Gear Inventory

I will no longer be keeping an updated Gear Inventory page, as the link below is much more helpful and updated more frequently. It also allows for easier searching and viewing of items. It also catalogs all of the salon styles.

*I do not own or maintain the database. For questions or comments about the database please contact Abbie Starwatcher*

Star Stable Database – Click to Enter


A word about clothing stats:

Only the endurance stat cannot be improved with gear. It can only be increased by leveling up your horse.

To increase speed find gear with high riding and speed.

To increase jumping ability find gear with high jumping and strength.

To increaseย maneuverability find gear with high command, discipline, and agility.

Character Stats

Riding: Improves how fast you can ride and how well the horse turns when you change direction.

Caring: Determines how long your horse feels great well after you have cared for it Also improves how much damage it can endure before you have to see the vet.

Command: Shortens how long it takes the horse to change gait.

Jumping: Improves how high and far you can jump with the horse.

Horse Stats

Strength: How high and far the horse can jump.

Discipline: How well it responds to commands.

Swiftness/Speed: How fast the horse runs.

Endurance: How much injury the horse can take (added on to green bar under horse’s name).

Agility: How fast the horse changes direction.

Quest Reward Clothing and Gear

The following is a list of the gear earned from story quests only.

This list does not include holiday and special items from lifetime memberships or other game events.

Please refer to the gear database for item info and stats.

Please Note!

This list is only off of my personal game log. It does not account for any changes to names of items or changes to quest rewards since I have played them. If you have found something has changed, please contact me!

  • Budget Pants – Day 2 “The Old Legal Documents for Thomas”
  • Fine T-shirt – Day 2 “Old Fool”
  • Bobcat Girls Club Jacket – Day 2 “Welcome to the Club”
  • Paddock Jacket – Day 4 “Spikes for the Shoes”
  • Training Pants – Day 4 “Mary Had a Little…”
  • Basic Training Jacket – Day 5 “Happy Steve, Happy House, Happy Mice”
  • Decent T-Shirt – Day 8 “Return with the Test Results”
  • Nice Sweater – Day 8 “Bring Back the Book”
  • Nice Helmet – Day 10 “Elizabeth’s Test”
  • Warm Sweater – Day 10 “Welcome to Firgrove”
  • Construction Pants – Day 11 “The Final Identification”
  • Nice Riding Pants – Day 10 “Collecting the Clues”
  • Good Riding Pants – Day 15 “Repair the Field”
  • Aideen’s Runners – Day 15 “Worth Waiting For!”
  • Star Saddle – Day 16 “A Finished Gondola Lift”
  • Pole Bending Apocalypse T-shirt – Day 16 “Named After You”
  • Marley’s Helmet – Day 16 “Jorvik’s New Miracle”
  • A Tank Top – Day 16 “Are the Hedgehogs Fine?”
  • Riding Vest with Colorful Rainbows – Day 17 “Your New Riding Vest is Finished!”
  • A Bee Top – Day 17 “To Stay Calm”
  • Tan’s Good Old Riding Shoes – Day 18 “Trading Done”
  • Mississippi Jones’ Hat – Mississippi Jones quests “Share the Treasure”
  • White Riding Pants – Day 19 “Perfect Shoes for Tin Can”
  • Cupcake Top – Day 21 “Egg Delivery”
  • Cook’s Jacket – Day 22 “Packed and Ready”
  • Cook’s Hat – Day 23 “A Cake Stuffed Messenger”
  • A Gift from Felicity – Day 24 “Did the Cure Work?”
  • Avalon’s Jogging Jacket – Day 28 “Away with the Waste”
  • Avalon’s Jogging Suit – Day 28 “Away with the Waste”
  • Avalon’s Jogging Shoes – Day 28 “Away with the Waste
  • A Nice Gift From Mr Andersson – Day 28 “Placement of Signs”
  • Baroness Coat – Day 32 “What a Fantastic Cellar”
  • A Cute Sweater from Lance and Mary – Day 33 “A Romantic Day for Two”
  • Natural T-shirt – Day 36 “As Thanks for Your Efforts”
  • Guard T-shirt – Day 37 “Thank You for the Help”
  • Techno’s Blanket – Day 40 “As Thanks for the Help”
  • Shiny Bridle – Day 44 “Ship Away!”
  • Goldenleaf Decoration – Day 45 “Earn the Golden Leaf”
  • Mrs Hill’s Competition Saddle – Wee Ghostie quests “Rest in Peace”
  • Your Own Handmade Horseshoes – Day 51 “Last Blacksmithing Day…”
  • Clown Hat – Day 53 “A Taste of the Circus”
  • Dala Horse Shirt – Wayward Child quests “Grateful Parents”
  • Tourist T-shirt – Day 57 “Thank You for Everything”
  • Smuggler Jacket – Day 65 “A Big Smuggler Thank You”
  • Emerald Green Arena Boots – Day 70 “If It Wasn’t Isolde…”
  • Cafe Cap – Dy 74 “The Silver Fork Opens Its Gates”
  • Pink Newsboy Cap – Day 75 “Ferdinand’s Lunch”
  • Green Snugly Tights – Horse Market quests at Jorvik Stables
  • Summer Blouse – Day 76 “A Decent Crowbar Fixes All Problems”
  • Smart Polo Shirt – Horse Market quests at Fort Pinta
  • Brown Cat Tee – Day 78 “A Load of Cat Food”
  • Jarla Crรผe Tee – Day 80 “One Last Touch”
  • Clockmaker’s Waistcoat – Day 81 “An Unbelievably Unbelievable Job”
  • Banana T-Shirt – Horse Market quests at Silverglade
  • Loud and Colorful Hawaiian Shirt – Horse Market quests at Cape West
  • Green Cardigan – Horse Market quests at Jorvik Stables

