18 thoughts on “Poll”

  1. I wish that freisans cost 200 star coins because I have been saving up for a long time and I still cant buy it soo I wish that horses aren’t asbecive. please make them cheeper.

    • I don’t have the ability to change anything in the game. I am not a staff member. The friesians are so expensive because they are unique and it took a lot of time to make them. The other horses just had to have the color files changed but everything else about the friesians, as well as the ponies, had to be redone. And they are also a special breed so they are more expensive.

      • Melissa sweethaven said:

        hi it’s Melissa and I was wondering has any one got any movie ideas for SSO good or bad I need a movie idea preferable involving soul riders and dark core I can be good or evil I need help my mind is blank ahhh help
        Melissa x

    • i remember when Frisians first came out i waited like 2 months saving up star coins just to get one. if i sold mine i would just like die trying to get her back.

  2. Nikki Eveninglee said:

    This website is so helpful
    i don’t know how to thanks you!
    Its helped me so much

  3. yeah thanks

  4. Michelle Eagleheart said:

    I was hoping that they could make, not exactly make the horses cheaper, but maybe make one day a month and make everything available in Jorvik Shillings because some people can’t even get Star Coins. Plus it is easy to get Jorvik Shillings. I got the max amount of them three times already and i hardly ever play because of my parents.

    • Riley Deerlake said:

      i agree

    • Julie DuskMountain (Nayn) said:

      If they did that there would be non-star rider friesians everywhere! Star Stable needs the money to improve the game and develop it. Please don’t whine about it because its never gonna happen. I am against the idea anyway.

    • I’d say that if they did bring that to the game, they should make it around 2,000 – 5,000 Jorvik shillings. Why? because, it’s good for the people who work for those jorvik shillings, and do a bunch of quests and train. 🙂
      I wouldn’t say that they should just make it like, EX: ‘The new Friesian is 980 SC (I think :P), The day comes along, and now it’s 980 Jorvik shillings.’
      I think that’s a bit to easy to get, and that people should work a little bit to get those Jorvik shillings to buy the horse, and i’m sure if they did this, people would train, and do quests more, meaning more people will, more likely, log on, and Play longer.
      Or maybe even around the range of 5,000 to 10,000. I’m being legit serious, I have 1,000+ (I’m not sure of the exact amount.) SC that I completely worked for, for over 2 weeks, and I guess that would be a prize to me, and want me to play and train a bit more, so I can buy another horse.
      OR They could do it once a year, for 3 exact days.
      -Jazmine Hawkstone

      @Michelle Eagleheart

  5. Riley Deerlake said:

    this site is SO HELPFUL!!! thx for everythig 🙂

  6. ashleypurplegirl said:

    Love this site 🙂
    Come onto this when ever I have a problem on sso

  7. olivia moorhead said:

    Hey I don’t know if anybody lives I this house but its in Anderson SC and I saw a horse coming home and it looked skinny I love horses I’m only 13 and it broke my heart when I saw it and I live in Hartwell GA

  8. Anna DarkStone said:

    I don’t know if i’m blind or something (xD), but I can’t seem to find any sort of menu with the quest “days”, because I’m trying to find quests that might come up soon, for my level. Also, I was wondering why when you get to the bottom of the quest page, you can’t exactly go on to the next part of the quest.

    • All of the quests are listed on the Quest Directory page under Get Help Here tab. There are directions for searching the list (so you don’t have to scroll through the whole thing).

      Also, the ‘days’ only apply to the order they are posted on the blog. with most quests it is the same but with others, like getting to goldenhills valley, they come later in the game than where they are listed on the blog.

      if you have any specific questions about a quest that are not answered on the post, feel free to comment on the relevant post or the get help here page.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

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