Starshine Legacy 1: Mystery of the Soul Riders


“There are times in life when something happens and you have to make a choice, and this choice will change your path in life forever. You create your own destiny, but sometimes, just sometimes… destiny chooses you.”

“A strong bond has been tied between a young girl and a very special horse, but also between four friends. A bond that will grow stronger and be tested in the darker times ahead. A dark and sinister force is lurking in Jorvik, and time will show that the friendships forged will be the first, last, and only line of defense in the battle to come.”


81 thoughts on “Starshine Legacy 1: Mystery of the Soul Riders”

  1. Madelyn Applenight said:


  2. Kailey Nightwater said:

    I’ve played the game before, but then deleted it. Is it possible to download it from somewhere, or do I need to find a CD copy of it somewhere?

  3. Olivia Gladestorm said:

    is the game any good

    • It’s very good. They’re short, but still enjoyable. They offer some good back story to the Soul Riders and their powers. And a little bit of story about Dark Core and Mr Sands as well.

    • never played so i don’t know?

      • Rosemary Shadowland said:

        They are actually very fun and though I played them when I was 7-10 years old I still think they were pretty fun. There are four different games and in all of them you are a different girl of the four, Either Lisa, Linda, Alex or Anne. They all have different horses and different quests that go along with them.

  4. livliv2013 said:

    cool i as thinking of getting it how many are there

  5. Madelyn Applenight said:

    There are four games in Starshine Legacy, to answer your question.

    • Michelle Eagleheart said:

      If their are four games then what are they all about? Like for the Star Stable discs, they are about the four different seasons but the same with racing and everything else… Is that kind of what this is or no?

      • Sadie Snowvalley said:

        You play as each Soul Rider in the games. First is Lisa, then Linda, then Anne and then Alex. Each game has a different plot, mostly about Dark Core.

  6. livliv2013 said:


  7. I have all four but they don’t work properly on my computer. It makes me sad but I’m thinking they’re not compatible with the newer operating systems. ):

  8. Is Starshine like an older version of Star Stable? I looked at a few images online and it has similar graphics and areas. In another pic it shows Sabine. The horses sort of look like the horse near the zombie pole bending course near Valedale Lake, the one with the red mane. I noticed it also has Linda. Is it by the same people?

  9. Celine Longfall said:

    Is Starshine Legacy in English? because I am asking for it for Christmas but I on’t want a game that is in Swedish or some other foreign language 🙂 Thanks

  10. there isn’t a hyperlink for the next chapters!

  11. This is very cool game…AND this is the best blog i have ever SEEN! i had been waiting for help in sso from my friends and now i can see it from here c: really thx THIS IS THE BEST BLOG GUYS!!

  12. Christy Boyer said:

    This confuses me. (BTW I am Nadia Mistpaw on SSO please be me friend 🙂 )

  13. Sadie Snowvalley said:

    Oh, I remember playing this in 2007 (And the other Starshine games as well).
    I think I still have it somewhere, maybe I should play it again. Nostalgy 😀
    I was so happy to see characters from Starshine in regular Star Stable games and then in Star Stable Online. It was like seeing an old friend after a long time.

  14. Autumn Ponypaw said:

    Star shine legacy is pretty cool, but really short and I still enjoy them

  15. horselover2000 said:

    i cant find the game to download, where can you download it?

  16. horselover2000 said:

    oh right, okay, thanks

  17. Luna Starhall said:

    I want to to play this game so bad! I’m just afraid they won’t work on my computer and I don’t want to waste money 😦 Do you know of any ways I can know that it will work?

    • Sadie Snowvalley said:

      I bought my new computer last year (it has Windows 8) and all Starshine games work perfectly fine. I’ve had absolutely no problems. Unless your computer is very old and/or full of stuff, I think it should work. I’ve tried Starshine games with my older computer (Vista) and they’ve worked well with that as well.

  18. Eva Skygirl said:

    I tried playing starshine legacy today but I was lagging really bad. I was wondering why that was happening since it wasn’t an online game. My computer was relatively new… And I had the graphics all the way down, too. I s

  19. Emilie Catnight said:

    I want to get the starshine games but I can’t seem to find them anywhere but ebay and I’ve had problems with ebay recently so I don’t really want to buy them from there. Does anyone know where I can get them in the UK?

  20. how do you play it

  21. Maggie are you going to put part 4 up soon? It would be very helpful 🙂

  22. is it a website or something? Or do i need to download it. Or do i need to buy a CD copy or what?
    Tiff Southstone (friend me on SSO)

  23. Wait, nvm i wuz reading some of the comments and i got my answer, thx anyways, XD
    Tif Southstone (friend me on sso) =) XD 🙂

  24. Anabelle Gladebrooke said:

    Has anyone tried playing them on a Mac? I have a brand new MacBook Pro, so I doubt it would work, but sometimes PC games do.

    • I am not sure, I can check the basic requirements for you if you would like. I honestly don’t know anything about PC vs Mac so I wouldn’t really know.

  25. do it exist starshine in mac version?? I have this game but it was for PC so now I cant play it, and I really miss playing it. Please awnser!

  26. Monique Macgirl said:

    how do i get this game? 😮

  27. how do you start playing ??

  28. Cristina said:

    I have a question. Why can’t I see Chapter 7? Is it locked or something?

  29. wish i could play starshine legacy mystery of the soul riders 😦

  30. wish i could play soul riders

  31. Patricia Dorval said:

    I bought the CD Starlight Legacy and it does seem to work on my PC Windows 8. Can anyone help? Thank you.

  32. daniella malin said:

    How do I open the cell phone? I have tried using the page up/down like it says to, but nothing happens.

    • If I remember correctly, I figured out the mouse wheel scrolls through the side icons (map, backpack, phone, etc). I don’t know if there were any working keyboard short cuts, but I will try it out again and let you know! 🙂

  33. How do I get to play this game

  34. Where could i find ‘Jorvik Dance Academy’?

  35. what is this game on like laptop xbox or somnething like that

  36. Until recently, Star Stable would not run on our brand new win 10 system. SS made major changes to its game and we can play now! My question is, will we run into compatibility issues trying to run the four chapter games on our computer? Thank you!

  37. Ruby Dragonrider said:

    Hi… Just wondering if anyone knows where you can download starshhine legacy as I cant run disks on my laptop…
    Ruby xx

  38. Can you use it and play it on a macbook pro?

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