89 thoughts on “Gear Inventory”

  1. Uhm, What about ghv?

  2. Kallie (Kamilla Nightlund) said:

    I can help you with the goldenhills stable gear at least. I have that information.

    • I have it too, I just have to find time to write it out lol. If you wanted to write it out, you’re welcome to. Just email it to me, then I will format it into the google doc ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kallie (Kamilla Nightlund) said:

        Aw ok! I can list stats, but basically that’s the extent of it. I don’t have time for the pictures and such. If you are willing to email me the list of top gear items, I’d really appreciate it. I’m basically trying to find the best gear currently for my horse and myself so I can actually improve my times haha!

        • Kallie (Kamilla Nightlund) said:

          I guess I shouldn’t say list, I just may need advice haha! I can give you my horses stats without tack and perhaps you have an idea or two on what I should use.

        • That’s fine. Any little help makes my job easier ๐Ÿ™‚

          As far as outfits, one, I’m not really into the competitive racing so I actually don’t know off-hand what the top gear items are. And two, the ‘best’ outfit is really kind of subjective, and not something I’m comfortable dictating as such.You might want to check some of the other SSO blogs I’ve linked on the sidebar. They might have lists you’re looking for. You could also ask some of the faster players you’re looking to compete with, and see what they are wearing. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ivy Ponystar said:

            Thanks Maggie! I love your website, if I am having trouble with something I always check up on here. Really helped! ;D

          • Nina Shadow Fall said:

            I love this website! It has everything I need to know!
            Thank you XOXO

  3. Kallie (Kamilla Nightlund) said:

    Will do that! Thank you!

  4. Marte JJ said:

    Can you help me with one thing?
    I have lifetime premium membership and I have a little problem.
    I Moorland stables is the new shop with clothes only for lifetime members.
    And I have Lifetime premium but i can’t buy anything in that store. When I go into the shop this say at I dont have Lifetime premium membership so I can’t buy anything. Help me please!

    • I don’t know what would be causing that problem. I suggest you contact the game support.

      • I don;t really know how but thanks!

      • Nina Shadow Fall said:

        Game support doesn’t help that much :/ It says they’ll get back to you in 48 hours or whatever but I wasted three days waiting. They still haven’t replied.

    • Emmy Northnight said:

      no one can buy anything yet ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Adriana Gladeland said:

      U should have already gotten those when u got lifetime membership
      If u didn’t and u can’t get the clothes in the shop then contact support

    • Ivy Ponystar said:

      Hmm, I am not quite sure what is wrong. Maybe when SSO did the update they had a little glitch or bug. I suggest you wait a while, SSO might fix it, but if the problem continues, I suggest you contact support ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. How do you put horse shoes you get from the smith on your horse?

  6. Looking good! I love that you included pictures too! Just one suggestion – do you have a list of all the gear/clothes you get from quests?

  7. Laura-May said:

    My daughter accidentally sold her Bobcat Jacket. Is there anywhere she can buy a new one? Thanks!

    • Not that I know of. I don’t think it’s sold anywhere. You could try contacting the game support and see if they’ll gift it back, but I don’t know.

    • Katikas AJ said:

      They won’t ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I once was selling unwanted stuff and I sold my white riding pants cuz I didn’t see the name, and I asked Star Stable if they could get them back for me but they said that they don’t give stuff back ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  8. Zoe Lightningstorm said:

    So is there a list anywhere of the “best” stat gear? I would really enjoy looking through that and seeing if there is something I would want. I have searched other web pages but can’t find a thing. :/

  9. Sophia Darkstorm said:

    what is the best gear for racing? im really curious as to how people are winning when im miles behind. im level 14 with level 14 horse and my gear isnt that bad :/

  10. Laura Ponyheart said:

    Do you know where I can get some white boots for my character? I cannot find any.

