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This page is a list of all the quests in the game, as well as the post in the blog that it is covered in.

Use the CTRL + F function  (or Command + F, if on Mac) on your browser to search for a specific quest, then click on the link to that post to view that day. Once on the post, you can use the search function again to jump to the quest you are looking for.

Posts marked “SA” contain spoilers for the main story.

Posts marked “DVSA” contain spoilers for Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur.

Posts marked “ESA” contain spoilers for Epona.

Posts marked “SHSA” contain spoilers for South Hoof Peninsula

Frequently Asked Quests

Quest List

Please note!

Quests may be out of order that they appear in game or do not correspond to the actual day number.

This is because when new quests are added, they are sometimes put in the middle of the quest progression. While they are new to me, they may be available to you at a lower level. The ‘days’ listed below are only pertinent to my blog ordering.

Day 144 

  • Fort Pinta Administrator
  • James is in Trouble
  • The Investigation Starts
  • GED Turns Up Again
  • It’s Never GED’s Fault!
  • What is GED Doing Here?
  • Clues in a Photo Album
  • Photographic Evidence
  • The Hunt Goes On
  • Waiting to Feed a Chipmunk
  • A Trail of Lettuce
  • Two Coincidences is a Conclusion
  • Sneak in to Investigate
  • A Breaking Distraction
  • Car Chase in Silverglade
  • Set the Chipmunks Free
  • Good News, At Last
  • Conclusive Evidence
  • Apologies to Young James
  • A Thank You from James

Day 143 – ESA

  • Find Edward
  • No Happy Reunion
  • Reprimanded
  • Alchemist, You Bet!
  • Frederik Gets His Head Around the Problem
  • A Neat Little Book
  • A Bit of Thomas
  • A Tiny Strand of Hair
  • Alchemy Artist
  • Express Delivery
  • A Small Chance of Recovery
  • Edward Shows the Way
  • Clever Planning
  • It’s Now or Never!
  • The Reunion
  • Regrets About the Past
  • Forgiven
  • Thank You For Everything

Day 142 – SHSA

  • With Your Help It’s Possible!
  • The Tram to Governor’s Fall
  • We’ve Missed You So Much!
  • Some Ice Cream Would Be Great!
  • Making a Plan
  • More Ice Cream for the People!
  • Of Course the Cat Deserves an Ice Cream
  • Sinus
  • Time to Get Moving!
  • Back to the Mall
  • The Shopaholic at the Mall
  • My Personal Shopper
  • Is This Really Something You Can Wear?
  • Where is Prince Charming?
  • Find Prince Charming
  • Cleaning Up After a Prince
  • Whale Transport
  • Leonardo’s Big Ice Cream Cat
  • A Meanie Buying Ice Cream
  • Creeping Like a Ninja
  • Behind the Dumpster
  • We Can’t Wait
  • Just Like a Real Agent
  • Hydrant Pressure
  • Operation Trap Making
  • Super Slippery
  • Shot Out of a Connon
  • A Dumpster Comes Flying, Again!
  • Just One Left
  • When He Doesn’t See Us
  • Together We Can Do Everything!
  • Too Dangerous to Continue
  • Go On, I’ll Be Right There
  • She Would Never Do That!
  • Mommy’s Little Darling
  • All I Can Say is “Love It!”

Day 141 – SHSA

  • Does the Little Pink One Have a Name?
  • Sjömansgaten 32
  • Is There a More Boring Place?
  • Can Anyone Even Live Here?
  • You Can Always Shout
  • Hello? Is Anyone There?
  • He Might as Well Get His Stupid Briefcase
  • The Deserted Hallway
  • The Lab in the Storage Building
  • We Will Get You Out Nightdust
  • No One Will Be Left Behind
  • Maybe We Should Go?
  • Give Mr Anwir the Briefcase
  • Take the Briefcase and Let’s Go
  • Don’t Think That You Can Get Away
  • Snort Whinny Snort
  • Don’t Let Anwir Take the Syringe!
  • Nightdust’s Sacrifice
  • Run, Just Run
  • We Have to Hide, Now!
  • We Will Wait for You
  • The Last Bit
  • Back to Safety
  • I Love You Dad
  • One for All, All for One

Day 140 – SHSA

  • An Acquaintance from the Past
  • Governor’s Fall
  • Is There Anyone Home?
  • Did You Hear That?
  • The Failed Worker
  • Prince Charming
  • That It Would Be So Much Trouble
  • Girl, Hey You, Yeah You
  • Darling, What Happened?
  • Welcome to Leonardo’s Ice Cream Parlor!
  • An Unknown Look
  • Help Aaron with the Presentation
  • A Password Must Be Suuuper Hard
  • How You Do That? You Type!
  • You Have the Address
  • Back to the Shoe Shopper
  • Latte Time
  • Do Not Give Up On Nightdust

Day 139 – SHSA

  • Grounded Until 35
  • We Probably Shouldn’t Interfere
  • Without Wiping Shoes and Without Saying Thanks
  • The Bus to Aideen’s Plaza
  • The Cafe from Jorvik Gazette
  • A GEMO Without an Owner
  • She Can’t Be Far Away!
  • It is So Dark Here
  • Do You Want to Try?
  • I Don’t Like the Idea, but I’m Counting on You
  • The Worst Service in a Long Time
  • An Elephant Never Forgets
  • An Idea is Formed
  • A Distracting Drink
  • Everybody Here is Useless
  • Help Me Get Out of Here
  • I Do Remember You From Butterfly
  • Scram You Lot!
  • Time to Return Home
  • The Stupid Man’s Suitcase
  • You Should Always Do the Right Thing

Day 138 – SHSA

  • Neither Here Nor There
  • The Harp Cafe – Just a Gallop Away
  • Maybe Holly Can Help?
  • Wax Off
  • A Future in Surfing
  • My Little Assistant
  • Before the Course Starts
  • Need Help? Talk to Jonas
  • A Safer Day with Jarl’s Insurances
  • Latest Seen After Dinner
  • Sigrid Can Get Tickets
  • To the Top of the Lighthouse
  • Erik, the Guy Who Knows Stuff
  • A New Pig in the Family
  • The Hermit’s Newspaper Delivery
  • The Letter from Madison
  • What Did Madison See?
  • Everything Falls Into Place
  • The Pirate Who Threw Her in the Water
  • Is She Taking the Bus?
  • Before the Ferry Leaves
  • At Least They’re Together

Day 137 – SHSA

  • Witchcraft Flowers Stop the Magic
  • Horses Away from the Team
  • Horses at a Standstill
  • Who, Why, Doesn’t Matter…
  • It’s a Free Country
  • A Nervous Wreck of a Horse
  • Easy! Nice Horsey!
  • Horses on the Water
  • Nightdust! I’m Coming!
  • Blurp Blurp
  • Madison’s Lifeline
  • Madison, What Were You Thinking?!
  • I Know Who He Is

Day 136 – SHSA

  • I Know What You’re Really Doing Here…
  • I Trust You
  • The Wild Horses Are Becoming Fewer and Fewer…
  • Why Are You Still Here?
  • Can I Show You Something?
  • Nightdust, My Best Friend!
  • Could You Help Me Up?
  • I’ll Be a Paladin!
  • The Secret Armor
  • Nightdust Loves Carrots!
  • I Love You Nightdust!
  • Tomorrow’s Another Day

Day 135

  • A Flowery Janitor
  • A Heartfelt Order
  • Let’s Go to Aideen’s Plaza!
  • New in Town
  • Graffiti in the Square
  • Graffiti in the Alley!
  • Graffiti in the Cafe!
  • Birdseed
  • Pigeon Work
  • The Pigeon’s Flight
  • A Darned Sofa
  • A Solution to the Problem
  • One Last Try
  • New Beanies at Aideen’s Plaza
  • Setting Up the Beanie Store
  • Put Up Flyers
  • The Best Advertising
  • The Hunt for the Friend Who Disappeared
  • Lost in Jorvik City
  • Finding the Way Ain’t Easy
  • Together Again
  • Dust Bunnies the Size of Cars!
  • A Thorough Investigation
  • Sound, A Public Hazard
  • A Spy Story
  • A Harbor Meeting
  • In the Jorvik Secret Service
  • Sneaking Around Like a Spy
  • Hidden Camera
  • Conclusive Evidence
  • Mission Accomplished, Over and Out
  • The Bobcats’ Best Competition Rider
  • Mandy is Already Waiting
  • My First Set of Gear
  • Me and My Bird Phobia
  • The Honor of Turning the Key
  • Jarlaha – The Doors Have Been Opened!
  • A Thank You Gift From Us Both
  • Crayfish House!
  • Even More Crayfish Houses!
  • Crayfish Storage!

Day 134 – SHSA

  • Preparing for a Little Adventure
  • To the Sea!
  • On a New Adventure with Jonas!
  • Misplaced…
  • Where Did They Go?
  • A Ride Along the Beach
  • Peace and Quiet with Jonas
  • Quiet Time is Over
  • The Winner!
  • Lucky Crayfishing!
  • Thanks for a Nice Day!

Day 133 – ESA

  • My Little Sweetie…
  • Sweetie’s Blanket
  • The Chemist from Old Hillcrest
  • Plants from The Cauldron
  • The Green Lobster-Claw Plant
  • Who’s There?
  • Eyes in the Dark
  • Time to Hatch Some Eggs!
  • A Positive Test
  • I’m Gonna Be a Granddad!

Day 132 – ESA

  • Avoiding the Shards
  • Tough, Tricky, and Terribly Taxing
  • Sleeping in the Cold and Rain…
  • I Call It Living!
  • She’s a Little Long Sighted…
  • Raging Bees
  • When Sugar Is Not Enough
  • Once Upon A Time There Was A…
  • I Stopped Listening
  • Chop Chop!
  • No Time to Lose!
  • And the Peace Didn’t Last Long…
  • A Scream in the Streets…
  • Do You Know How Close It Was?!
  • Hisssss…
  • Many Things But Never Aggressive!
  • She Can’t Be Far…
  • Big Yellow Eyes
  • Of Course You Shouldn’t Be Cold!
  • Nothing Wrong With Alberta!

