Help Get Moderators!

I’m sure I am not the only one concerned about this. If you agree please help me get through to the game owners. We need moderators.

In a perfect world, there would be no need for moderators. While this world is not perfect, we can always keep that poster in mind as we play. I will be keeping the petition open. The game staff are aware of the petition and I think it will help them in the future when they are working on implementing the moderator feature for sure. Continue to report bad behavior you see in the game. And don’t start fights to begin with. Even if someone says something rude to you, add them to your ignore list (second to the ‘friends’ tab) and walk away. Don’t let them ruin your day, and definitely don’t reply to them. That only stoops to their level and now you are not any better than they are.

Let’s make this game a better place. Let’s continue help our fellow players. Let’s strive to be the best riders that we can be.

I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

-Maggie Oldcamp

If you have a Facebook account, check out this page devoted to promoting awareness in the game community: Star Stable: Cause and Awareness

115 thoughts on “Help Get Moderators!”

  1. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

    Hazel Raindawn

  2. I pledge to help decrease some of the foul language, and drama, and to help get moderatores on Star Stable Online

  3. Julie Anne Riddlebagh said:

    I pledge to help get (more) moderators on Star Stable online

    Juliette Darknight

  4. Ashley Hogan said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

    Nicole Greenhall

  5. Calista Starfall said:

    I pledge to do anything to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  6. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

    Athena Silverborn

  7. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  8. I see what you mean. Only today did i see a girl called Susan something put one of those vile words into speaking with letters individually like this (not the words she used but for an example)






    Posting her words one after the other!!

  9. I will be a Moderator.

  10. I pledge to speak up about any foul language, whether it’s to a player or the game or anything.

  11. I pledge to help the unnecessary foul language/behavior, drama on Star Stable Online. Many kids get their way of saying wrong things, this should end.

    – Kailey Moonfall

  12. The unmoderated chat has left my daughter in tears many times because of the meanness and cruelty of other children allowed to play unmoderated with no consequences. A game should be fun and a rewarding experience, not something that leaves you feeling abused. Words can hurt and cyber bullying is just as real as bullying face to face. I have Emailed them and sent messages on Facebook many times and I have not seen any changes made. Without a real person moderating they have created a place where young people are allowed to hide behind the anonymity of the internet to be cruel. If you cannot say something to someones face, you should not be saying it over the internet.
    Like · Reply · 14 minutes ago

    • Audrey Candlegren said:

      i agree with you. I am not a mod and they don’t have mods on the game, but i look out for EVERYONE. I am usually the one ENDING fights and if i see someone bullying i talk to them about it. 😀 If you tell me your daughter’s star stable name I will look out for her on Star stable! 😀

  13. I pledge!

  14. Sara Nightpaw said:

    I pledge to help get Moderators on Star Stable Online.

  15. I pledge to stand up to fowl use of language and tell my feelings of what i think they are doing worng!

  16. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

    ~ Ella Youngforce

  17. Moderators are definitely needed, I am glad to hear this is being thought of and admin are aware of the situation. 🙂

  18. VALERIE STOKES said:

    I pledge too .

  19. I pledge to help the players of star stable and the fi ch t that go on

  20. Britney Mcknight said:

    I pledge for there to be moderators on the game, I would also be willing to be a moderator.

  21. Audrey Candlegren said:

    I will be a moderator! I know the rules and I am a trustworthy player. I always help players and i know what needs to be fixed in Star Stable. The gamekeepers have heard my request for mods as well. 🙂

  22. Brooklyn Starfall said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

    Brooklyn Starfall

  23. Willow Darkdaughter said:

    I pledge to get moderators on Star Stable Online!

    -Willow Darkdaughter

  24. Violet Flowergarden said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.
    ~Violet Flowergarden

  25. Alexis Silvernight said:

    I pledge, to help get successful moderatores online to SSO.

    I disagree with: Foul language, Bullying, Bad content, and so on.

    -Alexis Silvernight

  26. Marguerite said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

    -Marguerite Rainwright

  27. Clara Silverknight said:

    I pledge to be a moderator

  28. maggie Brown said:

    as an older player, i have often felt compelled to intervene with ” the voice of reason”. I would be more than happy to volunteer myself as a moderator.

  29. Agnes Lionheart said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on the game and to try and make Star Stable a positive environment for everyone.

  30. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  31. i pledge to help get moderators on sso because it is well needed!