  11. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    Thanks I looked at the tack list and got the turquoise jorvik saddle and the navy blue one now my horses are even faster

  12. I’ve looked over and over at this, but I just can’t find a mint green bridle. I don’t think they sell it…but I already have the leggings and the blanket, the bridle would be perfect to match it… You don’t think they sell it? If they do, please help me… D’:

  13. Hey! You help me now i wanna buy the Yellow and Pink hacket with ridning and the Brown one now i know Which level i must be for buy It i gonna be lifetime Star Rider so i wanna buy they two jackets

  14. Natalia Cloudberg said:

    I think Strength is ‘How fast the horse can runs’. My horse on second level with +4 Strength (without equipment) can runs faster than my horse on nineth level xD

  15. Hi guys! Where can I find the western dark blue bridle with hearts around the star pendant that star riders get and what is the bridle called? Thx everyone.

    Email me with the answer if you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I found a purple one with hearts at the Moorland gear shop, otherwise there is a blue and brown one with flowers on the cheekband in the midsummer shop.

      If those aren’t what you are looking for, you can click the link to the gear database and browse all of the gear to find exactly what you are looking for. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. ashleypurplegirl said:

    Hi ๐Ÿ™‚
    Plz can someone help me I wanted to buy one of the horse shoes in valedale but I couldn’t find the store anywhere
    Any help would really be helpful

  17. ashleypurplegirl said:

    Thx soooooo much ๐Ÿ™‚
    Really helped

  18. Fiona Darkheart said:

    What quest is the Cupcake Top as a reward? Thanks very much :3

  19. Kata Diamondlake said:

    Is level sixteen available yet on Star Stable? They said something about that in the new update about dinosaur valley, but it says nothing about actually REACHING level sixteen.

    • I haven’t reached it yet, though I’m painfully close. I assume the new quests to HDV will get you to level 16. I have seen several people posting that they have reached 16 but I don’t know if isn’t photoshopped, though I would think that they are, since I joined the game very shortly after it first opened so there aren’t any quests that I haven’t done (including the holiday quests that gave XP).

  20. Caitlin Pinehill said:

    if my character has high command does my horse need high discipline too, or is that kind of a one or the other type thing?

  21. i can’t find the pink checked blanket! the one that matches the saddle and bridle, i cant find it on that database! if you know where it is plz tell me!

  22. is the leafy saddle and bridle in here??

  23. Aida Silverson said:

    Can I get the stats for the Moorland set gear (horse and rider)? It looks really awesome but I don’t know how effective it is.

  24. isabel masterlake said:

    Where can I get white t shirt from ??

  25. Kajsa Riverstone said:

    Thanksto the database i worked out what items are best for me at level ten and a non-star so I can’t always get to everywhere and I have a limited amount of money…I only get money from races/chores in two stables. When I can I am definetly planning to get a lifetime…although it may not be for quite a while yet!

  26. Nina Shadow Fall said:

    Does anyone have any tips for saving up SC???

  27. Thanks for the helpfulness

  28. Claire๐Ÿด said:

    thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyone know what horse is the best? im trying to find out, i have 963 SC left to spend, could you help :D?

  30. Arabella Flowerdotter said:

    I was surprised to find this out but there is equipment that raises Endurance but only by +1 and it’s the Rock bridle and the Rock blanket from Jarla Crue in Jarlaheim but like I said, they only raise Endurance by +1 each ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. does anyone know what the hat_slot_name box on the character equipment page is for?

  32. Nichole ArchRock said:

    Do you know how close i am to epona if i am level 16 1/4 and have no quests but one wait a day (fifth day of blacksmithing) and explore the valley of the frozen mist?

  33. What’s the highest swiftness and riding u can get in the game? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Deborah Greenberg said:

      Riding I am not so sure, because it personally does not matter much when it comes to affecting the riding – just buy high-ish stats in all for clothes.

      The maximum swiftness a horse can have is 28

  34. Mia Martinez said:

    The quest “flowery janitor” is the quest before you unlock Jorvik city. Star stable said you need to be on level 9 or above and i’m on level 11 but none of my quest on my available log show me anything pointing me to the janitor/mall. SO i was wondering what quest comes before the flowery janitor quest so i can do it. Im very confused on how i get to Jorvik because i have done all or most of my qust available and it dosent say anything
    plz answer me

    -thank you

  35. I don’t know the name of the quest but u have to help the little girl on the island before you can get to jorvik city, I hope someone else can be more specific, I don’t remember the specifics.

  36. Sanna Starrock said:

    I dont know where lorrettas pink blanket is, everyone has it and I want it XD

  37. Lauren Msyteryrider said:

    Where do you get the White Knitted Cotton Sweater?

  38. Bambi Clearforest said:

    Where can you find the White Knitted Cotton Sweater?
    I saw it in the database but I don’t know what quest or reward it is.

  39. Victoria Foghaven said:

    I have a question, from what quest do i get the ‘Warm Sweater’ it’s a black sweater and in Star Stable Database it only says it’s a reward from a quest :c

  40. Clarisse Rainpaw said:

    This sort of has to do with your gear inventory, but also…not. Anyways, are you able to buy the same saddle, bridle, pad, etc. multiple times? I use several things on a lot of my horses and it’s annoying to always have to transfer them around a lot.

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