Day 131 – ESA

  • Chips for Dinner: Bad Idea
  • Where Should We Start?
  • As Nervous as a Guy Can Be!
  • What If My Best Isn’t Enough?
  • Match 1 : Round 1
  • My Throat is Totally Dry!
  • Tactic Talk: Talking Tactics
  • The First Signal
  • Match 1 : Round 2
  • Jessica Lunar
  • Welcome Back Ricky!
  • Match 2 : Round 1
  • Can’t Be a Wet Winner
  • Film Me When I Win!
  • Match 2 : Round 2
  • First Loss
  • It’s Not Over Yet!
  • Match 2 : Round 3
  • Next Stop: District Championships!
  • A Promise to Win
  • A Rumbling Stomach
  • What Does He Want Now?!
  • Luke Excavator
  • Dig Up Everything in My Way!
  • A Cocky Bet
  • A Dangerous Bet
  • You Can’t Leave Jorvik!
  • Last Run of the Day
  • Active Wear, Active Wear

Day 130 – SHSA

  • The Missing Girl…
  • Something Jonas Should Have Done!
  • Fish Don’t Scale Themselves
  • The Animal-Loving Kid
  • Does the Hermit Have the Answer?
  • Take This Tool and Don’t Be a Fool!
  • Near the Big Tree
  • The Wild Race
  • How to Greet a Horse
  • My Very Own Horse!
  • Easy, Nightdust, Easy!
  • I Did It! Well… Maybe Not
  • Agent & Commander: Back on the Case!
  • Sound of Hooves
  • Pirates or Ghosts or What?
  • Detective Work
  • Ace Detective!
  • An Important Question
  • An Unlikely Story
  • Farmyard Meeting

Day 129 – SHSA

  • GEMO Machine
  • Agent & Commander
  • GEMO Surgery
  • The Wizard in the Invisible Valley
  • How Do I Know You Are What You Say You Are?
  • I’ll Only Talk to Your Horse
  • GEMO in Repair
  • If I Don’t Help, Who Will?
  • Lunch Boxes for Horses
  • The True Bond
  • Until Next Time
  • A Quest of Trust

Day 128 – SHSA

  • A New Career for Jonas
  • South Hoof Shopping
  • Set Up Shop!
  • Payment Solutions…
  • One Last Thank You from Holly
  • The Ferry to South Hoof
  • A Litte Souvenir from South Hoof

Day 127 – SHSA

  • The South Hoof Lighthouse Goes Dark…
  • Another Boat to Borrow
  • Operation Iron Cockroach
  • Whatever Ends Up in the Water…
  • One Man’s Wreck is Another Man’s Boat!
  • Fishing for an Engine
  • A Thin Sealant
  • Seal the Boat!
  • Dip Interrupted
  • Boat Engine Repairs
  • No Boat Without Fuel!
  • Free Fuel is the Best Fuel!
  • Two Cans for the Price of One!
  • Top-Notch Fuel for James
  • Fueled Up!
  • A Journey to South Hoof
  • A Route Along the Cliffs
  • Nobody Home
  • South Hoof’s Missing Residents
  • A Darkened Lighthouse
  • A Spare Key to the Lighthouse
  • The Search Continues Inside the Lighthouse
  • Shipwrecked on Cape Sorrow
  • Boat Rescue!
  • Sailing to Holly!
  • Set Sail for Sorrow
  • Unlucky Twice at Sea
  • Almost… Back.. On My… Feet… Again…
  • Get Jonas to South Hoof!
  • Back to the Distressed!
  • Saving the Rest of the Family…
  • Home and Dry
  • Enough Adventure for One Day…

Day 126 

  • Robbed and Abandoned in Mirror Marshes!
  • Push the Cart! Nowww!
  • Bring Isabel to New Hillcrest
  • Isabel’s Horse
  • Searching for Atlas
  • Scott Buttergod and Isabel’s Horse
  • Beat Scott in the Race!
  • Reunite Isabel with Her Horse
  • Who Stole Isabel’s Jorvikroot?
  • Why Steal Jorvikroot?
  • Thomas’ Destiny
  • A Horse in Need of Care
  • Taking Care of Rocky
  • Only the Best for Rocky!
  • Spoiling Rocky
  • Rocky’s Feeling Better!
  • Rocky’s Okay
  • Why Did Thomas Drink the Water?
  • Where Did the Family Photo Go
  • Edward Took It After All!
  • A Meaningful Place
  • Go Into the Bunker, But Be Careful!
  • A Shadow of My Former Self
  • Grant a Wish for Thomas
  • No Onions, No Meatballs!
  • Pamela’s Delicious Meatballs!
  • Thomas Needs Food! Now!
  • Food to Bring Back Memories
  • Lisa Needs to Know…
  • Where’s Edward?
  • Father and Child Reunion

Day 125 – SA

  • A Meeting with Mrs X
  • Straight to the Top
  • Key to the Observatory
  • Mrs X
  • A Battle in the Shadows
  • A Plan for Finding Out the Enemy’s Plan
  • Silencia Tranquila: A Flash of a Shadow…
  • Syntax Silverstream: Jorvik’s Best Hacker
  • Jupiter Peacebloom: CHILL’s Tough Guy
  • Preparations Before the Plan Begins
  • USB Drive on the Loose
  • Supercrypto, a Perfect School Project!
  • A Challenge Fit for a Spy Student
  • School Project: Done!
  • Back to Mrs X with the USB

Day 124 – SA

  • Code Snowdrop… CODE SNOWDROP!!
  • The Key to GED
  • Past the Guards to the Lookout…
  • Blind Moles and Sandy Beaches
  • Past the Guards, Up to the Top!
  • Sneak After Jupiter Again…
  • Jupiter’s Diversion
  • What Happened to Old Hillcrest?
  • More Important Than Freedom
  • Herman Disappears Again
  • Escape From Hillcrest. Again.
  • Back to New Hillcrest

Day 123 – ESA

  • Of Course Horses Can Do Push-Ups
  • The Way of the Horse
  • Becoming More Like a Horse
  • Water. Need Water.
  • Balanced Diet?! Pfft!
  • Running from a Horse
  • Learning to Walk
  • Can Horses Jump?
  • Stand on One Leg? Cartwheeling?
  • I Want to Feel the Wind!
  • The Best Training Gear
  • One of My Best Friends
  • A Calm, Sweet Horse
  • Laughing at the Sad
  • Fried Porridge = Luxury
  • The Paddock Outside New Hillcrest
  • Epona Kai
  • Disbanding Epona Kai
  • Epona Kai is Not Lost!
  • Meditation: Exercise for the Mind!
  • The Way of the Horse: The Brush
  • The Way of the Horse: The Feed
  • The Way of the Horse: The Hoof Pick
  • The Way of the Horse: The Mucking
  • Chips Diet = Best Diet
  • Me and My Chips

Day 122 – SA

  • Observation Station #42: Day Two
  • To the Control Center! Fast!
  • Inspect HQ
  • Sneaking on Tiptoes
  • Darko
  • To the Control Center!
  • Compilation for Linda
  • Waiting by a Stone
  • Measuring Pandoric Activity
  • First Test
  • The Lightning’s Inner Circle
  • Friendly with the Lightning’s Inner Circle
  • Liked by the Lightning’s Inner Circle

Day 121 – SA

  • Be Vigilant: Watch and Wait
  • Binoculars Fit for Purpose
  • Observation Station #42
  • Help! Help! Help!
  • Sonja’s Unhappy Hardship
  • The Call of the Runestone
  • Ambulance!
  • Tell Linda About the Runestone
  • Locate Alex
  • Brother James
  • Alex at the Mall
  • Mother & Daughter
  • Runestone News
  • Permission and a Wand
  • A Trip to Fripp
  • A Rune Wand of Your Very Own

Day 120 – ESA

  • Don’t Come Back If You’re Not You
  • Mirror Marshes and the Moon Spring
  • I Had Fun Once… It Was Awful
  • Easier to Frown Than Smile
  • Live in a Barrel and Smell Awful
  • Look on the Bright Side… Or Don’t
  • An Interesting Result
  • A Better Assistant Than Alberta
  • You Write, I Shout
  • Half a Thank You

Day 119 – ESA

  • Before a Race
  • The New Racecourse!
  • Curious About the Result…
  • Sore Muscles Everywhere!
  • New Picture, New Try
  • Applied for Districts!
  • The Road to Districts
  • Alberta, the Little Nuisance
  • Nobody Home
  • Soothing Sugary Water
  • A House Fit for a Bee
  • Tent Outside Town
  • Field Work by the River
  • Busy Being Stuck
  • Blithering Bugs!
  • Crumbled Cookies as Bait
  • You’re Not a Frog, Are You?
  • 10 Hours to Wait!
  • Centipedes, Beetles, and Ants, Oh My!
  • Fabulous Little Critters!
  • She Just Wants to Play

Day 118 – ESA

  • A Neighborly Race
  • Try the Race in Crescent Moon Village
  • Heavier Than It Looks
  • The Laughing Barbell
  • Sad, Sad Ricky
  • Take Your Mind Off It…
  • The Loss That Never Left
  • The Beginnings of a Plan
  • Timber!
  • Ditch Those Twigs!
  • You Can Work, I Can Rest
  • Those Flags Are Good, Jorvegian Wood
  • I Won! I’ll Run!
  • First Jog in Ages
  • New Hillcrest Stables on the Line
  • The End for New Hillcrest Stables
  • Don’t Let Me Stop
  • Drinking Water Like a Horse!
  • Gluten-Free is the Way to Go!
  • It’s Just a Little Burned

Day 117 – ESA

  • Jorvik’s Leaders in the Resistance
  • The Best Honey in Epona
  • Good People in a Bad Family
  • A Meeting on Butter Hill
  • Report from The Great Thunder
  • Bridge-Building Has Its Problems
  • The Short Straw
  • A Brother You Can Never Rely On
  • A Little Bit of Sabotage in Old Ridgecaster
  • Epona’s Getting Colder
  • Beautiful Flowers in New Hillcrest
  • Seems It’ll Be a Damp Summer

Day 116 – ESA

  • Text Message from an Old Friend
  • The Road to Epona
  • On the Other Side of the Gates
  • Guardians of the Secret Path
  • A Double Obstacle Ahead…
  • Super Crafty Blackmail
  • Pick Gunpowder Pepper
  • Gunpowder Lollipops
  • Water for the Twins
  • A New Prank to Play on Grandpa
  • With the Help of the Compass, We’ll Find the Way
  • Goldspur’s Compass Guides Goldspur’s Guardians
  • Tell Herman About the Secret Path
  • Chock Full of Tricksy Traps!
  • An Extremely Valuable Document
  • Handled by Experts
  • You Scratch My Back…
  • The Views of the Citizens Always Count!
  • The Unreliable Mayor Has Reliable Sisters
  • Decoding Assistance
  • Strange Questions to Crack a Code
  • An Unconventional Decipher
  • Tell Herman About the Traps
  • Help Herman Pack
  • Ride With Herman to the Beginning of the Secret Pathway
  • A Journey on the Secret Path
  • Better to Flee Than Fight and Fail
  • Meeting the Owner of Stormgarden
  • The Gates on the Road to Jarlaheim
  • The Road to Jarlaheim is Open!
  • A Village by the River
  • The Gate to Crescent Moon Village
  • On the Road to Crescent Moon Village
  • Sacks to the Crescent Moon Mill
  • The Gate at Ingun’s Cliffs
  • The Gate to Shipwreck Shores
  • The Gate by Wolf Hall Inn
  • Unlock the Gate by Wolf Hall Inn
  • Open Gates = Happy Landlord!

