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I have played through all of the quests so far on my main account.

I have started a new account for the walkthrough, so if I haven’t gotten to the higher level quests yet, doesn’t mean I can’t still help you with them.

I am leaving this page open for comments to ask for help with quests not yet addressed in the blog.


Simply saying you are stuck on a quest doesn’t help me know what you need help with. Saying you are stuck trying to find something or you don’t know where to go next after a certain quest or action, helps a lot more!

I only say this because I feel I’m repeating myself constantly, on every question having to ask for more specifics.

Also! There are a couple other players offering help as well.

PLEASE read previous comments to see if your questions have already been answered before posting a new comment. Also, please look at the Helpful Posts sidebar section to see if your question is included in any of those posts.

Questions are starting to be repeated, even after they were asked only two comments previously.

Please give yourself time to answer your own questions. If you are still having trouble, by all means, ask away.

‘Nevermind, I found it’ comments posted less than 20 minutes after the original comment, will be removed for ease of comment clutter.

2666 thoughts on “Get Help Here”

  1. I just brought a lifetime membership via the shop so they said they would send me a code, I chose not to have it mailed like in a package to me and I’ve waited about 10 minutes does it take longer for them to email me the code or is something wrong

  2. Lacey Anderson said:

    Every time I log onto my account it exits out of it and says error code 3 and I’ve been trying to fix it for a couple weeks but it still doesn’t work? Is there anything you can possibly do?

  3. How do i leave a club?

  4. If I become a star rider, will all of the areas be unlocked after that? Like right away?

  5. How do you get the Christmas tree off of your horse

  6. I know you already answered the rediscover the treasure quest, but I tried to look for the treasure all around the castle and can”t find any other places to look but it still says
    I did not finish the quest.

  7. Aria DuskNight said:

    I’m stuck….

    Im LVL 13 and I think the last quest that I was given was to get a high rep with the GED Jarl.all my other quests are seasonal and dailies and I have popular rep with GED.

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      After a certain point in the game, you will only have a few quests to do, and most can only be done if you have enough reputation. So at this point, you’ll need to do the daily quests.

  8. I am doing the ice cream quest and nothing Is happening do you know how to fix it

  9. Kaitlyn Jones said:

    We have a horse that has gone missing. Is this something we can find or do horses just disappear?

  10. hannah sands said:

    I have bought the horse lead function, i walk in front of my horse, and i get no option to lead it

  11. Can we put our horses to sleep? Do we click something to put them to sleep?

    • No but you can sell additonal horses by clicking on them and opening up their character panel. Make sure you have removed all its tack. You can only sell horses for shillings, you will not get star coins back. You cannot sell your starter horse.

  12. I messed up on the bridge building quest. I used up all the materials, but it said i need more to finish. I cant restart it and have no idea whatvto do now. Tgere is no way to fix the bridge now. What do i do?

  13. Leilah O'Connell said:

    I want to make a new account on star stable and it won’t take my email address and it’s perfect! I don’t know what’s wrong with it, someone please help!

  14. I left my horse somewhere and let gaged off for a long while. I started playing again but I don’t know where my horse is. Is there a way to get it back? Thanks 🙂

  15. Courtney Goldhall said:

    where can u find the star stone

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      “Star Stones can be found high up in the mountains around here. It is hard to ride up there… but wait! I have an idea! Look around the rocky outcrops by the road on the way to Valedale lake. When they were building the road I’m sure they knocked down some Star Stones and they should still be there.

      Objectives: Look along the road to Valedale lake for a Star Stone.”

      “Take the Valedale Lake road, and after the last switchback, just before you get to the top, there’s grass of to the left of the road, that you can ride on. You have to go through some bushes (take it slow so you don’t fall off the cliff, oops!) and there are some Star Stones on the ground there.”

      — As quoted from Maggie’s walkthrough of this quest. I advise using the search option if you have a question about a quest. 🙂

  16. Ever since the MyStable update, my horse won’t let me lead it anywhere! It only lets me if i’m inside my home stable! Someone please help ASAP

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      I’ve been having the same issue. I’m assuming it’s a bug, and it should eventually get fixed. Just let the support know about it.

