Help Get Moderators!

I’m sure I am not the only one concerned about this. If you agree please help me get through to the game owners. We need moderators.

In a perfect world, there would be no need for moderators. While this world is not perfect, we can always keep that poster in mind as we play. I will be keeping the petition open. The game staff are aware of the petition and I think it will help them in the future when they are working on implementing the moderator feature for sure. Continue to report bad behavior you see in the game. And don’t start fights to begin with. Even if someone says something rude to you, add them to your ignore list (second to the ‘friends’ tab) and walk away. Don’t let them ruin your day, and definitely don’t reply to them. That only stoops to their level and now you are not any better than they are.

Let’s make this game a better place. Let’s continue help our fellow players. Let’s strive to be the best riders that we can be.

I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

-Maggie Oldcamp

If you have a Facebook account, check out this page devoted to promoting awareness in the game community: Star Stable: Cause and Awareness


115 thoughts on “Help Get Moderators!”

  1. Alyssa Rainheart said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  2. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  3. Chloe Diamondnight said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  4. Lana McBridge said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  5. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  6. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  7. Hi Maggie
    My name is Joanie Watson …Kaja lighting bridge On the Star Stable game.
    I’m happy to hear that someone else feels that there should be a way to let the game people know who the trouble makers really are.I have been making a list .The other night SAT,A girl was talking about things that kids should not be talking about.To let you know I’m 46 years old and I have 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren so far…I have all so seen and heard *Bullying* I had to intervene at that point and I did tell the little girl the other night that I was going to turn her in and she may loose her lifetime rider sat ice.I don’t want to say much more on site but you are welcome to E-Mail me any time…There is much more to say. TY JW

    Star Rider is a great game for all ages that love horses…..:)

    • Nice to hear there are other older riders online. I’ve only been playing a couple of weeks and I really enjoy it. Sadly I’ve encountered bullying on SSO as well and also heard attempts to get other players account details.Game moderators really are needed in this game. The unnecessary drama some players seen to cause regularly needs to stop. Anyway, nice to meet you, have a nice day. :3

      • Thank you for your reply…My star stable name is kajsa lightingbridge.look for me when you are on..I have a few names I’m keeping an eye on./You can all so E-mail me at TTYS JW

        • You’re welcome! Sorry I haven’t replied again sooner than this, I forgot to bookmark this page so I could come back to it but I found it! XD I’ve made a note of your SSO name and email and will email you later with my own SSO name. Take care!

    • Hi, Joanie. I am 23 and I play Star Stable. I don’t understand why people stop playing it…?

      • Tanya…….people start to not play cuz they they get bullied and abused cuz my bffl(best friend for life)she quit playing cuz every body bullied he and I have a lot of non star rider friends and they always get bullied but I’m there to help the but my star rider friends…..I never get there in time….. 😦

  8. I pledge to help get moderators on star stable…

  9. Michelle Eagleheart said:

    I pledge to help get moderators for Star Stable Online,

  10. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  11. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  12. J Fischer said:

    Excellent!! I have contacted SS repeatedly in regards to players using inappropriate language, bullying, sexual innuendo, asking for account/money/paypal information, etc. Unfortunately, no one ever responds to these ‘problems’.

    As an administrator and moderator on other public forums, my very first suggestion to them was to implement moderators and have an active report button to immediately notify them of problems. They informed me this wasn’t possible at the present time but they did disable the game-wide aspect of global chat a few days after my lengthy letter. A step in the right direction but mods are an absolute necessity, especially as the game gains popularity. My forums would be a nightmare without mods and the report button.

    • I Agree
      The report button would be a good solution to the problem.
      Maybe some of the adults that are playing the game and following the storyline may want to form a group..Something like the Enforcers or maybe a more kid friendly name. that could be spotted ,like wearing a color or some thing . We could form the group and watch out and try to keep things straight .like a town watch type of thing. does any one what to sine up?? Just a…:)

  13. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  14. I agree with the ‘idea’ of moderators, but my objection in relation to numbers, + some other normal words should be allowed. Ever try to get a thought across, + all those ‘####’ come out instead. It can be ‘VERY’ frustrating. Lighten up at least on the numbers, please.

  15. What do you think if we adults could form a group like a town watch type of thing?? We could wear the same clothes or some thing that the kids would know that we are their to enforce the rules…:) I would be willing to take some time a few days or nights ..just a thought……..So what do you think my sister Pamela lightfoot (game name) is all so willing to put some time in.:)

  16. your site helps me so much thank you and PLEASE continue! -vanessa silverborn

  17. ashleypurplegirl said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on star stable online

  18. As an older person who plays Stable Star and someone who usually keeps to themself in-game, I’d be more than happy to chaperone younger players so they too can enjoy themselves. I’m Keira Wolfhaven in-game. I may come across as quiet at first but once you get to know me I can be quite chatty. Anyway, if anyone finds themself put into an awkward situation please don’t hesitate to mail me or look for me. :3

  19. Selena Skydawn said:

    I pledge to help get Moderators on star stable online

  20. Lola kittennight said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on star stable online

  21. Astrid McKnight said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online

  22. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online!

  23. I’m going to email star stable and see what the current status is with moderator system.

  24. I pledge to help get moderators in Star Stable Online.

  25. Simone Purplevalley said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  26. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online

  27. Ambra Hawkgarden said:

    Moderators would be awesome! As an adult player, I cannot recommend this game to children because of the way people bully and get around language blocks on there. If there were a parental setting to disable any communication, that would be great as well! Thanks for your hard work and I’m in complete agreement that moderators are necessary!

