Natasha Diamondfield

Hi! I’m Natasha Diamondfield and I’m a new contributor! I really love riding, writing, and blogging (given :p) and writing SSO stories. I hope you enjoy my stories. I own four horses in real life. My hobbies are usually reading, playing SSO, going to horse shows, and more. I am also creating a Youtube channel, but I won’t upload vids until later. Soooo, I hope you like my stories for now!

The Chosen


Sara Lightbrooke

Ello! My name is Sara and you may know me as a horse-crazy artist, musician, and writer. I discovered my interest for the three at a young age, and I’ve loved horses for most of my life and I’m very thankful to own horses in real life. I started playing Star Stable in early 2014 and from the first day on I’ve been obsessed with the game. I’ve made some great friends throughout my time on SSO, and I adore the story quests, as I have played Starshine Legacy in the past. I’m delighted to be a contributor and I really hope you enjoy my stories.

Tainted Legacies

After some family issues, Antonia Silentfall is sent to the island of Jorvik for the summer months. Toni has heard the legends and stories, but never believed any of it, until she finds out she’s the Fifth Soulrider, of course. Now it’s a battle between light and dark, good and evil, justice and corruption. Even with her distaste for horses, she knows she has to work together with her horse Sienna as one to fulfill a legacy and save the people of Jorvik, before Garnok’s holocaust wipes everyone out. No one ever said being a Soulrider would be easy, with Pandoia’s power getting stronger with each passing day, with lies at every crossroad, and enemies just waiting to strike. So now or never, its her life, her story, her tainted legacy.



Matilda Duskweb

Matilda is a 7th grade student. She enjoys swimming, riding, acting, writing, and reading. When it comes to writing, Matilda likes to write about mythology and history. She is inspired by Rick Riordan’s books. Matilda finds the most challenging part of writing to be not making the story too “magical,” as well as sticking to the storyline.

Avalon Wars

A 15 year old girl named Jenna lives a pretty normal life with her mom and sister in New Hillcrest. One day, she receives a letter saying she has been accepted to “Camp.” She shows the letter to her mom, who screams and begins to cry. The letter states she must be sent away in seven days to “Camp.” Once she is set off without any goodbyes to family and friends, she soon realizes “Camp” is a place where you are trained to become a gladiator in modern time. These gladiators use dark magic to fight one another, all for the entertainment of the gods. Jenna is indeed thrust into this mythological world of cruelty. She must survive and get back to her loved ones. But time in this world is different, a day here, a decade there. Will Jenna get home before everyone knew she is gone?


Amanda Daul

Amanda Daul resides on a riverside cattle ranch in British Colombia. Writing has been a huge part of her life for the past 12 years. Currently writing her 15th novel, two of her books have been #1 bestsellers in their genre. These, along with several others, are available on Amazon Kindle.

Secrets in the Sand

Reeling from the sudden loss of her father, seventeen year old Olivia Jenkins has dreaded the move to her mother’s estate in Skasrik Cove for weeks, but when she finally arrives, it’s even more saddening than she imagined. Her unfamiliar new life in the island village takes a sudden turn when she catches the eye of the local musician. Despite the whirlwind romance, Olivia is drawn to the solidarity of a mythical mystery that nobody seems to be able to explain or want to understand. The situation grows darker quickly, and not only threatens her new relationship, but forces Olivia to face secrets of her own.


Leia Lightningnight

Hi, I’m Leia and I love Star Stable. I’ve been playing the game since early 2015 and I have been captivated by it since. I love writing, soccer, running, horse riding and having fun with friends. I live “Down Under” where we ride kangaroos to school (cars make me sick) and we have lessons on the beach! I’ve always wanted to write for a blog and now I finally get the chance. I hope you enjoy my Star Stable story, Amnesia



The name felt so familar, like I was used to saying it, over and over again.

After waking up in a strange place, Keri can’t remember anything except for one word, Justin. Se doesn’t know what it means or who it is. So with the help of her new found friend Maggie, she sets out to piece together her tragic past. But when a darkness never meant to wake, arises, Keri has to find out the truth before it’s too late.


Willow Dawnheart

Hi, I’m Willow and I’ve been playing Star Stable since 2013. After about a week I had fallen in love with the game and had begged my parents to buy me lifetime star rider. So far, I have seen magic, danger and drama on Star Stable which have probably all came from the ‘Soul Rider Quests’! I’ve always loved writing and playing Star Stable so I came up with another thing I really like- writing Star Stable stories!

