Get Help Here

I have played through all of the quests so far on my main account.

I have started a new account for the walkthrough, so if I haven’t gotten to the higher level quests yet, doesn’t mean I can’t still help you with them.

I am leaving this page open for comments to ask for help with quests not yet addressed in the blog.


Simply saying you are stuck on a quest doesn’t help me know what you need help with. Saying you are stuck trying to find something or you don’t know where to go next after a certain quest or action, helps a lot more!

I only say this because I feel I’m repeating myself constantly, on every question having to ask for more specifics.

Also! There are a couple other players offering help as well.

PLEASE read previous comments to see if your questions have already been answered before posting a new comment. Also, please look at the Helpful Posts sidebar section to see if your question is included in any of those posts.

Questions are starting to be repeated, even after they were asked only two comments previously.

Please give yourself time to answer your own questions. If you are still having trouble, by all means, ask away.

‘Nevermind, I found it’ comments posted less than 20 minutes after the original comment, will be removed for ease of comment clutter.

2847 thoughts on “Get Help Here”

  1. I tried to cancel my $8.00 star rider membership but when I went to the help center to try and find out how, it wouldn’t let me cancel because I couldn’t find what the directions was saying. It said on the profile tab it has a “cancel membership” area but it didn’t have one on my computer. HELP PLEASE!!

  2. Scarlett Iron heart said:

    Hey, Whats faster a Icey or a AQH because I really want a race horse…. Any suggestions?

    • Avery Dawnroad said:

      all QH models are considered “faster” because they have a faster jump. In reality, all horses are the same speed, with the exception of ponies.

  3. Amelia windheart said:

    Hi! I’m in level 17 and haven’t comed to epona yet. I don’t know why can you help me?

  4. Koryoshirogane said:

    I was paying for the life time star rider but than it said my payment failed!

    If it failed does it still charge me?

  5. Esther Wolfnight said:

    Star stable doesn’t want to open up i don’t know why P.S. i am using windows

  6. Alyssa Kanaris-sotiriou said:

    My horse learnt how to be leaded over 6 months ago and now I can’t lead him

    • Unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t always work. It’s a known glitch. I get it all the time. Try mounting and dismounting your horse again or try logging out. If that still doesn’t work, send a report to the game staff.

  7. C Lightner said:

    I took the lead training but can only lead in my stable. I thought I would be able to lead everywhere. Is this normal?

  8. When I am trying to do a quest, there should be a person that you click on. And there suppose to have a picture of the person and some sentences.But mine didn’t have them.What happened? How could you fix it except for reinstalling it?

  9. Is there a way to do races and daily tasks twice a day?? Or when do they get renewed?? Please help 🙂

  10. i’m really stuck on the ” a password must be suuuuper hard” quest. it’s unbelievable. i’d appreciate help. thanks ❤

  11. Nellie EmberGate said:

    I don’t have any quests except for the pony race which I cannot do. I am level 5. please help.

  12. Hi!
    I’m having a very strange problem that none of my friends or club on SSO has had. My problem is that when I open the launcher, I sign in but then it says Starting Up. When this starting up thing appears I sometimes wait 2 hours for it to say Play or else it just doesn’t work.I’m not sure if it’s just my wifi (which is terrible) or its just my computer.Please help I haven’t been on sso in ages and its killing me!

  13. Jasmine Swiftberg said:

    Hi! I was wondering what level/rep/quests you have to do to meet Drako?

  14. So recently any time i do a race, the lead horse function breaks. Any suggestions?

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      What do you mean ‘it breaks’? Because they still haven’t fixed the fact that it generally just won’t work (the button doesn’t appear) for most people, so it may be due to that.

  15. I need help on level 13

  16. Help! While riding around my horse and I fell in a ditch and now we can’t get out of it. I have tried going out of the game and logging back on, but I just come back to the ditch. What can I do?

  17. Sophie said:

    This isn’t exzaclty a quest question, but my star stable app says it is out of date. And it’s been doing this for maybe nearly two years now. I really want to fix this problem and I am so stressed. Do you know how to fix this or have any ideas?

    • You most likely need a new computer. I recently started up a really old laptop but Star Stable wasn’t compatible. And even if it did work, it would probably freeze or completely break your computer.

  18. aNAIS arnell said:

    I am level 16 and still on the quest on to save Alex . i have read 3 books and have to go to an orange spot on golden fields by Silverglade and I have no clue what to do! there isn’t anything there!