Day 115

  • Who Wouldn’t Want a Sister?
  • Refusing to Stay
  • Throw It All in a Bag
  • A Gift for My Sister
  • A Final Decision
  • Before She’s Gone for Good…
  • 24/7 Contact!
  • Suits You Better Than It Suits Me

Day 114

  • A New Girl at the Stable
  • Time for a Welcome!
  • Off to a Bad Start
  • Starting Over
  • The Girl Who Couldn’t Saddle
  • Can You Get Up Without a Ladder?
  • Feels Like I’ll Fall Off!
  • Moorland Tour
  • A Friendly Race
  • A Successful Tour
  • Take Care of FireWind and Tell Me About It!
  • Something’s Not Right…
  • Paper Trail
  • Hunting for the Truth
  • A Tale of Two Sisters
  • Begin the Detective Work
  • Moment of Truth
  • Daring to Reveal the Truth

Day 113

  • Snake in the Trap!
  • What a Beauty!
  • Snake on the Loose
  • To the Home of the Cliff Cobra
  • The Snake Photographer
  • Who’ll Get Home First?
  • Where’s Freja?
  • Helping a Sick Girl Home
  • The Moonlighting Vet Doctor
  • What’s Wrong with Freja?
  • Cliff Cobra Calling Card
  • Preparing for a Snake Hunt
  • Snake Hunter
  • Snake in a Bag!
  • Freja’s Gonna Feel Better Soon
  • Hero of the Hour!

Day  112

  • Last Minute Homework
  • Animal Photographer
  • Flowers and Leaves for Pressing
  • A Rustle in the Bushes…
  • A Mysterious Snakeskin
  • Amelia’s Book-tastrophe!
  • Reptiles of Jorvik
  • Mosquito Net, Stapler, Check!
  • Do You Want to Build a Snake Trap?
  • Snake Traps, Check!

Day 111

  • Wallet Gone! Money Vanished! End of the World!
  • A Fruity Trail
  • Monkey on the Rob
  • A Travelling Street Magician
  • Back to Its Rightful Owner
  • Life is a Card Game
  • A Budding Magician’s Apprentice
  • Even a Magician Needs Permission!
  • Everyone Loves Magic!
  • Express Delivery!
  • A Magical Delivery
  • A Magic Show With Fireworks!
  • You Can’t Be Confused and Refuse a Fuse!
  • Hide the Rockets…
  • Magic Show Rumors
  • A Magician’s Assistant
  • Sleight of Hand Put to the Test!
  • Thunder! Lightning! Fireworks!
  • Money in the Hat!
  • Clearing Away Every Trace!
  • Beginning of a New Magician’s Journey!

Day 110 – SA

  • Who Recognizes Valiant?
  • Poor Horsey!
  • Valiant the Packhorse
  • Towards the Winery with a Heavy Load
  • What Can a Car Tell Us?
  • Meet Mr Anwir
  • Time to Stop a Telling-Off
  • Valiant’s Help
  • Mr Anwir’s Camp
  • Riding with a Warning
  • Stop That Car! Stop! Thief!
  • Dangerous Liaison
  • That Horse is Going to Eat Me!
  • Help’s Here
  • The Rescue Arrives!
  • One Captured, One Freed, One Big Thank You

Day 109 – SA

  • Marley the Horse Trainer
  • Meet Butterfly
  • Nobody Ever Died from a Tiny Jump!
  • What Scares a Horse?
  • Yeehaw! Barrel Race!
  • Like the Wind!
  • Side by Side, Back to the Yard…
  • A Scared Horse to Examine
  • Who Would Paint a Horse?
  • Written Proof
  • A Forged Horse
  • Clumsy Marley
  • What Should He Be Called?
  • Who’s Valiant
  • Posting Posters in Silverglade
  • The Way to a Horse’s Heart…
  • Not Tasting Great…
  • Step By Step
  • Well-Earned Grooming

Day 108 – SA

  • An Unexpected Collaboration
  • Caught Red Handed
  • A Crafty Plan. Almost Worked.
  • Te Thief Left the Beach Empty-Handed
  • A Pie Tin for an Old Lady
  • A Tiny, Tiny Hammer Finds Its Home
  • The Awesome Watch is BACK!
  • Trophies Are No Joke!
  • An Unexpected Return Ticket
  • Tell Jenna the Watch is Back
  • Greetings from a Happy Champion!
  • All Hail the Thief-Stopping Hero!

Day 107 – SA

  • Get First Prize Without Even Winning
  • Thief on the Loose in Moorland!
  • Small Tools Are Easy to Loose
  • Catastrophic News About Delayed Flowerpots
  • How to Turn a Pie Into a Broom
  • Tan’s Awesome New Watch
  • Rumor Has It Loretta’s Like Totally a Thief
  • Thief on the Loose in Moorland (part 2)
  • A Crime Wave From the Sea
  • An Unusually Crooked Crook

Day 106

  • Donald the Pessimist Can Do It
  • A Bit Better, A Bit Fancier
  • Invitation for People With Style
  • Best Decorations Ever!
  • Creepy Lights
  • Present Panic
  • Best Party Ever!
  • Just the Fun Clean Up Left
  • A Thank You Present? Or Leftovers?
  • Racing for Racing’s Elite
  • You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours
  • Climbing Up the Bobcat Ladder!

Day 105

  • A Disappearing Horse
  • Tracking the Tracks
  • On the Trail of Lynx
  • The Race to Return to Moorland
  • Loretta’s Ghost Story
  • Invisible, Like a Ghost
  • Can You Scare Someone Nicely?
  • Rent-A-Ghost
  • Don’t Say a Word!
  • No Marks or Holes as Far as the Eye Can See
  • All Fabric and No Needles
  • The Waiting Game
  • Is He Eating Needles?!
  • Lethargy Which Can Destroy Everything
  • I Could Eat Up My Own Tools

Day 104

  • A New Horse for May
  • Mind Your Hooves and Feet…
  • Runaway Stable Horses
  • Hope There’s No Glass in Their Hooves!
  • Mrs Holdsworth’s Healing Ointment
  • Herbs Growing by the Shoreline
  • Dandelion Juice Sets Your Powers Loose!
  • Healing Ointment for May
  • Check on Lynx
  • A Loaded Packhorse
  • Wisecracker…
  • Waiting for New Shoes

Day 103 

  • A Wonderful, Magical Vegan Witches’ Brew
  • Instead of Goat Mucus
  • Swamp Celery Does the Trick
  • Black Toadstools
  • The Advantages of Vegan Witchcraft
  • The Scarecrow Commute
  • Jasper’s New BFF

Day 102

  • Scarecrows on the Loose!
  • Jasper’s New, New Scarecrow
  • An Organic Alternative for a Witch
  • Any Old Random Sack
  • Hay Bale or Cockroach
  • Finding a Rope Expert
  • A Fancy Schmancy Luxury Sack
  • A Certified Sack
  • Hay Bales Don’t Grow on Trees
  • Hay Bales and Witches
  • Searching Like a Crazy Seal!
  • Sooner Seaweed Than Titanium

Day 101

  • Taking the Bus to Jorvik City Plaza!
  • To Jorvik City in No Time!
  • No Respect for My Craft
  • All Those Other Sheep in the Mall
  • Faster Than a Runaway Horse
  • Jorvik City Plaza: Horse Equipment Store
  • Track Back the Backpack
  • Half Ton of Clothes
  • What Old JB Says
  • Mall Dishes
  • Call the Councilman After Sunrise
  • Back to James

Day 100

  • Back to Mrs Packard
  • The Art of Collecting a Secret Prize…
  • Gone with the Wind!
  • Andy’s Applications
  • Resisting a Sneaky Peek
  • Welcome to the Competition!
  • Clue Number 2: Apples by the Water
  • Clue Number 3: Dead Man’s Rest
  • Clue Number 4: Containers and Racetracks
  • End of the Line: The Sandpit
  • Back to Square One
  • The Winner Takes It All!

Day 99

  • The Start of Something New!
  • Tying Up the Clues
  • Has the Delivery Been Delivered?
  • Posters in Firgrove
  • Firgrove Flyers
  • Express Delivery!
  • Following Instructions

Day 98

  • Illegal Equipment at Station Beta
  • Illegal Equipment at Station Gamma
  • Illegal Equipment at Station Delta
  • A Thank You Letter of the 5th Grade
  • Paddock Island: Talk to Uncle Bob
  • The Gift is the Prize!