Golden Leaves


Lizbeth Mountainside

Hi, I’m Lizbeth Mountainside, an only-sort-of-crazy teenage girl. I’m 14 years old, and my favorite activities include singing, acting, reading, writing, riding horses, playing Five Nights at Freddy’,s and of course, Star Stable! Star Stable is special to me not only because I cannot own a horse at the moment, but also because it allowed me and my friend to stay connected after another game shut down. While exploring the island of Jorvik, I’ve met so many amazing friends. Together, we formed a club, Forest Racers Fellowship, and we are now a big happy family. I have loved to write since I was six years old, and I’m thrilled all of you can now enjoy my writing.

Guardian Angel

Jamie is trapped in a world she knows nothing about – a world that is her home, yet brand new all at the same time. A world where she belongs and is welcomed into, and though she knows barely anything about herself, she shoves it all aside, determined to make a life for herself on the island of Jorvik.
But dark secrets are being kept from her, and when those secrets can no longer be kept, it is up to Jamie to decipher reality from fiction. The world she lives in is fiction…the world she left is reality…and she is here for one reason: to save a life. But she is different from those of her kind, and her saving the life she’s meant to save might mean giving up her own. When it comes down to it, she must make the final decision: to follow time’s plan for her and save the person, or save herself.
She is a guardian angel.


Alice Hawkfield

Hi! My name is Alice and I have a mild (or not so mild) obsession for writing, the Hunger Games and Star Stable! I have 15 (or 14 :O) horses on the game and my favourite place on it is either Harvest Counties or Dinosaur Valley. I have a fanfiction I have written on this site called the Soul Rider Games, based on the Hunger Games! As well as writing, I love to paint, and I’ve been drawing since I was about 5 years old. Star Stable is the most awesome game, it’s such a beautiful 3D world, and I’ve met some brilliant people on it, particularly my best friend, Chloe. I hope you all like my story just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

The Rider Games

Katalin is a Soul Rider. That sums everything up, right? She lives in a world where Soul Riders and Dark Riders once lived in perfect harmony. Then President Springson was elected, and it all changed. Now Kat has been chosen to take part in the vicious Rider Games, where she has to use her magic to fight the Dark Riders- to the death. Can Kat survive this cruel and dangerous new world? Or will the Games defeat her? And if she survives.. Will Kat still be the same person she once was?

Anna Whalewood

Hi, I’m Anna, a teenager who loves to write, sing, act, dance and play video games, a strong favorite being Star Stable of course! I’ve loved all of these things since I was much younger, and love Star Stable because the scenary is actually pretty beautiful, and although it is the saddest of months when my subscription has ended, I still love the gameplay and my horses! Feel free to leave any comments on my stories, I love new fun suggestions, and feel free to add me in game! Hope you enjoy my series!! 😀



125 thoughts on “Contributors”

  1. i want in! yay writing!

    • I’ve already chosen my contributors and once they get set up, their bios and posts will be listed on this page.

      • willowdawnheart said:

        Maggie, Can I become a contributor? I am an Author on a website that gets 30,000 new visitors ever month- Moshi Monsters Cheat
        I play Star Stable everyday, have unlocked Goldenhills Valley and Dino Valley, do every champ that comes up and I have good writing skills and I could post every 1-2 days. I really enjoy Star Stable and whenever I get stuck I come here but also check out my own website called and have a Star Stable instagram account- starstableadventure

        • Please email with a sample of what you would be writing. For potential contributors, I am not so interested in their game accomplishments. I am looking for someone who can produce quality writing on a regular basis. And if you can do that, feel free to send me some of your work 🙂

          • willowdawnheart said:

            Star Stable is an amazing online horse game where you can explore the mysterious land of Jorvik. Together with thousands of other riders you will complete exciting quests, have fun with friends, race on your loyal horse and care for all your horses and ponies in your own home stable. You will marvel at the clear graphics and sounds. And you (like me) will go on this amazing, online, virtual world every day.

          • willowdawnheart said:

            Also Maggie, I would like to know what your email address is so I can send my review to you.

          • all of my contact info is on the sidebar

          • willowdawnheart said:

            I emailed you but you have not replied Maggie Oldsmith.

      • Cameila Sealake said:

        Hey I’ve been working on a story and was wondering if I could post it on this page! My friend on star stable said it was good. So just tell if you would like to hear some of it.😉

    • avalinedavis said:

      Maggie this website is amazing! When ever I’m stuck I always come here my name is Abigail Goldstorm on star stable I’m a lifetime star rider and I love horses!

