Get Help Here

I have played through all of the quests so far on my main account.

I have started a new account for the walkthrough, so if I haven’t gotten to the higher level quests yet, doesn’t mean I can’t still help you with them.

I am leaving this page open for comments to ask for help with quests not yet addressed in the blog.


Simply saying you are stuck on a quest doesn’t help me know what you need help with. Saying you are stuck trying to find something or you don’t know where to go next after a certain quest or action, helps a lot more!

I only say this because I feel I’m repeating myself constantly, on every question having to ask for more specifics.

Also! There are a couple other players offering help as well.

PLEASE read previous comments to see if your questions have already been answered before posting a new comment. Also, please look at the Helpful Posts sidebar section to see if your question is included in any of those posts.

Questions are starting to be repeated, even after they were asked only two comments previously.

Please give yourself time to answer your own questions. If you are still having trouble, by all means, ask away.

‘Nevermind, I found it’ comments posted less than 20 minutes after the original comment, will be removed for ease of comment clutter.


2814 thoughts on “Get Help Here”

  1. cud u make a page with secret locations and stars?

  2. Hey! So i think i deleted my fishing pole by accident and i cant find a new one in any of the shops, i hope you can help. Thanks ❤

  3. When does it get night time in sso

  4. I’m not getting my email to verify.

  5. I want to chat I don,t know how to confirm

  6. Hi! You may or may not be able to help, but I got enough reputation to unlock a quest – except when I went to complete it, Alex (who was supposed to be in Silverglade Village) wasn’t there, but the yellow dot was signalling the quest.
    Is there anything I can do to get her to reappear or is it something I need to e-mail someone about?

  7. Allison kittenhouse said:

    Hi Maggie,
    Do you know if I have to have pandoria unlocked to finish the “Save Justin” quest? I am afraid that I will do it and not have it unlocked, Pls help! And is it just me or does it seem that you get so many quests at once being lifetime? I just became it a few days ago and have no idea what is ahead!

  8. Violet Misthunter said:

    I have trouble taking screenshots on my computer. It is a Dell, and is pretty new. Whenever I take the screenshot it only takes it of the normal screen, not the SSO screen. I have tried PRTSCR only, PRTSCR + ALT and PRTSCR + FN but none of them work.
    Please help!

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