Day 97

  • Sheep on the Run!
  • Pumpkins for Bob’s Perfect Pie
  • Mini Pies to Mini Birthday Girls
  • It’s My Birthday After All!
  • Nature’s Candy
  • The Tale of the Earl’s Return
  • Book Lending to Donald the Builder
  • Returned! Kinda.
  • Just Words, No Pictures
  • Not Jill’s Cup of Literary Tea
  • The Wicked Book Thief
  • Beg on Your Bare Knees
  • Sharp Claws, Sharp Teeth
  • Nobody Can Resist Cutesy McFluffysnuggles
  • A Bright Future at G.E.D. Maybe?
  • Return to Paddock Island
  • Super-Jarl Has Disappeared!
  • Bad Signal on Paddock Island
  • Scoundrels Across the Water
  • Removing the Illegal Transmitter
  • Behavior Contradictory to G.E.D.’s Core Values
  • Good News for Mobile Users

Stoneground Camp, Phase 5 – DVSA

  • Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Non-Spherical Fabric
  • No Need for Finger-Crossing
  • Select Parts for a Total Repair
  • The End of the Hot Air Balloon Repair Project
  • Preventing a Hot Air Disaster

Day 96 – DVSA

  • Five Bolts for Battery Volts!
  • With a Fully-Charged Kallstone Battery
  • Final Step
  • Frank Looks Like He’s Feeling Better!
  • The Lightning Reunion
  • 10 Years, No Nobel Prize…
  • A Pickaxe in Store
  • Return of the Old Assistant
  • A Beautiful Reunion with Old Betty
  • Having One’s Pick of the Picks
  • On the Road with Dino
  • More Treasures of the Valley

Day 95 – DVSA

  • When Lightning Strikes Twice
  • More Kick Than 20,000 Car Batteries!
  • An Odd Material…
  • A Load of Lifeless Kallstone
  • Withstands Hurricanes. And Lightning.
  • Use Your Imagination and a Positive Mental Attitude!
  • Setting Up Lightning Capture Units
  • Setting Up Lightning Capture Units (Part 2)

Stoneground Camp, Phase 4 – DVSA

  • Chaos Theory and a Parallel Universe
  • Flagging Up the Flags
  • If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It
  • This Looks Like a Job For… An Engineer!
  • Reassigned for Good Reasons…
  • A Biological and Mechanical Diagnosis
  • A Serious Case of Lightning Strikes…
  • Overqualified for the Job
  • Strong as an Ox, Stubborn as a Mule
  • A Dog Day at the Races
  • The Hidden Dinosaur Race
  • An Escape Route From This Awful Valley
  • Balloon Crash Models
  • Primitive Methods in a Primitive Place
  • The Fabric Gatherer
  • Getting It Right in the End…
  • Paint a Rumor…

Day 94 – DVSA

  • Awaiting the Results
  • Exploring Icepeak Island
  • Discovering the Eastern Crater Area
  • Explore the Valley of the Frozen Mist
  • Explore the Mountain in the North
  • The Legend of Icengate
  • Tracks in the Snow
  • A Closer Look at Icengate
  • Close Encounter of the Cold Kind
  • The Kallters

Stoneground Camp, Phase 3, Part 2 – DVSA

  • Calculating the Perfect Place: The Einstein Way
  • Birth of a 3-Star Restaurant
  • Cooks on Thin Ice
  • Ice-Swimming, Not for Everyone. Apparently.
  • See Horses and Seahorses
  • A Horse-Free Menu
  • A Restaurant Without a Wine Expert
  • Surprise, Surprise! Reunited with a Beloved Brother!
  • Logically Planned Fun
  • Favorably Frozen
  • Suitable Materials for Race Limit Indication Devices
  • Differing Probabilities for Different People

Stoneground Camp, Phase 3, Part 1 – DVSA

  • Water, Water, Everywhere. Literally Everywhere.
  • Every Loser Wins, Every Winner Loses
  • Planks for Strength
  • Future Proof Future Roof
  • Instead of Concrete and Diamonds
  • The Calculations Promise Near-Certainty
  • Rational People Don’t Eat Hay
  • An Elevatorphobe’s Nightmare
  • So Close, Yet So Far…
  • Instead of StarTop Cola and Tuna
  • Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  • We Don’t Endorse Main Course Horse
  • One-Too-Many Cooks?
  • Everyone Loves Cake and Hotdogs!
  • Into the Oven
  • Nobly Refraining from the First Bite
  • Instead of a Guitar
  • The Dulcet Tones of a Birchwood Horn
  • An Unexpected Test
  • Good News for Some
  • A Difference of Transport-Based Opinion
  • Sweeter Than a Kitten
  • Franke
  • Franke, Franke
  • Dino Waiters and Dino Wine Experts
  • No Obstacles Left to a Great Restaurant!

Stoneground Camp, Phase 2 – DVSA

  • Two Hundred Lottery Jackpots. In a Row.
  • Tat Minus 37 Seconds
  • Folke’s Flyaway Store
  • Folke’s Hidden Dino Journey
  • Best Spot in Camp!
  • A Great Spot for Folke’s Shop
  • Don’t Quit ‘Til the Shop’s Fit!
  • I Saw the Sign and It Opened Up the Shop…
  • Water, Water, Everywhere… Or…?
  • A Facility Worth Occupying
  • Gather Logs to Build With
  • Einstein’s Mail Calculations

Stoneground Camp, Phase 1 – DVSA

  • One-Way Trip to the Stone Age
  • At Least Zero Degrees Kelvin
  • Putting the Plans on Ice
  • Take Your Customs With You
  • The Next Step is Clearly Totally Logical

Day 93 – DVSA

  • Reply From A.A.E.
  • Exploration Inauguration
  • Exploring the Nic Stoneground Way
  • Test Your Kit!
  • Explore the Frozen Valelake
  • Skeleton Samples for A.A.E.
  • Drilling for Ice Cores
  • Mail in the Dale
  • Send the Samples
  • An A.A.E. Colleague Comes Crashing In…
  • Helicopter Replacement: 1 Horsepower…
  • Bad News Never Had Good Timing
  • Research in Exile

Day 92 – DVSA

  • The Snow Just Won’t Melt!
  • Come On Now! Away You Go!
  • The Only Way is Down…
  • Inspect the Elevator Motor
  • Check the Control Room
  • Find the Key
  • Elevator Control Room
  • Hidden Beneath the Snow…
  • Motoring Through a Repair
  • Antique Diesel
  • Is the Elevator Starting?
  • First Ride in a Century…
  • The Old Path Reopens!
  • Treasures Amongst the Snow and Ice
  • Meet Elizabeth in the Winter Mist
  • Gather Ice Crystals
  • Gathering Icenthistles
  • The End of the Road
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Fire and Ice!
  • Reunited With An Explorer
  • Nic’s Story
  • The Adventurer’s Lost Equipment
  • Sandbag Stockpile
  • Assemble Nic’s Adventure Tent
  • Light the Snow Lantern!
  • Firewood
  • Light the Campfire
  • Campfire Cookery
  • Are You Sitting Comfortably?
  • File a Report to A.A.E.
  • Writing a Request to the Post Office
  • Delivering Mail to Civilization
  • Derek Explains the Mail System
  • Inbox/Outbox…
  • Outbox/Inbox…
  • Setting Up Mailboxes

Day 91

  • Perfectly Perfect Paperwork
  • We Need a Diversion!
  • A Deliver of Distractions
  • A Successful Distraction
  • Transport Transport for the Transport
  • A Bucketful of Good News

Day 90

  • Full Speed to North Link!
  • Financing the Trailer
  • The Council Man’s Disappearing Clothes
  • Jacket Adjustment
  • Finding a Needle in Lots of Hay Stacks
  • A Jacket for the Council Man
  • Tangle with the Town Hall Trash
  • The Tower of Trousers
  • BZZZZZ!!!
  • Help From the Wasp Whisperer
  • Some Sidetracking Shenanigans
  • Run Away from the Newly-Angered Wasps
  • Another Heroic Deed Complete

Day 89

  • A New Way of Getting to the Circus
  • Five Five-Leaf Clovers!
  • A Hat for the Five-Leaf Clovers
  • Pick Up Some Sticks from the Forest
  • Airy Wood From Nilmer’s Highland
  • Rich and Smoky Wood From Hollow Woods
  • Wood From Firgrove
  • Gather the Magical Sticks From the Forest
  • To Ed Field From Nilmer’s Highland
  • Gather Rich and Smoky Twigs from the Forest
  • To Ed Field From Hollow Woods
  • Gather Sour Twigs from the Forest
  • To Ed Field From Firgrove
  • Preparing the Special Sauce
  • A Magic Trailer

Day 88

  • A New Way to Get to the Riding Hall
  • What Can Go Wrong if the Mayor is Helping Out?
  • Full Speed to the Riding Hall!
  • Full Speed From the Forest to the Mountain!
  • Full Speed From the Mountain to the Moors!
  • From the Moors to the Riding Hall at the Speed of Light!
  • A Bump in the Road on the Way to a Speed Record
  • Meet Jack by the Riding Hall
  • Tell the Baroness All About the Trailer!

Day 87 – SA

  • Visiting Jorvik City Museum!
  • Meeting Before Daybreak
  • Aideen’s Song at First Light
  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!
  • Over the Sea in Aideen’s Footsteps
  • Paid Those Dues?
  • A Challenge Remains
  • The Return
  • Lisa’s Relief

Day 86 – SA

  • A Debt to Pay
  • Last One to the Tree’s a Little Piggy!
  • The Sleeping Widow’s Request
  • The Dead Tree
  • Tree Root City Limits
  • Sage Advice
  • Linda’s Lessons
  • Do You Know the Museum Curator?
  • The Curator Catches On
  • Convince That Butler!

Day 85 – SA

  • The Sleeping Widow
  • Awakening Help
  • Energize the Fragment of Aideen’s Light
  • Gather Tears of Aideen
  • Sum It All Up
  • Beneath the Branches of the Primeval Tree
  • Here Comes the Night
  • Water With the Tears of Aideen
  • Illuminate With the Light of Aideen
  • A Widow’s Awakening
  • A Promise Is A Promise
  • Is She Free?
  • The Return of Lisa
  • A Shimmering Star
  • Lisa’s Tale
  • A Night of Much Needed Rest
  • Follow Up in the Secret Stone Circle
  • Rounding Off at Elizabeth’s

Day 84 – SA

  • A Forest Meeting
  • Starshine Recounts the Tale
  • New Hope
  • Search Party in the Northern Grey Mountains
  • A Singed Clue
  • Comb Through the Area
  • The Hidden Crack
  • An Unsettling Sensation
  • The Voice From Beyond
  • Urgent Errand
  • Who is the Sleeping Widow?
  • Does the Baroness Know of the Sleeping Widow?
  • Does the Spy Master Know?
  • The Spy Master’s Answer
  • Back to Linda with No Answer

Day 83 [Horse Market Quests at Cape West]

  • Seasick Horses Need Medicine!
  • An Herbal Remedy Against Seasickness
  • Back to Seasick Horses
  • Horses on the Loose in Cape West!
  • Rent for the Horse Market at Golden Hills Valley
  • A Big Thank You from Ferdinand and Eddie

Day 82 [Horse Market Quests at Silverglade]

  • Hay’s Not the Only Thing for Horses
  • The Vuvuzela is the Rodent’s Best Frenemy
  • Carrots to the Horses!
  • Horses on the Loose!
  • Rent for the Silverlgade Horse Market
  • A Big Thank You From Ferdinand and Eddie

Day 81

  • Tools for Repair
  • Oiling Up the Mechanisms
  • Tools Need to Be Repaired
  • Topping Up the Oil
  • Back to the Clockmaker with the Diesel Oil
  • The Blacksmith’s Toughest Job
  • Journey to the Heart of Garnok
  • Master Clockmaker’s Apprentice
  • Give the Council Man the Fantastic News!
  • An Unexpected Anticlimax
  • An Inconsolable Clockmaker
  • An Unbelievably Unbelievable Job