  2. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    hey Maggie/Rita can I be a contributer please

  3. LucyRedRidingHood said:

    Has Anna left as well..?

  4. Well I Hope Them The Best Of Luck With There Stories:)

  5. Rocket Wolf said:

    You made my spot all pretty. I can’t wait to get started! XD

  6. My friend has a story that wants to be published someday. She is really good at writing and I think she would be happy to have it on here. Here is her blog where you can read her story or perhaps add it to your contributors blog and her name is Cassandra Starborn.

    – Its a really lovely story and I think lots of you would enjoy reading it. 🙂

    • I’ve read this book before it was on facebook and its an amazing book. This book really does need to be published someday. ( :

    • I’ve already chosen my contributors, and if she wanted to have her story on the blog she should have applied. I currently have as many writers as I would like. If I need contributors in the future, please have her contact me and I will keep her in mind.

  7. why did you take away the links!?

  8. you had links to other blogsand i used them all the time and wanted my web to be on it but its gone!:( you are so awesome i am sure you have a reason. can you please tell me thet reason?

  9. iluvponys said:

    oh ok

  10. would I count as a photographer/contributer or something? it’s totally okay if i don’t, jw.

    • I will definitely consider it. I’m still trying to decide what would be the most efficient way to post all of your pictures. The problem is, I don’t want to make an official ‘photo album’ that I’ve used in the past because to do that I have to upload the pictures on to the site and it creates a lot of clutter I have to go through. I’m thinking about maybe uploading them to a secondary site, like Photobucket, and linking them that way.

      Would you be interested in a contributor spot? I’d be willing to offer something like that for maybe a ‘Photo of the Week’ post or something. Shoot me an email and we can discuss it further 🙂

  11. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    hey maggie if there is room maybe could I be a contributer

    • I normally don’t offer spots to people who ask, unless I am open for applications. This is one exception because I have been working with Jasmine for a while on this. I appreciate your interest. If I am looking for more contributors I will make an official post about it and open applications for the position.

  12. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    ok I understand

  13. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    oh and I’m the girl who is asking for your help on finding stars so when is a good time for you to hang out?

  14. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    ok great when

  15. Savannah Yellowdawn said:

    I have the new fishing schedule for Mr.Cod, as well as the schedule of where the pandoric lights (the newest quest) are if you need those for contributions.

  16. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    ok do you mean me

  17. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    Maggie you still here?

  18. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    sorry that as a weird question but for poll I submitted something and I was wondering if you would ever get to it 🙂

  19. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    ok thanks 😀

  20. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    what is the banner a picture of? but I think it looks great

  21. Scarlett Queenstone said:

    where did u put the other entries of the banner contest?

  22. Scarlett Queenstone said:

    ok thx x

  23. It would be so cool if I could contrdute (sorry for bad spelling I’m doing this on my phone and iits got a tiny touch pad) my fan fic it would be a great way to see if anyone thinks I an good but you’ve already said all that stuff about trusting and already chosen so I will have to go back to just letting some of my friends at school read it but if any of you are interested I have a blog called dragonprince n me on tymblr sadly I cannot. Blog as our wifi is on the frits. If I broke any rules doing what I did then I apologise.

  24. Julia Jonjanx said:

    Hey it’s me Olivia Gladestorm don’t know if u remember me but I started my own blog I was wondering if you could tell me how to put posts in pages (aka the little tabs at the top of the page)

  25. willowdawnheart said:

    Can I become a contributor? I have lifetime membership, on level 15, play star stable every day, worked on 2 very popular and famous websites, own 8 websites and I would be willing to post once every1-2 days.
    Kind Regards,
    Willow Dawnheart

  26. Lizbeth Mountainside said:

    I’m one! Ahhhh!

  27. Lizbeth Mountainside said:

    Hey guys read my story!! It’s somewhere up there. -points up- x3 Lemme know what you think!! 🙂

  28. Hi Maggie, I was just wondering if I could be a contributer? There is a story I would love to put up, and I was wondering if there is a space for me?
    Thanks 🙂

  29. Scarlett Darklake said:

    Hello Maggie,
    I have really admired your posts, and I was wondering if you could consider me to be a contributor, because I would love to share a story. Do you want me to send you an email?

  30. Matilda Duskweb said:

    Hi Maggie! Can I become a contributor? Although I am only halfway to level twelve, I have learned some tips and tricks from my other friends who play Star Stable. I thoroughly enjoy writing and think this would be a great outlet! I am working on some stories about Star Stable so I will send them to you as soon as they are done.