  28. Bearlover said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  29. AdriananaBanana said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  30. kktennis said:

    Moderators would be great. My daughter has been a Lifetime Star Rider since 2013. For one year, I monitored her playing and interactions, helped her with quests, and taught her how to manage her star coins and shillings as she was too young at the time to do this. I also helped her with chatting and emails. I,then, fell in love with Star Stable Online and got my own account. We play together as mother and daughter often, and we have a great time! We also play separately. It has taught her many positive things, like, learning horse breeds and caring for horses, how to manage money, deductive reasoning (quests), how to work hard to level your horses to be competitive, how to interact kindly with others online, etc. I would say 98% of the time our interactions with others online have been positive. She is now more sophisticated at communicating than me on Star Stable. She knows what you can type to get around #### and all the keyboarding shortcuts you can think of.

    That being said, my daughter has shed tears over some meanness when I was not monitoring her play. Thankfully, as an involved parent, I taught her how to deal with mean people: walk away – leave the chat window immediately, leave the group, block the mean player(s), go to another area of the game, or switch servers. Or, simply, shut the game off for the day, take a deep breath, then, thank yourself for being smart enough to start a new day of Star Stable with finding a new friend, because the mean ones aren’t worth it. A good lesson for real life as well. Oftentimes, however, mean players are really just looking for attention and some kindness themselves.

    Moderators would be a great way to control the interactions by intervening when things get tense or inappropriate, therefore, keeping everyone playing and enjoying the game! And if worse comes to absolute worse, Star Stable should give players the option, through secure measures, to change your name, without having to buy a whole new account. That way, if you have friends on your favorite server, but, have others on the same server that aren’t so wonderful, you wouldn’t have to stop playing just because of their bad behavior. Obviously, players exhibiting bad behavior always need to be warned, reported, and/or removed (in worse case scenarios).

    Thank you for reading my post. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  31. Samantha Ponyfield said:

    I think moderates would be a great idea, but star stable would have to choose who they want their moderators to be wisely, because there are some people who could abuse the priveliges they have and that wouldn’t be fun… I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online!

  32. We got our mods hun. They take some things too seriously, as I was talking with someone in say chat, We were talking and I immediately got a warning, for nothing that was sexual harassment, bullying, cursing/swearing, etc. While others, (I will not mention the names,) Were cursing/swearing, along with bullying, they did not get a SINGLE warning.
    Bit unfair in my opinion.
    I feel as if the mods aren’t doing their jobs correctly.

    • There are game staff that moniter the game but there arent many of them, so often conflicts go on without any immediate intervention. There is no in game report button, so players must use the game support box to report issues.

  33. Tori Best said:

    Josefine kingforest, Stacy puppystorm, Evelyn masterroad, and Layla dolphinpoulos are acussing me of hacking josefine kingforest’s account after we became friends. We gave each other our passwords in real life and then she changed her password to make it look like I hacked her. Please help me and ban them.

  34. Cameila Sealake said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable

  35. Hazel Sweetdotter said:

    I am a 19 year old player that has been playing since early 2014 as well, and your website has helped me out tons when I’ve been stuck! Thanks so much for that 🙂 I really like that you are bringing a community together.

    In the game, I generally like to keep to myself as SSO is kind of a relaxing, introverted experience for me. But the times I have opened the chat I’ve been blown away at the snarky, mean comments people write to each other. I’ve seen groups gang up on one rider and go off on them, resulting in very upset kids. It’s disheartening and in my opinion, ruins the vibe and atmosphere of the game.

    When you are older, it’s easy to brush things off and just close the chat, but young kids are very impressionable. I can only imagine how bullying in the group chat ruins their experience.

    Perhaps separating the game to have some servers with older players such as 16+, and a less regulated chat, and other servers with younger players and a more regulated and moderated chat could make this less of a problem.

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable.

  36. Hi my name is Anice I’m online all the time and it you ever need help with anything I’m very happy to to help out

  37. Daisy Rivercake said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  38. Julie Parry said:

    Moderators are really needed, I feel. I recently came back to the game after a long absence and I’ve never seen global so rude! these are children bullying, swearing and being generally nasty, mind. As an older player I tend to stay out of global, it’s just too ridiculous these days, which is a shame, because the game is lovely!

  39. I agree mods are needed,I am also an older player, not played for much more than a week but love the game. Just some people are just out right rude. I also keep myself to myself in game, but so nice to know that there are older players as well as me :). I am Keira Stormdragon in game

  40. Are there mods on SSO now? Especially in the evenings on Star stable there is a lot of bulling and breaking the rules!

    • To my knowledge, no. But I know it was announced a while ago that they were working on a moderator feature on the Swedish server. I don’t know the current status of that though. If you see issues in the chat, do not try to engage the bullies. Simply note the time and the channel, and send a message to the game support. If any of the offending players bother you, be sure to add them to your ignore list.

      • there is and has been mods for a while now actually 🙂
        I am on Night star, (NA1) and we have mods on, not always but I do see them here and there, same with game masters giving warnings or chatting in global (game master chat appears in gold, moderator chat in green)
        there is a huge issue with romance roles right now, people think they are allowed but a moderator a few weeks ago on global said in caps that romance roles of any kind or any romance is not permitted in the game, and you should go on a proper dating site for that type of stuff.
        but ya we have had mods on servers for a while now I think, if we have them way over here on NA servers I’m sure they have been on swedish servers and maybe others for longer.

  41. Remove Moderators immediately! SSO choose normal players to Moderate, how stupid can they be! Choose actual SSO team members to Moderate… It may be a peaceful game but no matter what game it is, there will always be people to hack or ruin the gaming exp for others…

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