Day 80

  • Zed Will Be Happy
  • One Last Touch
  • The Broken Silverglade Clock
  • Back Soon!
  • Friends in the Know
  • A Looooong Holiday
  • Country Living
  • The Pipes Lead the Way
  • A Terribly Embarrassing Story
  • A Retreat of the Utmost Secrecy
  • We’ll Meet Outside the Silo
  • In a Sack. On a Horse. On the Way to the Village.
  • Incognito in Silverglade

Day 79

  • A Warm Welcome
  • Borrowed Tools
  • Forgetful Angus
  • One Step Closer
  • Where’s the Nails?
  • Time to Build!
  • What’s Up With the T-shirts?
  • Not Easy With a Sprained Leg
  • A Sloppy Dock Worker
  • Filling the Ink

Day 78

  • Check Out the Challenging Greendale Race
  • New Friendship
  • Out of Cats
  • A New Home
  • Hungry Rabbits
  • Yummy Rabbit Food
  • Hungry Dogs
  • A Loaded Sack
  • Hungry Cats
  • A Load of Cat Food

Day 77 [Horse Market Quests at Fort Pinta]

  • Bored Horses at the Market
  • Caution: Fall Hazard!
  • Report Back to Base
  • Horses on the Loose
  • Rent for the Horse Market in Fort Pinta
  • A Big Thank You from Ferdinand and Eddie

Day 76

  • New Times at the Goldspur Estate
  • Transport Trouble
  • Cars Over the Bridge
  • Inspecting the Site of the Accident
  • Expert on Heavy Lifting
  • Heavy Lifting Needs Heavy Machinery
  • From Sea to Land
  • The Last Leg is Always the Hardest
  • Finally There
  • A Decent Crowbar Fixes All Problems

Day 75 [Horse Market Quests at Jorvik Stables]

  • Welcome to the Market
  • Broken Wheels
  • Lunch for the Wagoner
  • Ferdinand’s Lunch
  • No More Hay for the Horses
  • Shrimps for Hay
  • Hungry Horses Hanker for Hay
  • The Horses Have Escaped the Market
  • Market Rent
  • A Big Thank You From Ferdinand and Eddie

Day 74

  • Finished and Delivered
  • Let’s Take the Stairs Up to the Roof
  • The Guests Need Some Place to Sit
  • The Little Extra
  • The Last Piece of the Restaurant Puzzle
  • My Brother Might Want to Change Course in Life
  • The Next Brother is Even Better at Cooking
  • More Cooks in the Family?
  • Finally a Potential Chef
  • Charming Fine Ladies
  • Unsuccessful Etiquette
  • A Gift That Says It All
  • The Finest of Presents to the Pickiest of Women
  • Tell Franz It’s Not Enough
  • Correct Etiquette in Every Way
  • A Fourth Meeting
  • Expectations Unmet
  • An Offer You Can’t Refuse
  • A Restaurant Date on the Vineyard
  • Place the Sign
  • The Silver Fork Opens Its Gates

Day 73

  • Check Out the Greendale Race
  • My Third Cousin’s Second Cousin Thrice Removed Needs Assistance
  • A New Restaurant
  • An Order for Tables and Chairs
  • An Order for Cushions and Table Cloth
  • Order for Chinaware and Decorations
  • The Smith Follows No Blueprint
  • Perfect Cushions and Table Cloth. Or Not.
  • Expensive Isn’t Always Best

Day 72

  • Isolde and Loki Are Back
  • On Excursion Under Supervision
  • Under Supervision

Day 71

  • When You Didn’t Think It Could Be Worse
  • More Runaways… Will It Ever End?
  • More Runaways to Catch
  • Finally An Admittance
  • The Twins Seem to Know Everything
  • The Diary Holds Every Secret, For Those Who Can Read
  • A Secret Hiding Place
  • Another Path to the Top of the Tree
  • Exile Over

Day 70

  • Check Out the Jorvik Stables Elite Competition
  • A Step Up in Your Career?
  • Missing Poultry
  • Not a Feather Left
  • Is it Saga’s Button?
  • A Bag to Carry
  • Is It Martina’s Button?
  • The Cows Need Milking
  • Might Loke Have Lost a Button?
  • Grimy in the Pigsty
  • Doesn’t Anyone Know Anything About the Button?
  • More Than Missing Poultry
  • An Owner for the Button
  • An Unlikely Thief
  • Me? A Birdnapper?
  • Tristan’s Tale
  • Jakob’s Tale
  • A Clue On the Ground
  • A Clue On the Horse
  • Angus’s Tale
  • Idun’s Night
  • First, Hide and Seek
  • Prove It!
  • If It Wasn’t Isolde…
  • Loke Would Never Do Such a Thing
  • Keeping Isolde From Speaking to the Thief
  • Isolde Rides Home

Day 69 – SA

  • The Guardian of Jarlaheim
  • Who Guards the Guard?
  • Inspect the Wall
  • The City Gates
  • City in Light
  • The Road to Devil’s Gap
  • Herman on Vacation
  • Can You Be Trusted?
  • A Dour Employment
  • Do You Have What It Takes?
  • Personnel Inspection
  • Mineral Collection
  • Messing to the Supervisor
  • Counterfeit Mineral Results
  • An Evil Seed is Sown
  • Black Coffee for a Black Heart

Day 68

  • Helpful in Jarlaheim
  • Roof on the Track
  • Chickens on the Track
  • Horses Outside the Competitions
  • Check Out the Jarlaheim Horse Race
  • Help the Stable Aid

Day 67

  • Our Last Resort, Again
  • Help Out at Jorvik Stables
  • Sturdy Work Requires Gloves
  • Milk the Cows at Jorvik Stable
  • Feed the Horses of Jorvik Stable
  • Feed the Pigs of Jorvik Stable
  • Test the Jorvik Stables Competition

Day 66

  • To the Harvest Counties
  • The Other Side of the Bridge
  • One Stop on the Way
  • The Fuel Tank
  • Weeding for the Guests
  • The New Jorvikian Kitchen
  • Through Mountain, Through Forest
  • Unwelcome Message in a Bottle
  • Further Towards Jorvik Stable
  • The Reluctant Mayor
  • To Paddock Island With Inquiries
  • Dorith Jarlasson as Mayor?
  • Dad as Mayor
  • Jakob Isn’t Interested
  • Educated, Somber, and Boring is Perfect!
  • Not While There is Still a Chance
  • Unwilling to Sign
  • A Signature is a Signature

Day 65 – SA

  • Late with Smuggling
  • World’s Best Dog Treats
  • Wine in Crystal Bottles
  • Ultra-Effective Light Bulbs
  • From Techno to Bob
  • From the Butler to Bob
  • Beyond Compare
  • A Big Smuggler Thank You
  • Like in a Pink Glimmer…
  • Ask Pi About the Equipment
  • Modified and Improved
  • To Rescue Silverglade Village!
  • Drive the Shadows Out of Town
  • Deeper into the Secrets of the Druids
  • Lightning Circle
  • An Exercise in Lightning Circle Magic
  • Discussion with Avalon
  • Save Silverglade
  • This is Just the Beginning of the End…
  • Pandoric Activity on Everwind Field
  • A Crack by the Winery
  • In the Service of the Keepers of Aideen

Day 64 – SA

  • Contact the Spy Master
  • Spy Master
  • Chipmunk Shortage
  • Recruit the Volunteers
  • In a Written Moment
  • Letter Chipmunks in Action
  • First Book Part
  • Find the Second Part
  • But If You Know So Much…
  • A Good Notice to Linda About Meteor
  • Locate Meteor
  • A Problem to Solve
  • A Colored Memory
  • To Linda
  • Moon Rider
  • Bring the Moon Rider
  • See You By the Moon Door
  • The Moon Chamber is Open
  • Second Part of the Book

Day 63 – SA

  • Popular with the Sun Circle
  • Inform Elizabeth About Katja
  • Preparations for the Return
  • Stop Over at the Winery
  • Fuel Transport
  • Where is My Helmsman?
  • Helmsman’s Dilemma
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Where Are They?
  • Spy on the Bad Guys
  • Wait Out Justin
  • Justin’s Story
  • An Unkind Farewell
  • To Leave Dark Core
  • Report Back to Elizabeth
  • Summing It Up
  • Plan Counter Measures

Day 62 – SA

  • Analysis of the Shadow Seeker
  • Magic Makeover
  • Back to the Witch
  • Catch All the Shadow Seekers
  • Close the Rift
  • A Lesson on Pandoria
  • The Other Side
  • Smuggler Search
  • Smuggler Cave Number Two

Day 61 – SA

  • A Finished Trap
  • Catch a Shadow Seeker
  • Captured Shadows Don’t Make Anyone Happy
  • After a Night of Smuggling
  • Mooring the Boat
  • No Current
  • Rob Find Bob
  • The Ugliest of Fish
  • A New Way to Fish
  • A Car in Goldenhills Valley?
  • No Stowaways, Thank You
  • Smuggler on Goldenleaf Beach
  • One Hug Too Many
  • Shark or Octopus?

Day 60 – SA

  • We Need to Capture the Shadows
  • Scuba Tank on the Loose
  • Scuba Tank Rocket
  • Valve Fishing
  • A Scuba Tank for the Mayor
  • Scuba Tank Delivery
  • Shadows in the Tank
  • This is How a Shadow is Caught
  • Trap to the Witch

Day 59 – SA

  • Day D – Dream Day!
  • Turn Me Over!
  • Dream Vision from the Past
  • What Was the Dream About?
  • Possible Dark Meaning
  • A Solution for James
  • Fright Cure
  • Frightful Potential
  • The Fourth Dark Rider
  • It’s Raining Stones
  • The Witch Probably Knows More
  • Everyone… Dance the Rain Dance
  • Source of the Shadows

Day 58 – SA

  • Liked with the Sun Circle
  • New Directive from the Druids
  • Return to Your Instructor
  • Nightmares from the Past
  • Can Dreams Be Read?
  • A Dream Machine
  • Sleeping Pills
  • Turnips
  • A Machine for Mrs Holdsworth
  • Pills for Mrs Holdsworth
  • Turnips for Mrs Holdsworth
  • Tell Alex About Her Little Brother
  • Tell James About the Appointment
  • We Also Need Linda
  • Give Me a Ride to the Cottage
  • Now Then

Day 57 – SA

  • Eviction of G
  • Where Are the Barrels?
  • Distraction and Deception
  • Get Out of Firgrove
  • New Residents of Firgrove
  • Thank You for Everything

Day 56 – SA

  • Report from the Spies
  • Not Acceptable as Evidence
  • A New Master Spy
  • A Lesson in Master Spy Techniques
  • Report to Agent Y9
  • Now We Have Evidence

Day 55 – SA

  • Newcomers
  • A Renovation Project
  • We Have Been Fooled
  • A Clue
  • Mr Kembell’s Office
  • No Returns
  • There is Nothing We Can Do
  • An Unexpected Return
  • We are All Spies

Day 54

  • Where Did Gretchen Go?
  • From the Witches to the Riding Arena
  • Techno Shows the Way
  • Grateful Parents

Day 53

  • A Taste of the Circus
  • Welcome to My World!
  • Wrong Way Again
  • Fort Pinta! Right Away!