    Matilda Duskweb

  31. Hi maggie,
    I have not been online for a long time because of some horrid family issues but i am now able to start up again!
    I have asked for my “sorry” page to be published and i hope you get round to it!
    Please read it and email me about starting up again!
    Thanks, Alicesita\Hazel mistgirl

  32. Alice Hawkfield are you on Cupcake Valley?
    I have seen you online and went to Message you but your mail box is full!
    If you can, clear your mailbox and mail me because it would be fun to do something on SSO together!
    My star stable name is Hazel Mistgirl.
    I am happy to help anyone on my server – Cupcake Valley-
    Just mail me!

  33. Hey, is there any way I can post my writing on here as well?

  34. Camille Sealake said:

    Can I be a contributor please. I love Star Stable and writing! It’s ok if I can’t. But it be greatly if I can

  35. Camille Sealake said:

    If I don’t will you please help me to know how to send it

  36. Camille Sealake said:

    Ok thanks 🙂

  37. Sara Lightbrooke said:

    Hello Maggie, My name is Sara and I’ve been playing Star Stable for well over 2 years now. I enjoy reading the stories on this page and I was wondering if I could possibly become a contributor as well? Writing is one of my passions and I want to share some of my work with the public. I completely understand if I can’t, but it would be fantastic if I can. Thanks!

    All The Best,
    Sara Lightbrooke

  38. Hi, I really want to post a story on here… but i’m not sure how to do it. Please help!

    • Oh, and my name in Star Stable is: Annabelle Mysteryknight– if any of you want to be my friend in the game, just send me a message at one of the red mail boxes and tell my where you want to meet-up. I’d like to point out that i’m sadly not a Star Rider… I’m kind of bummed because I can’t do nearly half of the stuff I want to do in the game.

  39. Hi Maggie! Can I have a spot as a Contributor?
    I’m a level 18 rider in Star Stable. Also if you want I have an Easter Egg map that I made myself. I have my own website and I’ve written a 19 chapter book. I love reading, and I could write almost everyday. Also, do I have to pay to be a Contributor?

  40. Matilda Duskweb said:

    Hey Maggie! I was wondering if applications were open, as I would love to become a contributor!

    • Send me an email with a sample of your writing and a short synopsis of your story 🙂

      • Matilda Duskweb said:

        Alright! 🙂

      • Matilda Duskweb said:

        The email is sent 😀

      • Is there anyway I can become a contributor? I play star stable 24/7 (I’ve fallen in love with it.) And I started around 2013. i’m level 17 LifeTime Star rider and I’m committed to my quests. :)! I’ll also be active since I have a few youtube channels and 3 instagrams (Private one, SSO/YT one, and a Random one) that I check and take care of daily. 🙂 If I can become one, let me know.
        -Jazmine Hawkstone

      • Matilda Duskweb said:

        I am not sure what happened to our email chain, but if you could send me a quick email to refresh the chain, that’d be great! Thanks!

        • Im not sure which email is yours. I have lots of people that email me and i cannot know who is who if you use a different name on the blog comments than in your emails. Could you please refresh me as to what we had discussed? Or just send me a new email. 🙂

  41. Camila Sealake said:

    Hey Maggie, I sent in a short thing of my story and haven’t heard back. I dunno if you didn’t like it or not. Or if you even got it. Plz tell me what you think of it or if you didn’t get it

  42. Pamela Diamondstar said:

    Hi! I commented a few months ago, wanting to be a contributor and you haven’t replied. Does that mean I’m in or..? I don’t know if you’ll still have it because it was from July xD, so should I send you a new one?

  43. Kerry Aiston said:

    Can i apply to become a contributer please??

  44. Pamela Diamondstar said:

    There hasnt been a new post for months now 😦

  45. Genevieve Sunvalley said:

    how can I become a contributer ?

  46. Fiona Diamondfield said:

    Hey Maggie, You said that you already chose your contributors, does that mean you won’t choose anymore? because I really like blogging and I was wondering if I could become one. I am presently emailing you a link of my stores that I was going to write Thx

  47. Fiona Diamondfield said:

    I just sent you the synopsis, hope you like it c:

  48. Errrr, sorry, I just remembered that my story was kind of short, but, is that ok?

  49. Yay! thanks Maggie

  50. mlpprincesscelest said:

    This website is so helpful and awesome,thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!THANKS TO THIS I WAS ABLE TO FIND AND COMPLETE A QUEST IN SECONDS!!!THANK YOU ALL!!!😍😘

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