  32. I pledge to help get moderators on star stable online to make it a safe fun enviroment online.

    -Ella Pinkpie and Snowprince

  33. I no I’ve already pledged but I’m sick of the bullying on star stable. Just today I heard a coversation on global chat. They were calling this girl, Lisa Moonlake a liar and a lot more disturbing things because she said her pony died or something like that she said she was crying in real life and they were laughing at her for it. I tried to help but I was called some names too. It gets to me because I love everyone. So I pledge again to help get moderators on star stable because it desperately needs them. I love star stable and I want it to be enjoyed by everyone like I enjoy it. I’ve been near tears before and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else, so I agree with rebecca. I also wish to step forward as a moderator.
    Ella Pinkpie and Snowprince

    • I’m appalled by the fact they didn’t have moderators from the very beginning. That was very dumb on their part, and now a lot of their players are being hurt because of it. It’s sad and disgusting. 😦

      (I just deleted your other comment for being a duplicate. )

      • Its ok that was an accident 🙂

        • Everyone tell your frends about this especially if they are on star stable. We need moderators today I was called lots of names because of my opinion. Please people this is urgent, some people lose their lives to the internet because of something someone has said.

          Ella Pinkpie and Snowprince

      • Emma Opalmountain said:

        I totally agree.

        Yesterday a fight broke out on global chat where someone was spamming the chat by endlessly saying hi. And the then someone spelt out the f word like this (not this word but and example)








        Plus someone was spamming global chat today!

        All of this because star stable is un-moderated!

        I know I have already pledged but I totally pledge to help get moderators on star stable

        – Emma Opalmountain and Silverdarling

  34. Aurora Diamonddawn said:

    I would love to help other people in this game. I would definitely stop any bad things I saw. I’ve been bullied and it’s not great.

  35. Rachel Pinkcake said:

    What is a moderator?

    • A moderator is like an online police officer. They’re people who can step in when users are causing trouble and breaking the rules.

      Currently, if you see someone breaking the rules, you can take a picture of it and send it to the game support, but it takes a couple of days for anything to be done. With mods, they would be able to step in immediately, as the fights are happening.

  36. Zelda Silverborn said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  37. Angelika Moonstone said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on SSO, and stop the bullies.

  38. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on SSO

  39. Amanda Flowernight said:

    I pledge to make star stable a better game thanks for the info Maggie

  40. Amanda Flowernight said:

    i pledge to be a modreator and get more

  41. horseloverlikecrazy said:

    I pledge to get modreator

  42. Hi guys I’m Amy Davies or Cinnamonmewmew to my fans. I’ve just started playing SSO and I can say that its disgraceful that there are no moderators and many fights. Thankfully, this site exists so I pledge to help get moderators and let SSO be the best horse game ever!

  43. Juliette Opalheart said:

    I agree we need moderators on SSO. I see so much rudeness and didnt even know I could report it on this game like others I play. I am all for moderators to keep a presence in different areas to restrain the rudeness and bullying!

  44. I play SS along with my 2 children due to there being no real supervision and thus protection on there.. That way They are monitored by me :)..which I do encourage other parents to do the same if they have any greater concerns of cyber bulling.. I actually enjoy SS very much and I love the idea of having parents able to play the game with their kids.. Thankyou for a great game.. my game name is Gwendolyn Mysteryknight and my 2 children are Alessia Ponypaw and Viktoria Lightningstorm..

  45. Catherine Candlelord said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

  46. Emma Opalmountain said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

    ~ Emma Opalmountain

  47. Madison Waterhaven said:

    I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online!

    – Madison Waterhaven ❤

  48. I pledge to help get moderators on Star Stable Online.

    Honestly, at the moment, I don’t see a need fro moderators. The ignore list if VERY helpful, and most users will be suspended from the game once successfully reported and ignored. Though, spamming bugs and bypassing the chat filter are indeed getting out of hand. So, in the grand scheme of things, moderators would be very convenient and helpful.

    Madelyn Applenight, owner of Jorvik Dreamer blog

  49. I agree with you Maggie.A friend should never bully even if they be mean,they will never fet anyones friendship

    I pledge to get moterators on Star Stable Online!

    ~Kate Lightningstar

  50. *get 🙂

    • Hi,
      About your donation thing…
      I am unable to donate but because I have been on Star Stable for a very long time, I will be able to find people to donate (possible) One thing that can keep people happy if you can’t upgrade the website and your rider, people can visit my website for updated information until you have raised enough money, 🙂
      My website:

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