Day 52

  • It is Not So Good… Not Quite Right…
  • Does the Tailor Have Any Patches of Material Left?
  • Patches Ready
  • Patch the Tent
  • More Decorating
  • Dotting the “I”
  • Where Did She Go?
  • We’ll See You in Fort Pinta, I Promise!
  • The Pumpkin Guardian

Day 51 

  • Last Blacksmithing Day
  • Project: Circus Tent
  • Put Up the Support Poles
  • Tent Pegs
  • Flag on the Top!
  • This is Embarrassing
  • Gretchen is Missing
  • To the Old Mine
  • No Gretchen by the Mine
  • Caramel Trail Continues
  • Bears and Caramels
  • Ollie-Bear Doesn’t Want to Follow Us

Day 50 – SA

  • First Lesson: Track
  • Second Lesson: Don’t Stand in the Fire!
  • Third Lesson: Catch the Ball
  • Fourth Lesson: Mental Training
  • Fifth Lesson: Good Running is Better Than Bad Fighting
  • Call on Your Instructor
  • Your Continued Training
  • Sixth Blacksmithing Day
  • Antique Nails of the Old Riders
  • Tent Help
  • Permission is Required
  • Tent Poles
  • Tent Flags
  • Order in the Country
  • Everything is Ready for “Y”
  • Masts for Poles
  • The Fool Fixes Fast

Day 49 – SA

  • Towards the Enemy’s Port
  • The Stowaway
  • Adventure in the Heart of Darkness
  • The Wild Escape from Dark Core
  • Get Alex up to Speed
  • Called to a New Meeting
  • Meeting in Dark Times
  • When We Are Ready…
  • Druid Training
  • The Fifth Day of Blacksmithing
  • The Blue Metal
  • A Special Place
  • As Stubborn as a Ghost
  • In the Shade of a Tree
  • Rest in Peace

Day 48 – SA

  • Look for Clues in History
  • The Sun Key
  • Jon Jarl’s Ghost
  • Jarl’s Riddles
  • Fragment of Aideen’s Light
  • The Lifegiving Light of the Sun
  • Let the Light Flow
  • Protected by the Light
  • Escape from Scarecrow Hill
  • The Apple and the Witch
  • The Witch is Free
  • A Brave Plan
  • Secure the Escape Route
  • A Final Word with Alex
  • Fourth Day of Blacksmithing
  • More Source Water!
  • The Council Man Might Know
  • Another Ghost?
  • A Confused Ghost
  • Ask the Ghost
  • Meaningful Ring

Day 47 – SA

  • Time Consuming Research
  • The Legend of the Golden Apple
  • Where Do We Find the Golden Apple?
  • Tell Alex About the Apple
  • Unlock the Scarecrow Hill Gate
  • The Key Doesn’t Fit
  • Klaus Tells You About Scarecrow Hill
  • Can a Strong Smuggler Break Open a Lock
  • Lock Emergency
  • Bolt Cutters Open Almost Everything
  • Rob’s Bolt Cutters
  • Explore Scarecrow Hill
  • Find Out More About the Scarecrows
  • How to Get Past the Scarecrows
  • Is There a Fragment in Jarl’s Crypt?
  • Books About Jon Jarl
  • Try Fishing!
  • Third Blacksmithing Day
  • More Jorvik Iron
  • You Can Be a Ghost!
  • Ghosts There?
  • Two That Have Seen the Ghost
  • Two Reliable Old Sources
  • Then What Happened?

Day 46 – SA

  • Take Me to the Forest
  • Try Emma’s Forest Racing Trail
  • Observation Place Number Two
  • Waiting For…
  • Following the Dark Rider
  • Information for Alex
  • Proposal for Alex
  • Does Jasper Have Any Ideas?
  • An Old Man Tries to Remember
  • A Chat with Klaus
  • Better a Mayor in the Hand…
  • The Tragic Wife
  • Past the Northern Gate
  • Are There Witches Here?
  • A Real Nasty Witch
  • Winery Library
  • Find the Right Thing in the Right Book
  • The Little Light Reader
  • Traps Are Ready!
  • The Net is Ready!
  • Back in the Crayfish Business!
  • Cast Out the Net
  • Do You Want to Be a Big Fisherman?
  • Another Day of Forging
  • We Need More Wood!

Day 45 – SA

  • Earn the Golden Leaf
  • Can You Give Me a Ride Back?
  • A Strange Radio Message
  • Big Fisherman
  • Check My Fishing Lines
  • Crayfish Business is Booming
  • Traps to Be Repaired
  • Net Work
  • You Want Even Better Horseshoes?
  • Meltwater
  • Ancient Wood
  • More Ghost Ore!
  • First Forging Lesson

Day 44

  • Out Smuggling
  • Gone With the Wind
  • Sea Chart for the First Mate
  • Ship Away!
  • Prizes at Any Cost
  • Out of Golden Leaves
  • Hunt for More Golden Leaves
  • The Stable Needs Pumpkins
  • Get the Pumpkins
  • Can You Give Me a Ride?

Day 43

  • The Forgotten Tractor Key
  • A Forgotten Loan Now Remembered
  • Jasper’s Transport Service
  • An Unexpected Proposal
  • Seahorse
  • Get the Sailors Together
  • Pick Up More Cargo
  • Breakable Package
  • Where is My First Mate?
  • Compass Hunt
  • Missing Navigation Chart
  • Sea Chart Thieves?

Day 42

  • Dance with the Wolves
  • Checking the Tractor
  • Apply for Tractor Driving Permit
  • Traffic Permit for Jasper!
  • No Diesel, No Go
  • Free Diesel for Jasper
  • Diesel Delivery
  • Look Everywhere, We Need to Find It!
  • Prove Yourself!
  • Test the Competition Track
  • Ask for Permission
  • Build a Jump
  • Test the Small Jumping Course
  • Hooves Along the Beach

Day 41

  • The Key is Ready!
  • The Southern Gate
  • The Pacifist Pumpkin Grower
  • Things to Do at the Pumpkin Farm
  • Broken Sprinklers
  • Check the Horse Jumps
  • Ghost Dust
  • The Riding Woodsman
  • Fix the Old Horse Jumps
  • Test Jasper’s Riding Trail
  • Pumpkin Cleaning
  • Where Are the Wolves?
  • Serious Warning!
  • Dog or Wolf, Does it Matter?
  • Hungry as a Wolf
  • Anyone Afraid of the Wolf?
  • The Mystery of the Southern Gate
  • Klaus’s Explanation
  • Along the Missing Tracks
  • Even Farther Away
  • In a Pinch with the Smuggler Boss
  • Return the Key to the City
  • How Did You Get the Key Back?
  • Ask the Local Stables
  • Welcome to Goldenleaf Stables!
  • Keep the Coast Clean
  • Hang Up the Lifesavers
  • The Lost Wallet
  • Is the Race Track Usable
  • Inspect the Riding Track

Day 40

  • A House for the Dog
  • As Thanks for the Help
  • Why is the Gate Still Closed?
  • Reason for Opening the Gate
  • A Fake Idea!
  • Question of the Camera
  • Key Photo
  • Printed Photo
  • Can You Forge a Key?
  • More Iron Ore
  • A Little Blacksmith’s Apprentice
  • In Your Face Old Man!
  • A Threatening Greeting

Day 39

  • Techno
  • A Watchdog
  • Show Techno His New Home

Day 38

  • A Hint About a Threat
  • Talk to Tyra
  • Clean it Up

Day 37

  • Animals Have Been Marked
  • A Masterpiece is Installed
  • The Guard’s Guard Dog
  • Jenna’s Cat
  • A Rabbit in Firgrove
  • Cat for the Council Man
  • Puppy for the Butler
  • Thank You for the Help
  • A Tailor-Made Grill
  • Wood and Stones
  • To Build a Fireplace
  • A New Fireplace

Day 36

  • Party Food
  • A Table Set for a Feast
  • As Thanks for Your Efforts
  • Security First and Foremost
  • Chips for the Animals
  • Lock for the Pet Store
  • Can You Smell the Smoke?
  • Talk About Safety First with Gretchen
  • Talk About Fire Safety with Gunther
  • A Grill for the Barbecue

Day 35

  • Inspected and Ready
  • Harvest Time
  • Potato Race
  • Carrot Race
  • A Taste
  • Vegetable Delivery to Marley…
  • …And Deliver Vegetables to Carney
  • Escaped Animals
  • Find the Escaped Dogs
  • The Escaped Rabbits
  • Runaway Cats

Day 34

  • Finished Barrels
  • Build the Course
  • My Brother the Inspector
  • Are the Crops Growing?
  • Fertilize the Field

Day 33

  • Preparations
  • A Romantic Day for Two
  • The Smith’s New Barrels
  • New Wood for the Broken Barrels
  • New Iron for the Barrels
  • Farmer
  • Flourishing Seeds
  • Some Different Seeds
  • Dig Holes in the Ground
  • Time to Plant and Sow
  • All Living Things Need Water

Day 32

  • Has She Received the Letter?
  • The Riding Carrier Pigeon
  • The Hole in the Wall is Gone
  • Finished with Training
  • Marley’s New Idea
  • Post with a Plan
  • Barrels for the Race
  • Fort Pinta or Firgrove?