  19. Do Star Stable have a postcode just for fan mail? I’ve seen a lot of people sending mail in and I’ve found a postcode but I’m not sure if they’ve moved buildings somewhere along the line or the postcodes for support and mail are the same or not.

  20. Hi, I was wondering if there’s a way to see a list of all your horses? Pretty sure one I just bought hasn’t shown up in my stable but want to know if there’s a way to tell what horses I own without going to them one by one. Thanks.

    • Go into your stable and click on the name tag on any stall. You will see all of your horses that arent in a stall. Be sure to check all of your stalls too. I have thought i didnt get a horse when it was actually put in on the the back stalls and i didnt see it there.

  21. Emily McPeak said:

    When I talk to someone, I am unable to see what they are saying. I only see the chat box. Can you help me?

  22. Katelyn Greenhall said:

    There’s a quest in Aideen’s Plaze where you have to make ice cream for Carl, and the instructions say that I need to click the ice cream to put it in the cone. The problem is, the only thing I can click is the “throw out ice cream and start over” button. I can’t even close my inventory or chat, or press Esc to leave my game. Everything basically freezes and I have to force quit my game.

  23. Stepheno Borsato said:

    Hi, I have a problem that the support team is unable to help me with my game is pretty much unplayable, when I load into the game everything is written in underscores and dialogue boxes are not showing up. Also I can’t read anything cause it seems to be showing the code I tried installing and reinstalling like 7 times but it won’t fix the issue

  24. If I were to cancel my star rider, would I lose my account?

    • No, your account would return to basic player status when your star rider runs out. You will be restricted to moorland and fort pinta and lose access to your stable closet. If you upgraded again, it will all be open again where you left off.

  25. Carla Diamondburg said:

    Hey, I was catching up on some quests today after not playing for a while and while I was wondering around pier 13 I bumped into a dock worker who was just standing there by a fence and he said ‘hey don’t push me I might drop something important!’ and then he dropped a small key which I could pick up and put into my inventory – Do you know what it’s for? If it can be used for anything or just something I need to keep for an upcoming quest? It’s really bugging me I don’t know what it’s for! XD

  26. Kyree Hutchinson said:

    When ever I try to install starstable it never installs. It will get to 3% after like 30 minutes and not move past that. The first time that I had installed it, it had worked fine why does it not work anymore all of a sudden?

  27. chiller said:

    I have a little problem with paying with my phone, once I enter my phone number and press contunie the payment fails?

  28. I am a lifetime star rider and as you know i should be receiving 100 star coins a week. The problem is this isn’t happening. I haven’t played in awhile. Could that be the reason?

  29. AudiHope said:

    I’m a newer star stable user and I’ve finally been able to see the horse market. I’ve heard of the quests there but it’s not letting me do them. I was wondering if you had to get a certain quest done or be a certain level done before you could do them. Is that true?

  30. On the new game controls update there is now a box in the graphics options that is called “Horse Jump Camera” but no kne seems to know what it is or what it does you can turn the “Horse Jumpe Camera” on and off but either way it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

    Could you help? X

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      It toggles whether your camera moves with the horse when it jumps or not. It works now, if it didn’t before.

  31. chiller said:

    Another question: I dont seem to be getting the quest to get into the other parts of jorvik city theres also something about trading a cup but I dont seem to have the cup in the cafe place in jorvik city

  32. I’m sorry – I’m a newbie, helping my daughter. We are trying to find the safe deposit box that Old Man Jasper has sent us to, to find the deed. I read it is in the last building of Fort Pinta but the last building we keep finding is the one with cannons on top. I’m lost! Can you help please?

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      The safety deposit box is with the clerk at the farthest left stall when facing the stores (the ones in the building, not the stalls outside). You should see him glowing orange and be able to click on him.

  33. hey, I’ve been playing sso lifetime for about a week but I haven’t got my weekly star coin allowance? I have playing during and after a saturday when you’re meant to get your 100 star coins but I haven’t got mine? Should I just wait another week since I’m a new member?

  34. Sasha Mysterypaw said:

    Hi! This past wednesday I changed servers from Dark Star to River Valley. When I tried to log on again, it said that it was impossible to connect to server. I logged in other account and it worked perfectly, so it’s not my wifi connection, it’s just the server change that bugged my main account! Now I can’t find other servers to move to! what do I do? I don’t wanna lose my main account

  35. I cant seem to get into the game.. it is always saying something like no servers are on at the moment. could you please tell me what to do???