  17. Jaquelin Fireball said:

    So Im doing the “James Tresure hunt” Quest, and I can’t find Godfrey is not at the winery. I did the quest involving Linda and the butler before the treasure hunt.

  18. I’ve accidentally let my boat at south hoof! 😦 Is their any way to get it back?

  19. Hoq do i buy star couns

    • Go into chrome, and search up star stable. Click on the first website. Then press the log in button on the top left hand corner. Log into your account. Then press the star coins tab

  20. Janae Cote said:

    In the “catch butterfly” quest at marleys farm, Butterfly doesn’t stop when I run up to her and click on her. She keeps going. Is this a bug or?

    • Angelica Snownest said:

      Same I’m actually having the same problem, have you fixed the problem? If so u can help me too 🙂

  21. Angelica Snownest said:

    Hello, I have a problem with a quest, not lost or where to find the item, I played the quest “Like the wind” which is part of Marley’s horse quest, the quest was to ride over to the horse and catch it and calm it down by pressing the orange dust behind it with the mouse , i tried it but the horse didnt stop galloping for some reason , i tried restarting the computer , log off the server and on again and treid to go to the trailer and transport somwhere else and discard the quest and try it again but it didnt work , it woild be great if you could help me 🙂

  22. how do I slow slow the horse down on the like the wind quest? This is the quest that includes the horse named butterfly, it is at Marley’s farm…

  23. Colette Ciereck said:

    I bought the lead rope button on my account. It works when im in my home stable but when i leave it doesnt work. How do i fix this?

  24. I only see black screen on my toshibau laptop, but i hear sounds but i cant see… 😄

  25. Can you borrow your friends horse/pony

  26. Is there a way to move lifetime star rider onto another account without paying for it again and without losing all your horses and quest progress?

    • Not that i know of but you could try asking the game support. I think the answer will probably be no items and progress are linked to accounts and cannot be transferred.

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      Each account is its own thing, unfortunately. The support refuses to transfer Star Coins, a subscription, horses or progress. If you were to make a new account, it would have to be played from level 0.

  27. janeylunt24 said:

    Is it possible to reset my account? I’m a lifetime rider and I was wondering if I could reset all of my progress without having to make another account.

  28. Why can’t I sell my unwanted gear and clothes? When I drag them to the trash can on the inventory it deletes it without giving me my js(coins). The items say they sell for a price but does not give my the money.

    • Enter any shop and there is a box similar to the trash can on the bottom corner but it has a dollar bill on it. Some items dont give money, like basic horseshoes. You can see how much an item is worth in its description by hovering over the item thumbnail.

  29. So i got a life time star rider about two weeks ago and i haven’t gotten any of my weekly star coins yet, what should i do :/

  30. I cant get star stable to open

  31. Amysage13 said:

    So I am a non star rider and I am at the quest when I get to try the pony race but every time I try to play it, it say’s I need a pony but I can’t buy one because they are all for star coins. Is there a free one? What do I do?

  32. Online when I go to make my account it won’t let me click on the month year or day.

  33. I keep getting ¨network errors” plz help I want to play before jorvik horses leave,

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      If you were trying to join the Wind Star server, it’s because it was SUPER full, but otherwise it’s either an internet issue on your part, a server issue (try changing your server on the Star Stable website) or the current server you want to join is offline. OR it’s just unlucky, and you should close the launcher and try again in a few minutes.

  34. Emily Trancy said:

    Hey I was wondering what quest I have to take to get to Jarlheim city?

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      If you mean Jorvik City, then a questline via James in Fort Pinta. If you mean Jarleheim, you have to build a bridge across to the Harvest Counties. This can only be done as a Star Rider however.

  35. How can I tell when I will level up? I’m on 10 and I have 15125 xp

  36. I haven’t been on for awhile but when I did everything was weird. for example, when I go to james, above his name it would say James_Name. How do I fix this? it wont let me do any quests.

  37. Im almost in level 16 and I still havent unlocked golden hills pls help

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