Day 31

  • Silverglade’s Best Chocolate
  • A Gift for Lance
  • How Do You Write a Love Letter?
  • We Need a Swimming Pool of Water
  • Stop the Watering System
  • Plug the Drainage
  • Speed Pumping
  • Super Watering System
  • The World is Full of Water

Day 30

  • A Secret Gift
  • A Truck is Coming Loaded with Cement
  • No GPS for the G.E.D. Trainee
  • Eyes Like a Hawk
  • Building a Guard
  • An Illusion for the Short Sighted
  • Guard Relief
  • Out of the Barrel Again

Day 29

  • Psst!
  • Who is She?
  • The Mysterious Girl
  • To Inquire
  • Continue Asking
  • The Last Stable Girl in Place
  • She Who Knows
  • Bullseye!
  • One More Secret
  • Report to Lance
  • Deliver Problems
  • A Ghost in the Wine Cellar
  • This Isn’t North Link
  • Which Bottle is the Right One for the Baroness?
  • Organization of Years
  • To Hide a Cellar
  • Renovation of the Wine Cellar
  • A Big Hole to Fill
  • Lost Concrete
  • New Instructions for the Driver

Day 28 – SA

  • Placement of Signs
  • Finished Powder
  • Hypnotized Lunch
  • Away with the Waste

Day 27 – SA

  • Moment of Truth
  • The Top Model Tells
  • New Information
  • Ask James
  • Collect Wood
  • A Faked Report for Mr Sands
  • Back to Valedale Lake
  • Shutting Down
  • Convincing Powder
  • Valedale Herb
  • Three Stones
  • A Mortar

Day 26 – SA

  • Do the Fish Get On?
  • A Bad Idea?
  • A Better Idea
  • To Be Sure
  • A Stranger with a Fishing Rod
  • Photo Enthusiast
  • Development
  • Past the Barricade
  • Road to Dark Core’s Secret
  • Oil Dark Core’s Machines
  • Cinder Disposal
  • Dark Core Lunch
  • Report to the Headquarters

Day 25 – SA

  • Fishing Time
  • Restore the Order of Nature
  • Past Dark Core’s Road Block
  • What is Dark Core Doing in the Mountains?
  • A Way Past the Barricade
  • Eavesdrpping from a Distance

Day 24 – SA

  • Did the Cure Work?
  • What Has Happened to the Valedale Lake?
  • New Fish
  • Step One
  • Waterfall’s New Color
  • Green Isn’t Good
  • Earlier Incidents
  • Always This Dark Core
  • A Sample from the Waterfall
  • Green Water Anywhere Else?

Day 23

  • Cure Delivery
  • Time for Treatment
  • Invitation to Tea
  • Time for Cake
  • A Cake Stuffed Messenger

Day 22

  • The Last Two Ingredients
  • To Find Special Plants
  • Follow Up Visit
  • The Horse’s Condition
  • Nobody Likes Melted Icecream
  • Have You Tasted the Eggs?
  • Pick Up Some Eggs
  • Packed and Ready
  • Bake Bake Bake the Cake

Day 21

  • Can I Hear Clucking from the Chicken Coop?
  • Egg Delivery
  • How is Summerbreeze?
  • An Unusual Disease
  • A Special Cure for Horses
  • Delivery to Elizabeth
  • An Assignment for a New Friend
  • A New Experience
  • Step Two
  • Empty Bottles
  • We Should Have Brought a Funnel…
  • Deliver to the Baker
  • Delivery to the Cheese Maker

Day 20

  • Are the Chickens Laying Eggs?
  • No One is Afraid for the Wolf
  • Bones and Leftovers
  • Torches and Fire Outside the Chicken Coop
  • Felicity Needs Help!
  • What Should We Do?
  • Advice From the Vet
  • Return to the Stable
  • Feed Summerbreeze

Day 19 – SA

  • Felicity’s Chicken Net
  • Catch Some Chickens
  • Hay While Waiting for the Chickens
  • Make the Chicken Coop More Cozy with Hay
  • Catch Chickens
  • Try the Windmill Race
  • Alex Returns
  • Alex Says
  • Call for a Council
  • Council in the Secret Stonering
  • Follow Up
  • My Dear Little Pony
  • Pony Pickup is Underway
  • Herman Here!
  • And This is Tin-Can
  • Take Me to Alex
  • Catch Up with Elizabeth
  • Perfect Shoes for Tin-Can

Day 18, part 2 – SA

  • Any News?
  • Circus?
  • A Circus on the Highlands
  • The Missing Jester
  • To Walk a Jester
  • To Inspect the Emptiness
  • Find Five-Leaf Clovers
  • A Gift to a Mysterious Lady
  • Tell Linda About the Circus

Day 18

  • Stolen Money?
  • Scouting from the Hill
  • Farther into the Woods
  • Deeper into the Woods
  • Coins on the Ground
  • Twettweet!
  • Bird Thief
  • Something That Shines
  • A Necklace with Glass Beads, A Bird’s Dream!
  • Trading Done
  • Ongoing Analysis
  • One More Comparison of Samples
  • Tell Felix About the Evidence
  • Cleaning of Ducks
  • The Summer’s Main Attraction is Saved!
  • Someone Will Pay For This
  • Waiting for the Long Arm of the Law
  • Waiting for a Train
  • The March Has Gone Astray
  • Get the Lemmings to Their Correct Destination
  • The March is Delayed
  • Firgrove’s Old Forest Track
  • Chicken Wishes
  • Building Boss
  • A Perfect Place
  • Wood for Construction
  • Build a Chicken Coop
  • Chicken Wire
  • Rather One Rabbit in the Hand than Ten in the Forest
  • The Famous Adventurer
  • With Hot Air Balloon to the Hidden Valley

Day 17

  • Your New Riding Vest is Finished!
  • The Last Place You Look
  • Have the Bees Moved?
  • To Stay Calm
  • Something Missing
  • Ducks on the Run, Has Will Seen Anything?
  • Examine the Stopover
  • A Heavy Feather Burden
  • Conclusive Evidence
  • Operation: Save the Ducks!
  • A Special Soap to Remove Oil
  • Soap for Instant Delivery

Day 16

  • A Finished Gondola Lift
  • Thank You for All the Help
  • Named After You
  • A Last Inspection
  • Jorvik’s New Miracle
  • Green for a Queen
  • Will You Get Purple Color from Grapes?
  • Harvest
  • Purple Dye is Ready
  • Oh Yes, Silverglade Village Too!
  • Are the Hedgehogs Fine?
  • Buzzy Trouble at Mrs Holdsworth’s
  • Mrs Holdsworth’s Plan

Day 15

  • A Shipment of Cabbage is on Its Way
  • A New Home for the Chipmunks
  • A Bathtub for the Chipmunks
  • Hunt for the Perfect Bathtub!
  • Interior Decorator for Chipmunks
  • Housewarming Party
  • Repair the Field
  • Now We Need a Crane
  • Love at First Video Game
  • Trophy
  • A Romantic Trophy
  • A Flower Trophy
  • A Scary Trophy
  • A Finished Trophy
  • The Crane is on Its Way
  • A Shop Without Goods
  • Clothes for the Customers
  • Something for the Horses Too
  • Red Dye for the Riding Vest
  • Green as a Jealous Druid
  • The Secret Ingredient
  • Slippery Bottles
  • The Riding Leaf Collector
  • Worth Waiting For!
  • Lost Money
  • Maybe on the Way to the Smith?
  • Small Hedgehogs
  • Talk to the Veterinarian
  • Borrow a Rake
  • Rake Leaves and Make Piles

Day 14

  • Advice from the Vet
  • Wrecking and Clearing
  • We Need Concrete
  • Play Together
  • No Creepy Guys Please
  • It is a Date
  • The Post is Always on Time
  • Test the Paddock
  • Blue Dye for the Tailor
  • Extra Large, Extra Fine Beetroots
  • Tractor Out of Gas

Day 13

  • A Very Busy Stargazer
  • Cupcakes on the Way to the Stars
  • Watch the Holes in the Ground on Steve’s Farm
  • The Marauders Revealed!
  • Chipmunks? What Will We Do Now?
  • Gondola Lift is Delivered
  • We Are Missing an Excavator
  • Zombie Horses Vs Excavators
  • Lost Zombie Horses
  • Whose Hat is That?
  • Video Game All Day
  • On the Way to the Top
  • Pole Bending Apocalypse
  • Back to North Link
  • Missing Bars
  • Bars on the Bridge
  • Bar Delivery
  • Correct Time on Order
  • Get Pink Dye
  • Blue Stones for Blue Dye
  • Stonehunt in the High Lands

Day 12

  • A New Era Has Begun
  • Trouble at James’
  • Hunt for Tourists
  • The Horse That Ran Away
  • One Saved, Two Remain
  • Borrow a Shovel
  • Dig a Hole
  • Return the Shovel to Steve
  • On Field Scouting
  • Can I Borrow Your Telescope?
  • Collect Fallen Stars
  • Snowed in Once Too Often
  • Meet the Head of the Construction Company
  • Foundation for Foundations
  • Fire in the Hole!
  • Used is Best
  • A Permission for Marley
  • Looking for Mr Bucket
  • GED – o – Gel
  • The Paddock is Ready
  • Paddock Control
  • Do You Want a Nice Riding Vest?
  • All the Colors of the Rainbow
  • Collect Flowers of Aideen

Day 11 – SA

  • The Final Identification
  • The Truth Unfolds
  • The Explanation
  • A Slight Case of Compromise
  • Ask the Butler for the Key
  • Free Linda
  • A Happy Linda
  • The End is the New Beginning

Day 10 – SA

  • The Journey to Valedale
  • Listen to Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth’s Test
  • Welcome to Firgrove
  • Talk with the Elders
  • The Big Picture
  • Get the Picture?
  • Collecting the Clues
  • Reporting to Elizabeth
  • Only Alex Can Tell
  • The Letter Trap
  • Post It
  • A New Competition in Hollow Woods
  • Junk in the Woods
  • Ready to Ride
  • Gone with the Wind

Day 9 – SA

  • The Oil Drill Scandal
  • Temporary Drill-break
  • Looking for Clues
  • The Lead in the Phone
  • Blaming the Butler
  • Page Trail
  • Cry to Me
  • It’s Linda
  • The Valedale Stable
  • Show Me the Track
  • The Famous Valedale Track

Day 8 – SA

  • Analysis Completed
  • Return with the Test Results
  • Bring Me Some Oil
  • Comparing the Samples
  • Oily News for the Old Lady
  • Ready for Mission
  • Last One There is an Oily Chicken!
  • A Serial Collector
  • Racing Back to the Manor
  • Delivering the Serials
  • Post the Letter with the Serial Numbers
  • Whose Horse is That?
  • Talking to Sabine
  • There’s a Riding Track Here?
  • Trying Out the Manor’s Riding Track
  • Reversed Attitude
  • Sabine’s Request
  • A Message for Thomas
  • The Fear of a Father
  • Return to Sender
  • Who is Sabine?
  • Horses on the Run
  • A New Girl at the Stable
  • Tracking Missing Girls
  • Hooves on Fire
  • A Message of Doom
  • Rendezvous at Silverglade Manor
  • Who’s Your Father?
  • Searching the Abandoned Summer House
  • Bring Back the Book
  • Trash in the Woods

Day 7

  • Checking the Riding Track
  • A New Kind of Horse Racing
  • Back to Duty

Day 6

  • Amazing Grains
  • Feeding the Birds
  • I Need More Wool!
  • How to Shave a Sheep
  • Wool for the Tailor
  • Cookies to the Castle
  • No Cookies to the Castle
  • Bottles for the Butler
  • The Very Noble Stable
  • Help the Equestrian Center
  • Inspect the Water Pipes
  • Testing the Soil
  • Grape Sprout
  • The Riding Plumber
  • Report to the Baroness
  • A Familiar Unhappy Face

Day 5

  • Bringing the Copies to the Town Hall
  • Flowers for the Shop
  • When the Cat is Gone
  • The Cat Substitute
  • Cheese Chase
  • A Stinky Plan
  • Happy Steve, Happy House, Happy Mice
  • Ask for Grain
  • Start From the Beginning
  • Mill It
  • Milled and Ready!
  • An Obstacle to Build
  • Learn to Jump
  • See You Later!

