Other Games

Other game series by the Star Stable company include the Starshine Legacy series and the Star Stable series. There are four games to each series. It is not necessary to play either series to understand the story of SSO.

The Starshine Legacy series takes place around Jorvik Stables and Jorvik Academy and follows the adventures of Lisa, Linda, Anne, and Alex as they discover their Soul Rider powers and fight to protect Jorvik from the evils of Dark Core. The gameplay is separated by specific levels in the story and you have to follow the story line. There aren’t clearly defined quests in each level, as each level functions as a short chapter in the full story. All four games are very short, and can be played through in an hour or so, but this does not make them any less enjoyable. They provide good backstory as to the history of each of the Soul Riders and their powers.

The Star Stable series are open worlds, with each game being located in four different regions of Jorvik, each one taking place during a different season of the year.  There is a loose storyline but it is not as linear as the Starshine Legacy storyline. The gameplay is more similar to SSO, as it is a fully open and explorable world. The player progresses by completing quests given by NPCs much in the same fashion as SSO. There are multiple miniature storylines with each NPC as you help them complete a variety of tasks. You can do stable chores to earn extra money to buy better gear and horses. There is a big competition at the ‘end’ of each game, though it does not mean the end of gameplay. If you still have other quests to complete, you still have the option to do so even after competing in the big competition.

NOTE! There is a glitch in Spring Riders game, that you cannot complete the medals for Linda’s dressage competition. There is not patch to the game and no other way to complete it. All other quests on the game, complete as normal, and do not depend on completion of Linda’s competition. (For the perfectionists out there, you will just have to settle with not being able to earn one medal.)

I purchased all of the games fairly cheap on either Amazon.com or Ebay.com. They have fairly basic system requirements and if you can run SSO on your machine, any of the other games will work as well.

I do not recommend pirating the games, though it is possible to do so. On top of being illegal, you never know what kind of files you are downloading, and could possibly download viruses onto your computer. I can provide links to where you can purchase the games, but I will never advise how to pirate the games, and will immediately ban anyone else doing so. 


7 thoughts on “Other Games”

  1. i like these game 🙂

  2. Woh thanksies!!!


  4. I really love Star Stable, I really suggest all the horse fans out there to have the expierence of a life time, the only thing better than SSO is real life horseback riding. : )

  5. where can we download these? I live in England and am finding it very hard to find cd versions of these games. but if I was to find cd versions would they work on an English computer?

    • I don’t ever advice pirating or torrenting games. I would assume they should work on any computer as long as you have the requirements for the operating system. If you are able to run SSO then you will definitely be able to run any of the other games.

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