how to perform glitches like the wild horse glitch because those are glitches caused on purpose by tampering with the game files. Using those glitches can cause the game to crash on your computer and its nothing the game staff can do to fix it, so their rule against it is simply just covering their butts, so no one expects them to be responsible for fixing something the player broke on purpose.

      Other glitches like the barbecue glitch (which has since been fixed) that allowed players to get into locked areas, is just plain disrespectful to the game makers. Those areas are locked for a reason. But accidentally getting blipped through a wall or stuck inside a rock or a tree is harmless. Even accidentally falling into a closed area once or twice while exploring is no harm done. As long as you don’t do anything to exploit the game or cause damage to the files on your computer, you have nothing to worry about πŸ™‚

      • Lara AutumnLuck said:

        D: there’s this one girl who did that glitch to get to epona I told her not to but she didn’t care anyway I can report her and get a quick reply? I also sent the SSO staff about that glitch. 😦 I don’t understand why people do that it’s not fun to do that because when u unlock it it won’t feel satisfactory:( hope people stop

  11. Arisha Wolfyard said:

    Oh! Also sorry! I didn’t think I was on the album page!

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