Day 4

  • Stolen Documents
  • Fort Pinta Advertising
  • Memory Card
  • One-hour Photo
  • Trying out the Fort Pinta Track
  • Mary Had a Little…

Day 4, part 1, part 2

  • Spikes for the Shoes
  • The Unhappy Cow
  • The Dandelion Brew
  • Treating Rosie

Day 3

  • Afraid of Ghosts?

Day 2

  • Sealed with a Kiss
  • To Have and Have Not
  • The Old Legal Documents
  • Old Fool
  • Welcome to the Club
  • The Riddle of Steel

Day 1

  • A New Friend
  • Speak with Stable Girl
  • Ride the Cavaletti
  • Meeting the Bobcats
  • I Will Show Them
  • The Moorland Stables
  • Returning to Justin
  • Collect the Tools
  • Get Started with Your Duties
  • A Word with Thomas
  • Get Them Out by Friday
  • Mission: Lights Out!
  • The Deed of the Land
  • Papers of the Past
  • Old Man Jasper
  • A New Shopper in Town
  • What Happened to Loretta?
  • Get a Bulldozer Over Here!
  • Unpleasant Task
  • Give Tan an Update!
  • Search Mission Continued
  • A Friendly Race
  • The Wild Bobcat Track
  • Tools of the Trade

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  1. Violet Silvergarden said:

    Thank you so much for this Walkthrough!

  2. Ava Dawncake said:

    omg i unlocked golden and dino same day !! and i feel bad for u that u unlocked the mall so late 😔 anyways this literally helps me so much

  3. Thanks! This helped sooo much!

  4. Holly Moonweb said:

    Hello, Ive started the new story quests and am now working on “reading the runestones”. However Im having terrible trouble finding them! Are you able to help at all? Thanks

    • I’ve been busy with the holidays right now and haven’t even played through the new quests myself yet. From the short time i have played, i saw two along the road in golden, between scarecrow hill and cape west.

      It will probably be a bit yet until i get time to find all the runestones. It would be greatly helpful if anyone could share locations of ones they have found! 🙂

      • Holly Moonweb said:

        I will help as much as I can 🙂
        I found one round the back of the wall by the riding arena at jarl stables, the 2 you mentioned in golden hills and also the one at steves? Im sure it was Steves…
        I will try and remember to come and let you know where they are lol

        • Did all the dailies today and found over two dozen! Just gotta make the map to post for you all. I’ll try to get it done this week 🙂

          • Adriana Stargarden said:

            Thank you so much!

            I gotta say that I actually hated the Pandoric Rifts quests, and I was so relieved when I was done.. But now we’re starting all over again with the dailies.. At least I know I’ve got some help here 🙂

          • Holly Moonweb said:

            Thank you! Im rubbish at looking for things, and not at all patient lol will look forward to seeing the map 🙂

        • henriette oakheart said:

          might i ask, where do i complete these quests? i got three and im scared to log off

  5. Adriana Stargarden said:

    I found one at the Forgotten Fields! When you’re at the Riding Hall, you can take the shortcut to the forgotten fields, the road with the flags, you know. You’ll see a Runestone standing on a cliff.

  6. Bearlover said:

    PLEASE help! Whenever I get to the second Login page on the SSO Launcher it says Unable to open Star Stable Online please Contact Support! And if THAT doesn’t happen then I click play after it installs and updates and BOOM the page just closes out so I can’t play! Please help I really wanna play D:

  7. Jennifer Ramsey said:

    For some reason not showing the replay i got back. but i ask ealier on the quest i am stuck on called Lost Concrete.

    • I have a setting on the blog that all first-time commenters must be manually approved. It cuts down on spam. From now on your comments should appear immediately.

      As for your question, the cement truck is actually down the road from the winery. There is a link on the sidebar for the post with exact directions. Hope that helps!

  8. Bambi Strongwatcher said:

    Maggie Oldcamp please help! I have gotten into every land in Star Stable, but I haven’t even done the Finding Lisa quests! I really wanna do them! Do I have to complete the quests with Conraad where you make horseshoes? Please help!

    • YES. You have to complete that quest to move ahead in the story. If I may ask, why haven’t you done those yet????

      • Viktoria Shadowstorm said:

        I don’t think there is a specific quest, it just comes to you randomly. I’ve been playing since, I think 2014, and I didn’t get the quests till 2016. As I said, comes and goes.

  9. After you have freed Linda from the castle, which quest are you supposed to do then? I have done for example the Mississippi Jones quest, and the gondola quests, but when does the “main quest” continue?

  10. Penelope said:

    How do we get to the beach at cape sorrow on south hoof peninsula? I’ve been trying for a long time
    Thanks a lot

  11. Hi, I am Polish fan of SSO. Can I ask you, for where get you list of quests and dialogues? Did you write this alone? I must translate this for Polish wiki, but if it was in someone page in my language I would be so happy. Sorry for mistakes 😉

    • I write them all up myself. I have a second acount that i play and screenshot all the dialogs then go through each picture one by one and copy the text into a blog post.

      You can certainly use my site as a reference if you would like. I only ask that you credit back to me 🙂

  12. how do y do this thing onn star stable wew y make a track with jumps then polly askes y try out the race track that I made but then it says that I have the wrong hourse to do this race so now I have beed stuck on that quest for almost a year now!

  13. CapeIris said:

    When do you unlock the ‘New Residents of Firegrove.’ Quest? I’m level 16.

  14. I’m on the test the pony race for a few days. I don’t have a pony and it’s not giving me any other quest

  15. I would like to know if the light pink quest comes before when you help Helga? Thats All I need to do to unlock Epona! I did all the following
    1. Help Nic explore dino valley
    2. Have Friendly reputation with the GED office in Jarlaheim
    3. Be level Six teen
    4. Bring reports to Herman
    5. Help Helga <——– I don't have this one done!!! I need help!!! 🙂 Please help!! I want to unlock Epona tomorrow I'm doing the late with smugglers quest, but, its on a timer, and I need to know if it has any more timers, and if I will get the Newcomers quest. I seen on here someone said after late with smuggling quest, you get it!! Please help

  16. Hi, thank for doing this for us! One question though– whose has an avatar name Rita in the game? Is she is a real avatar created by one of the people who play the game? and if so I would love to friend her.

    • I am the owner and writer of the blog. I am a fellow player just like everyone else. I am not a game master or staff member.

      I have two accounts. Maggie Oldcamp is my main account that i play on for fun. Rita Turtlefoot is my second account i use for recording quests. I only have friends on my maggie account, since that is the one i play the most and socialize with. I am on the north american servers. If you want to send me an email, we can work out a time to be online to add friends 🙂

      • Cool, which one of your avatars in the game do you prefer me to send it too? Of course I’d like to point out that in the game my character, Annabelle Mysteryknight! Is a free member, so if we were to meet-up in the game we’d have to meet either at Moorland Stables or on the Fort Pinta grounds.

  17. Oh, okay

  18. Hi Maggie Oldcamp, what’s your email address … if you don’t mind me asking?

  19. Will you post the story development quest that was among the Hawaii Jones quests?

  20. Brooke Turtlefall said:

    Hi, so I haven’t getting any quests when I got the reputation quests, “Legendary Fish: Moorland Monster” and “Legendary Fish: Thunder Salmon”. Do I need to get my reputation up with those quests in order to get more quests?

  21. Amethyst said:

    What level of reputation do you need to be with Jarlasson Farm in order for them to reveal their “secrets” with you so you can unlock Epona?

  22. ThisIsMyName said:

    Hi! Does anyone here, have any idea, which quest contains the Green racing waistcoat? I’ve went as far as emailing developers, and databases.. if anyone knows, please answer! (This is very silly, yes I know.. the only reason I’m coming here is because I know that it is a quest item, but I don’t know what quest..)

    P.S: This website is also, besides what I’m looking for, very helpful! 😀

  23. Hi! Do you know how to do all the Blacksmith quests ( I’m only on the first one.)
    Thanks! ( This is a great website i can count on)

  24. Beata Duskforest said:

    Hello! I’m doing the quests for Mr. Anderson at level 14, and I always have to wait until tomorrow to finish the quests. And, I don’t have anymore quests only the Mr. Anderson lake quest. But, there’s always another quest popping up after I finish those quests. But, after I do the second quest from the same person like Mr. Anderson, I always have to wait until tomorrow. Please, if you can, help. It would really be appreciated. ❤

    • The wait is to slow down your progression so the story lasts longer for you. Most story quests are unlocked by completing previous ones. So you will just have to be patient and wait until the next day. If you do not want to do that, you can skip waiting by paying star coins to sleep overnight at a stable.

  25. Maddison Ryan said:

    What level do you have to be to unlock Epona, I’m level 16, and where is it?

    • Everbeth E. said:

      Epona is unlocked after you complete a couple quests, if you go onto and search Epona, it tells you. If you are level sixteen, you’re probably very close.

  26. Kailey Papagarden said:

    Why i cant make techno quest? Do i have to do druids More Or what? I am level 14 and half

    • It doesn’t determine your level, I unlocked it at level 16. You keep doing your quests and you’ll get there eventually. 😊

  27. What does it mean when I try to verify my email and it says that my token doesn’t match?????

  28. Some of us were wondering, we can’t remember what the UFO Crash site quest was ?

  29. I’m stuck on archaeology quests, fishing quests and Jamie olivetree’s ‘an overworked Jamie’ which do I have to do to continue on my main quests? and I don’t remember if I’ve Darko quests ever please help!!!

  30. Do some quests give more xp points than others? If so, is there a list of point values, per quest?

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