  36. Jillian said:

    Everything on my screen is in underscores. And when I do a quest, the speech bubble for the perosn is blank! HELP!!

  37. Ryan Heenan said:

    Hi, I have a problem that the support team is unable to help me with my game is pretty much unplayable, when I load into the game everything is written in underscores and dialogue boxes are not showing up. Also I can’t read anything cause it seems to be showing the code I tried installing and reinstalling like 7 times but it won’t fix the issue

  38. Alexandra Kerr said:

    I just installed the game on my MacBook Pro, and the text hasn’t downloaded. I see textblocks that say things like Introduction1, a button for END_INTRO, HELP_TIP_0000, etc… I tried deleting all the data and files, and re-installing the game, and that doesn’t work either :/ has anyone found a solution or a fix for this?

    • annalisa kittenwatcher said:

      I have the same problem and e-mailed the tech support but have not received any answer yet. Seems like a rather major bug?

  39. My daughter just became a Star Rider… She was given 100 star coins with the purchase. She used them all. Are there any new codes to get free star coins? We have tried all codes posted on youtube. They don’t work.

    • Codes are given out periodically. As long as she remains a star rider she will receive 100 coin allowance every saturday. Some things in the game are expensive so she will need to be patient to be able to save up. Also keep an eye out for double coin weekends; good ways to get more coins for your dollar.

  40. Maggie PuppyStar said:

    I just finished the Lisa’s Relief quest, do I need to do to continue the story?
    Thank you,
    Maggie PuppyStar

  41. Maddison Ryan said:

    Hi whenever I try to buy a horse or click on a yellow or blue exclamation mark to see a quest, it doesn’t work! I mainly want the quest thing fixed mostly so I can unlock the Icelandic horse, but purchasing a horse also ( I’m level 16 ). When I try to buy a horse I get as far as the name, and that doesn’t even work. It doesn’t even let me see the name it just says: Horsenamepart100 and when I click but it goes black and says Network_Error Disconnect_messages, then it logs itself off. When I click on a quest it doesn’t say what the quest is it is just blank. Please help and reply, it is driving me mad!! I haven’t played in around 8 months so starting again, wondering if that might have something to do with it?

    Thanks Maddison.

  42. Maddison Ryan said:


  43. my friend was a lifetime rider which means you have full access to the game and you never have to pay again. OK so she gave me her account cause she quit and im no longer her friend but i still have her password and email but i want to change the password but my friend moved so i cant do anything about it can someone tell me if theres a way to change the email or the password.
    PS the bad part is that she uploaded her password and email to a website for free accounts and i dont want anyone on my account cause u know she gave it to me so i need to hurry before something happens fast. idk why she did that but thats one of the reasons where not friends anymore

    • Unfortunately, she still owns the account whether she plays or not. Her account and yours could be banned for password sharing. It is strictly against the game rules.

  44. I’m trying to get the story quests so I could level up to lvl 19 but I need reputation points. The problem is that I don’t know exactly what kind of reputation points do I need to open a story quest. Can you please help me and tell me what do I do?

    • Look in your quest log. Anything that has a yellow heart requires reputation. To unlock more story you probably need reputation with the sun or lightning circle. Completeing other quest lines like fishing and achaeology will give you more xp to be able to level up faster even if they dont unlock story quests.

  45. I changed my server on accident and I tried to Change back but it keeps saying the game is to full what do I do

    • You cant accidentally change servers. There are at least two dialogs you have to agree to switching servers and the possible consequence of not being able to switch back. If you are set on switching back, all you can do is keep an eye on that server and wait for space to free up.

  46. kelsey may said:

    my sso is not working i nead help it comes up with this page cannot be displayed when i click on the app

  47. star78901 said:

    I moved servers from maple star to wind star, to join a club I found online, and my sister moved to wind star the day after I did, but it never shows she is on, and even when we are in the exact same spot, we can not see each other. We have checked multiple times and it says we are both in wind star.

  48. Cupcake valley UK is full atm and im not able to swicth to that server…will I ever be able to move to cupcake valley?

  49. Okay so I have a yellow quest dot on my map and I have no clue where it is it’s in the direction of north-east-east

  50. phoebe oakside said:

    when I go into my home stable my horses are always are in different stables. is there a way to stop this and keep them in there own stables.

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