Get Help Here

I have played through all of the quests so far on my main account.

I have started a new account for the walkthrough, so if I haven’t gotten to the higher level quests yet, doesn’t mean I can’t still help you with them.

I am leaving this page open for comments to ask for help with quests not yet addressed in the blog.


Simply saying you are stuck on a quest doesn’t help me know what you need help with. Saying you are stuck trying to find something or you don’t know where to go next after a certain quest or action, helps a lot more!

I only say this because I feel I’m repeating myself constantly, on every question having to ask for more specifics.

Also! There are a couple other players offering help as well.

PLEASE read previous comments to see if your questions have already been answered before posting a new comment. Also, please look at the Helpful Posts sidebar section to see if your question is included in any of those posts.

Questions are starting to be repeated, even after they were asked only two comments previously.

Please give yourself time to answer your own questions. If you are still having trouble, by all means, ask away.

‘Nevermind, I found it’ comments posted less than 20 minutes after the original comment, will be removed for ease of comment clutter.


2847 thoughts on “Get Help Here”

  1. cud u make a page with secret locations and stars?

  2. Hey! So i think i deleted my fishing pole by accident and i cant find a new one in any of the shops, i hope you can help. Thanks ❤

  3. When does it get night time in sso

  4. I’m not getting my email to verify.

  5. I want to chat I don,t know how to confirm

    • Hannah Ravenmore said:

      Hey Ella!! Once logged in press on ‘Account’. Next to your name and profile picture you will see some pink writing saying something about emails an confirmation. Check your emails for a conformation email sent by the official SSO Team. If it isn’t there, wait five minutes and click the pink writing where it says ‘Send new confirmation email’. Remember to check your spam! Happy Riding! x

  6. Hi! You may or may not be able to help, but I got enough reputation to unlock a quest – except when I went to complete it, Alex (who was supposed to be in Silverglade Village) wasn’t there, but the yellow dot was signalling the quest.
    Is there anything I can do to get her to reappear or is it something I need to e-mail someone about?

    • Claudia Southson said:

      did you ever get a solution to this? Freja is supposed to be in Forgotten Fields for me (so says the yellow dot) but she isn’t there.. I’ve searched everywhere.

  7. Allison kittenhouse said:

    Hi Maggie,
    Do you know if I have to have pandoria unlocked to finish the “Save Justin” quest? I am afraid that I will do it and not have it unlocked, Pls help! And is it just me or does it seem that you get so many quests at once being lifetime? I just became it a few days ago and have no idea what is ahead!

  8. Violet Misthunter said:

    I have trouble taking screenshots on my computer. It is a Dell, and is pretty new. Whenever I take the screenshot it only takes it of the normal screen, not the SSO screen. I have tried PRTSCR only, PRTSCR + ALT and PRTSCR + FN but none of them work.
    Please help!

  9. Hazel Orangestorm said:

    If I move to a less crowded server, will my FPS be better? My laptop is capable of running 60 FPS but it’s only running 30. I’ve done everything I can, this is the only other solution I can find. Help? xD

  10. Shelia Silvergale said:

    Hi, I am having a major problem, I cannot read my quests!! I have no idea what to do, all the quests say is _quest_006_Meet_accept_Quest
    and then it says _earn_reputation_with_01_stables
    Does anyone know whats wrong, and what I should do?

  11. My game keeps verifying when I open it. It hasn’t stopped for a while and it’s done this before. I uninstalled it then reinstalled the game, but I don’t feel like doing that again. Is there a way to fix this?

  12. Tindra Swifteagle said:

    Hey, in the map James completed and after you find the red volcanic rock, I can’t find the star, moss, and earth stone. That and water lilies in the quest for the sick horse in for from Elizabeth….. I can’t find them… They are not by bank..

  13. Don Martinez said:

    We are trying to get Star Stable installed for our daughter on a Windows 7 machine, but we have had the desktop launcher show “installing” with a progress bar for 18 hours now and only reached 26% installed. It’s been at 26% since 9:30pm last night; it’s now 12 hours later and it’s still at 26%. It’s been trying to install since 4pm yesterday.

  14. Zita RiverTalon said:

    i have a quest with madison and its to help a horse and its says to to anwir and a green dot a went to the green dot and it was the horse i read the quest description and dont know what to do the quest is called Who,Why,Doesnt Matter


  15. Athena Mightyhammer said:

    Hi Maggie,
    I have been trying to play star stable online through my account but the play button never shows up what should I do?

  16. Hi guys !!
    I need a bit of information, if I buy a star rider package on saturday, will I still get my weekly allowance or do I need to wait until the next Saturday? Thanks

  17. When I try to play the game it says that I’m logged in elsewhere when I’m not, and I haven’t told anyone my password so I don’t think I have been hacked, plz help.

  18. Hello, for some reason I can no longer go able to enter my home stable or Santa’s village. It gives me the ability to, but when I go to click, it won’t work. It lets me click on other things and travel but I can’t get into my homestable 😦

    Is there anyway you or someone could help me fix this or identify the problem? Thank you!

  19. Quinn Sparrowhaven said:

    Hi! I don’t know if you’ll be able to help with this or not but whenever I walk into my trailer, it says that there are no active trailers in my area. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve switched servers twice, reopened the game, etc. Nothing’s worked. Help?

  20. Holly Nightcloud said:

    I am working on the bridge with Donald the builder, and whenever I do something to repair the bridge it deletes the work I’ve done. How can I fix this?

  21. AnonymousSSO said:

    So, when I start star stable it has the camera going around jorvik,all levels at zero and i5 wont load my game, what should I do?

  22. The bus sign keeps saying— for the past two days and I really need to go to Jorvik city mall. Thanks❤️

  23. Ruby Cloudhall said:

    Hi, I’m a Star Rider and level 7. Today I tried championships for the first time at Fort Pinta. I entered the race by talking to the championship manager and everything was fine but then the race started and i didn’t know. From what i’ve seen there’s supposed to be a list of competitors and also flags where you’re supposed to go but for me non of that came up. Also non of the jumps or obstacles came up. I’m really confused…no one in the game helped me and it’s really quite frustrating. Is this just a big glitch or what? thanks – Ruby

  24. I am not stuck on a quest but I want to know what quest I will get after the farmyard meeting with Maddison on south hoof about the mysterious ferry that was at south hoof beach pls let me know

  25. Ok so I was hanging with Dakota Darkfire then got off to relog but when I went back on it said sso teperariy unvabale like um…

  26. hey! I am having a problem staying in the game. –STORY– so I was in the game, then it said “network error” so I checked my wifi and it was fine! I tried over and over, and its been an hour. any help? THANKS!!

  27. Whenever i try and buy star coins, for the past 3 days, it just says “Service temporarily unavailable; try again later.” And Payment Error. i don’t know why it dos this, any ideas?

  28. Every time I try to move my bourse speed starts to blink red and then I stop. Hot do I fix this since I am only level 2 and have quests that require movement of the horse.

  29. Where do i find The Silvergste Mine?

  30. almostgolden_shortie said:

    My mini map in the corner doesn’t show the green dots that tell me where to go. Can you help me?

    • Some quests don’t tell you exactly where to go on the mini map. You can try rereading the quest text on your quest log. It will tell you the objectives and the character to go to.

  31. Hello,

    For theall quest to save justin moorland, after you talkrd to Alex who was giving her mother riding instructions, you have to go to moorland beach to meet Alex, Lisa and Linda there.

    Now my problem is that no matter what I try, I only find lisa there ?
    I dont know what im doing wrong ?

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